1. Tony says

    Their site is always down. I occasionally go there to see if it’s updated and it almost never works. They weren’t hacked. They just have poor web hosting.

  2. Ian says

    Tony, they actually have very good web hosting and have spent quite a bit of money on web security. They WERE in fact hacked (live on the air 2/27/2011 actually) and the continued assault is the reason the site is still down. Prior to the Anonymous hack the site was fairly solid and available. They host there own webservers, probably for various reasons.

    Phelps continues bad-mouthing of Anonymous is only making matters worse for her tech team. Keep it up Shirley.

  3. RJ says

    There’s a website on Youtube where someone asks this lady to sing and she responds “~WHO DO I LOOK LIKE, KAREN CARPENTER~?” or something. Makes me laugh every single time. What a bunch of annoying human beings.

  4. SeriouslySick says

    Self righteousness is like a drug. You get the endorphin rush, the adrenalin dump factor, the whole thing. Some people do motocross and combat sports, this person exhibits her misanthropy and hatred, and calls it love. Manipulating people this way keeps her occupied when the kids are asleep and her barren self shows in her mirror. It’s pretty par for the course in small town America, anyway. Haven’t you ever dealt with the church ladies? It’s pretty lonely in those little towns most of the time, and loneliness is boring as hell.

  5. Dastius Krazitauc says

    “Phelps responded with anger when asked about the church’s website being taken down by hacker group Anonymous”

    To be clear, Phelps responded to every question with anger.

  6. EO says

    regardless of how book-smart she is or how much of an expert she is on first amendment law or bible interpretation… everything this woman says seethes with rage and hatred right below the surface; it doesn’t matter what she is talking about. an estranged family member confirmed rampant psychological and physical abuse in this family handed down by fred phelps. you can clearly see its effects whenever this woman opens her mouth. it’s scary and very sad.

  7. Gigi says

    So let me get this right. Their hate and ranting is based on that little black book that people once used to vilify those who believed that the earth was round? Got it!

  8. johnny says

    I spent 3.5 hours the other night reading all about the entire family and their upbringing and Fred’s life. It is incredible, I wish I still had the link.

    The reason she’s angry is because her father took away everything that makes a child come into this world as a secure, happy person. His narcissism knows no bounds and he replaced any kind of love that is possible to give a child with beatings, hatred and anger and then focused his kid’s resulting hatred and anger toward whatever group he wanted to. It’s textbook brainwashing and he still has a hold on many of his family members.

    The whole thing is incredibly sick and incredibly sad.

  9. NYC Girl says

    The Westboro Baptist Church websites were originally taken down by a hacker named The Jester. Anonymous took down one site just one time to prove that they had that capability, but The Jester is the one who has kept the sites down indefinitely.

    Here’s an article from computer security mag Infosec Island. This is about the joint effort of The Jester and Anonymous in hacking the WBC site just once:

    Hacktivism makes for strange bedfellows

    Here is another Infosec Island article from an earlier date that explains how the Jester originally brought down the WBC sites:

    You can also follow The Jester on Twitter for more info:

  10. Bradley says

    Nevermind the complete and inherent incorrectness in these people’s interpretation of the Bible, the logical fallacies that they spew as their “defense” is so painful. She uses straw men and illogical associations like she’s giving out candy on Halloween (or I should say as if she was a normal person on Halloween). And she couches it in belittling rhetoric hoping that people get so offended that they don’t notice that she’s full of crap. Just sad that anyone who has been through a freshman logic course would see through their so-called “examples” and “defenses”.

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