NYT Columnist Frank Rich Moves to ‘New York’ Magazine

Sunday NYT staple Frank Rich is moving to New York magazine, they report:

Rich Rich will be an essayist for the magazine, writing monthly on politics and culture, and will serve as an editor-at-large, editing a special monthly section anchored by his essay. He will also be a commentator on nymag.com, engaging in regular dialogues on the news of the week.

“Frank Rich is a giant — a powerhouse critic of politics and culture, a rigorous thinker, a glorious stylist, a skeptic and optimist at the same time. There is just no one like him in American journalism,” said New York editor-in-chief Adam Moss. “He is also a friend. I have had the privilege to work with him for almost 25 years. Since the day I came to New York, I have hoped I could persuade him to join us here. I'm ecstatic that he will now be bringing his wisdom to our growing audience. This is a very big day for New York.”

Towleroad in Brief: 5 Questions for Frank Rich [tr]


  1. jamal49 says

    Frank Rich was the last, best reason to drop $5.00 for the Sunday NY Times. With Mr. Rich gone, there is no longer any reason to waste the money.

  2. alex says

    he’s repulsive, but I thought he was smarter than to leave the Times for a rag like New York! He might as well write for the Utah Sun Times! Good riddance, Mr. Rich, nice to know ya!

  3. says

    Alex, you’re repulsive. Does that feel good?

    Like JAMAL49, I am very sad to see Rich leave the Times. They’re also killing some staple columns in the Magazine: On Language and The Ethicist.

    Is there something bigger going on inside the grey lady? Or just some shuffling related to broader shifts in the media industry?

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