1. Joey Y says

    I don’t see the problem here. He is saying that despite the obvious tragedy, it’s not demolishing the world’s markets even though Japan’s a huge force economically. He’s clearly not saying that the money’s more important, he’s saying that the news isn’t as catastrophic as it potentially could have been for the entire world. I guess HuffPo’s interns had access to the blog.

  2. Patric says

    The guy’s a conservative Republican. He’s expressing the values and priorities of conservative Republicans in an unintended moment of candor.

  3. Christopher says

    It wasn’t a poor choice of words; he said exactly what he meant and what the global overlords are all thinking. Far better 10,000 dead than 10 points off the Nikkei.

  4. Matt26 says

    Larry Kudlow is unwatchable (very conservative opinion driven) on CNBC and because of him so is The Call. You can see how Melissa Francis and Trish Reagan are reacting to Larry’s awful remark.
    He should be taken off the screen because of this.

  5. Rowan says

    Have a nice time in he’ll Joey y. With friends like you…’So what if mum died? It is a positive on the household- we gave one less number to economically care about. This is a good thing sis’!

  6. Bob R says

    To people like Kudlow, nothing matters more than money. People are expendable, employees are necessary evils, all that is really important is dollars, yen, rubles, shekels, lira, marks, pesos; whatever it is called money is all that matters.

  7. Matt26 says

    He just apologized his remarks in the air.
    He seems to understand he said sth no-one should say nor think.

  8. Joey Y says

    Hey “Rowan,” why don’t you go f yourself? Don’t tell anyone they should go to hell because they don’t freak out over a business show focusing on the business side of a story. Ever heard of a product supply chain? Food supplies? Do you have ANY idea what kind of damage the disaster could do that goes far beyond Japan’s shores? Something like that could, in effect, put several people you know out of work indefinitely, as well as disrupting the world’s economy as a whole, which would then affect food and fuel for nations and people who have nothing to do with this region at all. But hey, let’s put the WHOLE WORLD on hold because “mum died.” Jerkoff.

  9. matt says

    I’m shocked at how vicious people are towards this guy. Yes, it is a slip up, and I don’t think he meant to casually shrug off the terrible loss of life like how it sounded. He’s just a business analyst and doing his job as usual. And before you criticize him for doing that, did you give up your place in line for the new iPad and drop your normal life to get on the first tour to help the rescue effort in Japan? So maybe someone holier than thou can criticize you for not caring so much.

  10. mike says

    well he meant to say he was grateful that the economic toll wasn’t that bad.. but it came out wrong, you know you’ve done something wrong when both heads turn in on you lol.

  11. Bryan says

    When did we all become a culture of gotcha harpies who live with our hands hovering over the Buzzer of Doom, waiting for the moment to play game show host?

    What’s remarkable here is not that some talking suit misspoke but that thousands of people are thrilled to be Bob Barker for 10 seconds. What’s frightening is the extraordinary level of hypocritical judgement inherent in the “gotcha” game.

    I don’t actually like Bob Barker and his ilk – they all give me the creeps. They’re smug, smiling idiots lording it over a realm of greed, desperation, indignity, and stupidity – why anyone would want to emulate any of that is beyond me.

    The shrieking, flesh rending ecstasy that typically takes place now when anyone misspeaks in public is reminiscent of a preschool for emotionally disturbed piranha.

    How did we become such a vicious culture of hypocrites living to obsess over trivia?

  12. anthony says

    Anyone who has listened to Larry Kudlow on CNBC praise Reaganomics, ruthless capitalism, union busting, slashing workers in order to make stocks rise etc. knows that this comment wasn’t a slip up. I’m sure he’d rather see thousands of people die than watch his stock portfolio sink.

  13. Drew says

    Comment aside, this channel is the most mundane thing I’ve ever laid my gay eyes upon. Seriously, they talk about how virtual money and greed are wonderful for all of the world. Yaaaay for them.