1. Phil says

    Can’t really judge how the single will be from this snippet… but definitely is going to be fun!!

  2. Wes says

    Not feeling it.

    Why is she having Kesha write her songs now? Working with her producers…

    Kesha was just a girl to hold people over until the next Britney album came out, and not even very well.

    Now Britney herself is downgrading to Kesha. I’m getting less excited about the album with every new Dr Luke/Kesha song.

    I hope there’s more Bloodshy & Avant and Danja.

  3. Keith says

    I feel like the last person on Earth that actually doesn’t give a crap about this sh*t.

  4. barto says

    Amazon really needs to do a better job at determining which 30 seconds to sample for their previews. Also, let’s not forget that Ke$ha worked with Britney before she earned her dollar sign, and part of why Britney has been successful is her willingness to put her spin on whatever sound is popular at the time. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. But it’s still fun to listen to.

  5. says

    Hmm, a song written by Kesha (I refuse to give in to the dollar sign bullshit) to be “sung” by Britney Spears. Where are the other three horsemen?

  6. Priscilla Queen of the Jungle says

    ALRIGHT! Catchy hook there…yay! I can totally see myself bumpin’ and groovin’ to this at the bar. Unfortunately, I feel like childbirth has taken away BritBrit’s energetic dance skills, such as she had back in the days of the “Crazy” video…which means, overall, she has little to offer me now! Thank God for the ascendancy of Gaga to save me from sheer boredom in pop musicland.

  7. EO says

    can someone please explain to me when every gay guy on the planet decided that their music/film/television/every other pop culture interest had to mirror that of a 12 year old girl? it’s beyond pathetic at this point.

  8. KKay says


    Get the stick out of your ass. Why does liking anything have to be age specific? I don’t particularly like Brit’s new direction but I’m not going to bash people who do.

  9. christopher says


    Some people never progress past their adolescence taste levels. Many of these people are gay men.