1. ichabod says

    Van Der Plaats (he’s consigned the extra “a” to emphasize that he’s a complete assh*le).

  2. alexInBoston says

    “To fight the battle you need to know your enemy”! At first i was chagrined by the fact the NYT would do a piece on this aass!! but see me opening quote!

  3. bobbyjoe says

    When the New York Times isn’t helping blame 11 year old girls for being gang-raped by 18 men and boys ’cause, like, she dressed “older than her age and wore makeup,” it likes to get all “chummy” with bigots.

    Oh, well, at least they didn’t help report false information that led us into war. Oh… wait…

  4. Bryan says


    I’m I the only one who read “plaats” as a verb? As in, “For Christ’s sake don’t ask Bob Vander – give him two drinks and he plaats.”

    We need to bring this to the attention of Dan Savage…