Movies: Bradley Cooper Stars in ‘Limitless’ and Michael Fassbender Doesn’t Appear to Have Any (Limits)

Whatever you make of Cooper's current humpability (Renée Zellweger makes quite a lot of it) we'll see how limitless he is at the box office up against earlier-to-fame incarnations of his prototype. Two other blonde cocky hunky things (Matthew McConaughey and Ryan Philllipe) are at war in the legal crime thriller THE LINCOLN LAWYER. It's an arrogant blonde sausage fest at the box office this weekend!

Other films opening: the alien comedy PAUL with Seth Rogen voicing the title character; the sports family drama WIN WIN with Paul Giamatti as a wrestling coach; and the girls boarding school drama CRACKS starring Eva Green.


Wolverinebath  road Oh speaking of Ryan Phillipe a moment ago, Pop Wrap has a fun interview with him including an amusing wrap up when Ryan talks about making peace with being a sex object.

 road The internet is in an uproar about the news that Darren Aronofsky has left The Wolverine, which was to be his reunion with his Fountain star Hugh Jackman, as well as a chance for Jackman to leave the character on a high note after the lame X-Men Origins: Wolverine since Aronofsky seems incapable of making a bad or at least uninteresting movie. The Black Swan Oscar-nominated auteur cites the extensive time away from home on location as his reason for dropping out but there has to be something else, don't you think? Meanwhile life as normal continues for Hugh Jackman. (i.e. workouts, sudden lickings.)

 road If you aren't done thinking about it yet, here's a sweet thoughtful piece on Glee's gay kiss earlier this week.

 road The gay romance flick Weekend won strong reviews and distribution at the SXSW film festival. It'll also be playing the Nashville Film Festival next month.

Thebeaver  road Believe it or not the Jodie Foster film about the man with The Beaver hand puppet is getting pretty strong reviews at the SXSW Festival. The puppeted man in question is Mel Gibson, who Jodie has always staunchly defended despite what people tend to say about that. The Beaver was shelved last year after Mel's big breakdown, one of them at any rate, but it will hit theaters this May. Jodie recently told IndieWire that she'll be directing more now.

I feel like if there was a time to slow down as an actor, it’s now. A time to direct more, that’s now.

A strange thing to say, Ms. Foster,. It's not like the acting has been… uh… speedy for her in the past ten years. Though we're very excited to see Roman Polanski challenge her in the stage to screen adaptation of the very strong play God of Carnage. As for other new Foster films, the long-gestating biopic about Leni Riefenstahl is definitely off the table now. Jodie has her limits.


  1. Kris says

    The Glee piece was really well written, and reminded me why I still watch this show. Thanks for linking it Nathaniel, and for always contributing in such an interesting way to this site. Love your Oscar site as well.

  2. Scooter says

    Hairy Blondy Boys Trump Smoothie Blondy boys…maybe the exception is Alex Pettyfer…or Kellan Lutz.

  3. New Fan of Bradley says

    Bradley Cooper isn’t THAT blonde in real life, more like sandy brown with hazel eyes, and ever so much more appealing than in those movie stills.

    He was interviewed by Charlie Rose yesterday along with director Burger (also nice to look at). The show will rerun today and on the net. Worth a look. Quite Cute

    Oh, and the movie sounds interesting too

  4. jaragon says

    “The Lincoln Lawyer” and “Limitless” had those annoying tell-all trailers that makes one feel there is not point in spending the money to see them.

  5. Bryan says

    I find those shots of Fassbender’s public sex scenes more weird and wtf-inducing that hot tbh.