Movies: Prince Charmings and Swan Girls

Black-swan-dvd-2 Swangirls?
The Rocky Horror Ballet Show?

You bet it does. Think of the possibilities (not to mention the extra revenue) costume wise and all those quotables or gross-out bits begging for some call and response. My personal favorite ready made-for-midnight hijinx scene is easily Barbara Hershey's temper tantrum with the cake. "IT'S GARBAGE NOW."

To that end this Saturday night New York, Chicago, San Francisco and Los Angeles are each getting "The Black Swan Experience" with drag queen hosts. Here in NYC, Manila Luzon (from RuPaul's Drag Race) and Shequida are hosting the festivities. You can see more details here.

 road Disney's 50th Animated Feature TANGLED is also out on DVD. No drag queen hosted midnight screenings are currently planned which is a total shame if you think about it. Think of the wig-offs alone! While no gay parties are planned it probably won't take long for people to start drawing Flynn, the newest variation on Prince Charming, in his underwear.


It's his own fault for bringing out the smolder.