Matthew Breen Named Editor of ‘The Advocate’ as Jon Barrett Moves to ‘Entertainment Weekly’

AdvocateMatthew Breen, formerly the magazine's executive editor, has been named the new editor-in-chief of The Advocate, Here Media has announced

"We are thrilled to have Matthew take the reins of The Advocate and continue the journalistic excellence Jon Barrett brought to the brand. Matthew will bring his proven leadership to The Advocate’s exceptional staff of reporters and editors, who consistently provide the most thought-provoking coverage of issues important to the gay and lesbian community. Matthew’s dedication and creativity will expand The Advocate’s long-standing tradition of superior news reporting."

Former editor Jon Barrett is leaving to be the new L.A. Bureau Chief at Entertainment Weekly, managing editor Jess Cagle told staff on Friday. Barrett starts at EW on April 4.


  1. Jett Stone says

    Entertainment Weekly is a great fit for the editor of this embarrassment to the LGBT community.
    Hope Breen has a better handle of the struggle and passions of the community and puts less emphasis on the 90s era fluff & superficiality that Barret concentrated on.

  2. Chris says

    Sigh………..I’ve been an Advocate subscriber for probably close to 20 years. (Yes, I am, indeed, that old.) It comes once a month now….I flip thru it in 10 minutes and then wonder where is in-depth reporting that was promised. Good luck to the new editor.

  3. Kevin says

    Good for Jon, and good luck to Matt. I don’t think the Advocate will last though, not because of content or the editors that actually do a good job putting a magazine together on a 9 cent budget, but because of those criminals that own/run Regent/Here! media.

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