Navy Looking To Oust Sailor After ‘Vampire Diaries’ Sleepover

The case has nothing to do with Don't Ask, Don't Tell — neither of the men, stationed at Charleston, South Carolina's Naval Nuclear Power Training Command, has been accused of being gay — but does highlight how certain officials may be able to get around the law's forthcoming repeal.

Said Alexander Nicholson, executive director of gay group Servicemembers United, "It's been the case for years that commanders had at their disposal the means to chapter someone out of the military for something other than homosexual conduct… If you want to get rid of somebody, you can always find something to punish them for."

What's more, the charges also show how panicky people can get over male bonding: Jones' roommate told officials both men were in their boxer shorts when he walked in, a detail that raises the specter of homosexuality, but doesn't necessarily equal homosexuality.

Contrary to popular belief, many men, like many women, often get undressed in front of one another and have no qualms palling around in their undergarments. That's a completely human inclination, and not one that should immediately be associated with sexuality of any nature. If you ask me, the fact that such male bonding raised so many eyebrows suggests that Navy officials aren't as mature as they would like us to believe.

For the record, Jones' friend, Brian McGee, has accepted a lesser charge to remain in the Navy.


  1. Chuck says

    Hmmm they force Manning to spend the night naked and then stand naked for cell count but then want to oust a sailor for being in his boxers with another Sailor. I guess torture is ok but male bonding isn’t?

  2. dave02657 says

    If this had been two women petty officers, there would have been mobile phone pics captured to a chorus of “yes girls, yes!” followed by “how ’bout a pillow fight” in your bras and panties? !

  3. jamal49 says

    This is a bogus charge and definitely a last gasp for DADT. Obviously, the not-so-good commander has never been on a destroyer or a submarine. The crews’ quarters are, um, just a little tight and the bunk beds so close together you could get a smack on the head or in the mouth by the restless, sleeping sailor bunked next to you.

    Falling asleep in the same bed means nothing. It happens more often than not in the Navy and other service branches and it is not sexual in the least.

    The commander has made an assumption based on his own homophobia.

    The commander should be ousted.

  4. Anastasia Beaverhausen says

    The Royal Navy has rum, sodomy, and the lash, but all our sailors get are hokey television programs?

  5. MrRoboto says

    Hmmm. With no non-discrimination protections in place, or as yet planned, in the repeal of DADT, anybody else worried here that this the kind of end run we’re going to get around discriminating against gay troops? “No, we didn’t discharge you for being gay, we discharged you for being ‘unprofessional’ enough to fall asleep in the same bunk together.”

  6. says

    @ crispy

    Uhm, I’ll admit

    team MASON! screw VD for killing him off

  7. matt says

    If someone is suggesting that you might have been engaged in homosexual conduct and your defense is “no, we just fell asleep watching the vampire diaries” you’re not helping your case any. Say you fell asleep watching CSI or Fox News LOL

  8. Francis says

    Completely ridiculous. This not only shows just what some people think of male bonding or 2 men being together in any situation that could potentially be labeled suggestive (even when it clearly isn’t), but it also shows that as Alex Nicholson said, just because DADT is repealed, it does not mean that discrimination isn’t going to happen. And as long as there isn’t anti-discrimination codes, or a culture shift in the eyes of common sense and fairness, things like this are going to continue.

  9. Robert says

    Not to be Uncle Tommy about this…BUT, I don’t think it’s crazy these proceedings are happening. It does seem pretty unprofessional. I mean, repeal of DADT means gays can serve openly in the military. The point isn’t to allow full on ram sessions in the barracks.

    Gay/Straight/Friends, they probably ought to keep sleeping in the same bed together off of the base.

    No one would blink an eye if a male and female troop got cited for acting unprofessionally if they were caught in bed together. It would be unconvincing it was platonic hence their behavior should be characterized unprofessionally.

    Remember college? Sleeping in a room with people have sex can get annnoyyyyinnnnggg – no matter what kind.

  10. Frank says

    Things like this are still happening. I have a friend who had to fight his command because he got accused of forcible sodomy after a sexual encounter with another soldier in his unit. It turns out the other soldier had mental issues and later confessed that he totally lied and that sex was consensual, but my friends unit continued to try to trump up any kind of charges they could to screw him over and well as giving him a bad evaluation.

  11. Dan E says

    I suspect the people badmouthing Vampire Diaries haven’t watched it. It’s a great show, with excellent writing. I’m 40, and I’ll freely admit to watching it.

  12. NickC says

    Wake up, little Susie, wake up!

    The movie wasn’t so hot.
    It didn’t have much of a plot.
    We fell asleep, our goose is cooked,
    our reputation is shot.

    Wake up, little Susie!
    Wake up, little Susie!

    Some stories never change…

  13. Nate says

    Wait what? This is the cutest, most innocent thing I have every heard. When poeple are punshed for being good and decent you know there is a problem.

  14. Hollywood, CA says

    Clearly the Commander is not in a fraternity. Guys would wind up in each others beds all the time, and it was totally non-sexual. After a while, you do feel like “brothers” and crashing out while watching the tube is nothing. He probably said “Vampire Diaries” to illustrate the point that IF they were messing around, they would have a better show to try and hide it.

    There are some hot slutty chicks on that show, so I see why they were watching it. This is lame.

  15. says

    Another “miracle” attributed to St. Barack proven phony……………

  16. GregV says

    This is ridiuclous.

    It would be unprofessional for a doctor or a lawyer or a teacher to be at the office in underwear or to fall asleep in the staff room on a bed or a sofa (alone or beside anyone else) or to watch TV at work.

    But in this case, this is their living quarters! Living with co-workers 24 hours a day, a person could only be expected to bond and let their guard down from typical office-type boundaries.

    I can only assume that “Commanding Officer Bailey” is one of those paranoid homophobes who wastes his own time and energy all day worrying about how it might look if he holds a coffee cup a certain way or sits on the same couch with a male.

  17. TyInTenn says

    I did one tour in the Marine Corps – loved it! But, if I had a dollar for every time I went across the BEQ to the Navy side and got a head job in the laundry room, I would be a very rich man.

  18. Udokier says

    They could have probably gotten away with mutual blowjobs but god forbid falling asleep together. That implies the dreaded TENDERNESS, and we can’t have that.

  19. says

    When these guys were trying to defend themselves they probably should have left out the Vampire Diaries part. “We fell asleep in each others arms while watching Gossip Girl and the Vampire Diaries.” Jokes aside, does anyone believe this was really just a “sleepover”?

  20. Teapot Tempest says

    “…Jones’ roommate told officials both men were in their boxer shorts when he walked in, …”

    So, he was cheating on his roommate? Hell hath no fury like a roommate scorned.

    I think we need photos, or better yet, a video.

  21. GregV says

    “Jokes aside, does anyone believe this was really just a “sleepover”?”

    There’s no reason in the world not to. I can’t count the number of times I’ve snoozed off on a sofa with a platonic friend on the same sofa, or woke up next to a straight friend with whom there is aboslutely nothing sexual going on, or shared a bed or a tent with my brother in a hotel, etc.
    I hate this idea some people have that a man needs to be careful not to be less than two and a half feet from a platonic male friend, not face him or make eye contact when talking, not sit on the same couch and not share a bed even when its the most comfortable option… because someone might “accuse” them of being gay.
    I’ve had a lot of homophobic straight friends (when I was closeted) who were scared of any proximity to a man, but also many straight guys who would easily have snoozed off next to be while watching a vampire show and not been at all insecure that someone might “think something.”