1. David in Houston says

    The only thing Kat is proving is that if you’re pretty and have a hot body, all you need is auto-tune to become successful. She also proves that Janet Jackson is an incredibly gifted artist, and that she pales by comparison. — Yeah, I’m not impressed at all.

  2. adamblast says

    If she’d had Ian Somerhalder, Paul Wesley, and Steve McQueen’s grandson dancing half-nekkid beside her I might’ve been more interested.

  3. Sean Mac says

    Give her a break – she’s young, relatively new, and getting her feet wet in music while having fun. I’m eager to hear something more polished and mature from her, but I’m pretty sure that will come with time. We need to remember there was an album called “Dream Street” before “Control”.

  4. bostonbeat says

    um yeah. shes okay but there is nothing special about this performance. her voice is rather flat. hearing this mix just drove me to listen to the real janet!

  5. says

    I am getting old.

    Also, I’m getting sick of everyone’s voice being so pitch-perfect that a given melody sounds like a series of off-brand door buzzers being pressed in sequence. The Glee-ification of popular music is kind of frustrating. Speaking of…George Michael’s new song? WTF?

  6. Randy says

    When the video is just going to say:
    This video contains content from (EMI Publishing, Vevo). It is restricted from playback on certain sites. Watch on Youtube.

    Why don’t you save us a step, and just put in the link to Youtube?

    (And screw you EMI Publishing and Vevo, for making the internet suck)

  7. sparks says

    You’re not gonna find many fans who love Janet more than I have for a long long time.

    But — I LIKE Kat’s mash-up and think her dancing, attitude, choreography, and even her singing (at times) paid proper homage to Miss Jackson.

    People need to stop being so defensive of their older favorites. If someone, like Janet or Madonna, has been putting out music for a couple decades OF COURSE they will have covered enough styles, samples, beats, and chords that there will inevitably be music from other artists that will sound a bit like one of the tunes we know.

  8. dingo says

    I must be old too because that annoying gnat buzzing around my ears vocal quality is beyond overdone.

    Love the opening drum sample from Chaka Khan’s ‘We Got Each Other’ though. If nothing else, it steered me to a real singer.

  9. redball says

    She’s HOT. Love her attitude and winning smile. I feel like she’d be fun to just hang out with. Fun video, with lots of different looks. Gotta love her Tyra/Gisele/whoever catwalk @2:22. FIERCE!

  10. lord says

    she’s pretty but its just ok. its a sweet compliment though. and to the person who commented about Dream Street- have you ever really listened to that album? while the music is somewhat sophomoric, she was a sophomore. she was singing about what a sixteen yr old should be and vocally- even then- kat cannot compare to janet and there was no auto tune back then. janet hit her notes, even the ones that were at the end of her range. listen to the bridge of “hold back the tears”, sweet and clear vocals. not a powerhouse voice but she has range and knows how to manipulate what she has. without auto tune.

    all that said, good luck to her. i wish anyone who’s trying to get theirs and doing it with positivity :)

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