1. TampaZeke says

    It’s not so much a “blame game” as a “claim game”. Unfortunately African-American pastors are bragging and proudly claiming that they and their churches were the key to derailing this civil rights measure and national anti-marriage equality organizations are falling all over themselves congratulating them. This didn’t happen in California where the gay/black rhetoric got stirred up. I’m certainly not one of the people being duped by racist homophobes into pitting blacks against gays and gays against blacks, but it’s hard to blame people who watch the news and come away angry that the people most visible and taking the most credit for stopping marriage equality are black pastors. It’s a shame that they don’t realize that they are being used by people who don’t like them any more than they like us.

  2. Laurie says

    The fact remains that the activist black churches played a major role in defeating this bill. It’s not racist to say so, either. It’s a fact. They even used physical intimidation against delegates who voted for it in order to try to persuade them to change their votes. I know this first-hand. Very sad.

  3. says

    It’s not going to work. We are black, we are indian, we are everywhere and everything. This gays are racists meme just won’t stick. Further, it seems like we’re gearing up for a 2012 election cycle were this is going to be a big issue, like in 2004. The problem is, much has changed since then. I think the major Republican candidates are going to avoid this like the plague. Being anti-gay won’t garner new votes, but it may alienate those independents who are concerned about fiscal issues.

    Either way, this is just desperation.

  4. dms says

    facts are facts and it is fact that the majority of african americans are against gay marriage. I think that was one of the surprises of the prop 8

    Why keep bringing up race? Because the black community has been so hypocritical on this issue.

    Is it racist to point out the facts now? Is it ageist to say senior citizens don’t approve of gay marriage?

    If we don’t look at the facts, we won’t know how to solve the problem.

  5. MickW says

    They keep bring up race because they know it is a winning tactic, they saw all the gay sites after Prop8 and they read the gay sites anytime a black homophobic is mentioned – a race war always breaks out.

    They figure if gay people of different races can’t get together peacefully then it will be easy to get straight people of color against the white gays.

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