1. Daniel Ramming says

    Sorry Maggie but my marriage was not “just a civil marriage” it was performed in a chruch by a ordained minister. Where is the freedom of religion for the congregation that welcomed Greg and I across the state line? Or are you saying only your church deserves freedom?

  2. badlydrawnbear says

    Poor Maggie. That little love muffin just needs a “sassy gay friend” to take her to a show tune night. Get her all drunk in a roomful of worked out shirtless men singing power ballads, while touching up her hair and makeup. And at the end of the night, letting her go to the front of the bathroom line to puke in the only women’s stall in the bar.

    Bet she would support same sex marriage after that.

  3. CoMo'mo says

    Oh, Maggie! I hate to descend to an ad feminem comment, but if your puffed up body is representative of what a “traditional” marriage produces–let’s all just live sinfully.

  4. JT says

    I know one “traditional marriage” that will surely be hurt by gay marriage. And that is Ms. Gallagher’s. I can only imagine her becoming more intolerable after her hate crusade is over and she stops bringing in the bigot bacon. Not to mention all that time she’ll have to actually be around her husband.

    I believe ‘she’s just…terrible.’ is an irreconcilable difference and grounds for divorce.

  5. TampaZeke says

    MY GOD, she looks like Violet, the girl who turned into a giant blueberry in Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory!

    Where are the Oompa Loompas when you need them?

  6. reality 101 says

    Gluttony for food and attention have taken over this woman — if there is a hell there is a place waiting for this woman.

    On that we can rest easy.

  7. Gigi says

    I couldn’t watch this video. Can’t stand her voice. But I have to say that the picture of Maggot made me laugh. She gotta stop eating nachos after midnight!

  8. CKNJ says

    Maggie, when you fill yourself with hate like you do, you’re BOUND to look like you’re about to explode! That’s a heavy burden to carry, when you see what it does to you, shouldn’t you just give it up? Man alive…. grotesque!

  9. Rowan says

    Yeah, yeah she’s fat but she’s still kicking your asses while you type away on these blogs.

    You guys need to look to us in the UK about how to legislatively get things done regarding gay people.

    For one, we dont bite the hands that feeds us like mentally disturbed cry babies.

  10. Skooter McGoo says

    Why can’t she just go ahead and say she hates gay people? The truth shall set you free they say but Maggie can’t muster the guts to do it. So much energy wasted that could help build the world we live in. Human society should be classified a virus for the way it plagues this planetary ecological system.

  11. steven elliot says

    if there is a hell, I wouldnt want to be in that cavernous pit when satans minions put this hags body on a bed of firey coals! the fat content would send the devil himself for cover when it ignites.

  12. says

    Rowan, the UK has its own problems, and what works there will likely not work here in the same way. That’s due to a lot of things… different governmental procedures, different culture, and a VERY much reduced influence of religion. The legacy of the puritans has continued rather remarkably over the centuries, and the fact that the largest baby boom in American history is now retiring and becoming super conservative isn’t helping things at the ballot box.

    I would also hesitate to say that Maggie Gallagher is kicking anyone’s ass at the ballot box. It has nothing to do with Gallagher. She’s just a mouthpiece. A very fat, ugly mouthpiece. The main problem here is the aging right wing population bulge, and the continued influence of know-nothing religiosity in America.

    If you know of some sort of magic legislative approach that will fix those two problems, then please… let us know. We’re all ears.

  13. says

    Maggie has just become her own worst enemy. She has just taken away the people’s right to debate and decide for themselves the meaning of marriage in Maryland.

    She stands behind the idea of letting the people speak and then tells them what to think and “NOT” do, so much for Marylanders freedom of speech, assembly, religion and voting. She just told all people to do it her way. What a self absorbed religious $@%%#%#$%& bigot and hypocrite.

    When are the people going to stand up to this sad excuse for a woman and human being and tell her to her face that she doesn’t speak for them and she better get used to it because that is what our country was founded on. Individual thought and individual responsibility along with individual freedom.

    There are over 310 million people in this country that have a mind of their own, no one’s mind is stamped “The Property of Maggie Gallagher”. She does not speak or even represent me and it is her sin against God if she thinks otherwise.

    And it is none of her business who I love or marry as she would so arrogantly tell me it is none of my business about who she loves or marries and to stay out of her life and bedroom. First, you Maggie, and take all of your hate mongering sidekicks with you. There is the hypocrisy. Nosy busybody and gossip monger, you are the one changing definitions and lying to the people about it.

    This ploy is evidence that she is not 100 percent certain of our defeat anymore or the power of her hypocritical belief to make all people follow her outdated faith. And, Maggie, please answer the damned question, “how does my marrying the one I love hurt your marriage?” and please use a answer that does not include the word GOD in it, or “traditional”. This is a secular society and any answer should apply to that aspect for you as well as any politician.

    They fail miserably most of the time, just like you Maggie. Get a grip on your own life first, take the sty out of your eye before trying to tell me what is wrong with my life, of which there isn’t. Just get over it and go save some children from hunger and disease, but please do it in the country you supposedly love and not in some foreign country, you lying hypocrite.

    Post thought, it must hurt your brain to even consider any other human being’s needs for freedom and liberty and justice above your own, but your religion dictates for it’s followers to put the needs of others before your own. And in this issue you fail miserably.

    Not sure how you can get up every morning thinking of ways to screw your fellow human beings and then claim it in the name of GOD. You are sad and delusional. The hate has eaten at you for so long that you look dead inside by what is showing on the outside. We can all see it, you are not fooling anyone Maggie.

    I challenge you to do one act of unconditional love and kindness to one person that you are fighting so hard against. I bet you can not do it. Your heart is so cold and hard that it might break if you did something out of true love.

    You don’t even follow your own religion, but lay claim to it, that is the reason for the heartless way you treat people which makes you a bearer of false witness in the name of your God, something you should be ashamed of for it brings disgrace unto your Lord and God.

  14. says

    Maggie seems to be all wrapped up in the biblical aspects of marriage, which are contradictory to her position.

    Nevertheless, if she’s such a believer, she might want to start with the fact that gluttony IS a mortal sin. Sorry, you’re on the highway to hell honey. Don’t pass go, don’t collect $200.

  15. brando says

    she’s a fat pig who is not getting laid so she’s taking it out on anyone who is. can’t she just have another brownie alone in the dark, cry some mascara and butternut tears and call it a day?

  16. John says

    My partner just walked by, looked over my shoulder and said “ugh…who the hell is that”. He doesn’t know NOM or Gallagher, or follow politics…but still, her ugliness makes an impact. HAHA!

  17. Jonathan says

    Look at the picture. Does anybody have any doubt that what she is really thinking is “don’t mess with my food”? She’s gaining 20 pounds a week.

  18. bigotssuckass says

    Where’s the wedding ring on the finger of this creature SO concerned about traditional marriage and the sanctity of marriage?!
    She probably couldn’t fit it on her fat sausage stumps. Vile excuse for a human!

  19. GregV says

    @Milkman: Your contrast of UK vs. US culture is supported by evidence, but I don’t see any evidence that retiring baby-boomers are “becoming super conservative.”

    People’s attitudes toward gay people can be demographically grouped according to era of birth.
    The group born before World War II tends to be far more homophobic than baby-boomers. Those born after Stonewall are far more gay-friendly than baby-boomers; and the most recently-born voters(who were watching Ellen and Will and Grace on their mommy’s laps) are the only group strongly in favor of equality.

    But at the same that older homophobes are dying off, the opening of minds is multiplied because individuals in any given “birth year” group are generally trending toward better understanding as each decade passes and they learn more about gay people.

  20. Hollywood, CA says

    BBAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA! I love you vicious QUEENS on here! I didn’t even listen to this troll’s video. I saw the image and went directly to the comments.

    Thanks for making my sides hurt in laughter! I could care less about what this thing, and 100 year old white people have to say about gays. It worries me more when young kids hold on to this hatred and ignorance.

  21. Randy says

    Why does the interviewer allow Maggie to make the obviously false claim that you can respect gay people, while denying them equal access to marriage? That’s simply not possible.

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