1. Pete n SFO says

    Thank goodness GLEE is getting campy again…

    The shrill, nutty Sue Sylvester greasy hair jokes are just tired.

    Next, please let someone besides, Rachel, sing!

  2. Christopher says

    Continuing the trend: The video links are deleted or blocked. In this case, it’s Hulu forcing us to go there to see this image. Sucks!

  3. BartB says

    I love Kathy but the character was written ridiculously and so arch there was no reality to it whatsoever (okay, it’s GLEE but still…) and she played it without an ounce of her usual charm which would have gone a long way into making something other than an overt cartoon character. Still, watching Loretta Divine take a cartoon character of the ex-stripper/nun and bring it to life was worth the scene.

  4. EI says

    Kathy is not a great actress, but she wasn’t given good writing to work with either, so the result can’t be blamed entirely on her.

  5. Jay says

    Most of the episode was pretty good, but her bit was not funny.. it was forced and just kinda creepy

  6. Sean R says

    She just wasn’t funny, while I understood the ‘jokes’ (as a foreigner watching Glee), I don’t think the jokes travelled well either. I’d expected some sort of riotous comedy. Mind you Glee is dragging a bit…

    The best laugh for me can when Sue punched out the lights of the drunken LtGov’s wife (who looked like Marilyn Quayle/Pat Nixon) – wondered who it was a spoof of? Any ideas?

  7. madm@ says

    I thought she was funny, and actually I know a few people that are pretty much on that character’s level (I live in Sarah Palin’s “real america” where people believe the Obama is a muslim etc things as if they were facts in Encyclopedia Brittanica)

  8. Rick says

    “pretty bad”, “ridiculous”, “wasn’t given good writing to work with”, “was not funny”, “it was forced”, “Just kinda creepy”, “wasn’t funny”….dudes don’t you understand the cultural divide that they are portraying here? I believe your critique of Kathy describes the Palins of this world totally. Glee and Kathy hit the nail on the head. Wake up guys…and make sure you vote, those idiots represented here do.

  9. James says

    I thought this part was one of the best in Glee history, and definitely the episode.

    I can’t believe they actually went there! Let’s all remember this show airs on FOX!

    Anyway, that’s the glee I love – slightly surreal, irreverent and envelope-pushing!