1. J says

    Is it me or is this ANdy Cohen a real attention seeker? Never heard of him until recently and he seems to be everywhere.

    Also,Anderson Cooper is gay?

  2. dizzy spins says

    Y’know Ive been as annoyed as anyone at Anderson Cooper’s open secret, but I think I have to step back and give him credit. He is not closeted in the traditional sense: He has never had a faux girlfriend or directly denied being gay. He’s been very outspoken about LGBT issues. He’s all over New York with his boyfriend (including the opening of Maisani’s new Alphabet City bar). The one thing he hasn’t done is done an interview discussing his sexuality. And while he’d be a great “coup” for us, its not anyone’s job to be a spokesperson.

  3. Bryan says

    I understand that journalists are not supposed to _be_ the news, but given that in 21st century America “journalism” is nothing more than a species of advertising…

    Come out, Anderson. At this late date being gay is significantly personal to the same degree as having a certain shoe size, but kids still benefit from knowing they aren’t the only ones with exceptional feet.

  4. says

    First of all… it’s one of many floats in the Krewe of Endymion parade, and Anderson was one of this year’s marshalls (along with Train and Kelly Ripa):

    Happened on Saturday, followed by the “Endymion Extravaganza”

    Fine with me if some people don’t like Andy Cohen. I find him sexy as hell :-) as does the bf, who probably has more chance since Andy has a thing for the gingers.

  5. patrick nyc says

    Come out, Anderson. At this late date being gay is significantly personal to the same degree as having a certain shoe size, but kids still benefit from knowing they aren’t the only ones with exceptional feet.

    Cooper was recently beaten and chased in the Mid East while reporting, something that happened to many journalists. That part of the world allows the killing of people for being gay, not for having ‘a certain shoe size’. If he comes out it will color the way his interviewees look at him, as well as the threats to him in unsafe areas of the world.

  6. Nat says

    Anderson has never been as “out there” with anyone in his life as he is with Ben. This guy shows up everywhere with him. I’m pretty sure I saw him in some pics and video clips when Anderson interviewed Lady Gaga in London for 60 Minutes and AC brought him to the Vanity Fair Oscar Party again this year. Good for Anderson if he’s finally found love.

  7. says

    Anderson constantly puts himself in physical danger, patrick, and being gay and/or shoe size has nothing to do with it. He’s a journalist with a camera crew, therefore a moving target (see also Lara Logan.)

    Yet here in the “First World,” out of danger of any sort (save for Kathy Griffin attacking him with a stap-on) he holds back. Thomas Roberts on NBC is out and it doesn’t “make him the story” when he reports.

    Could it be that Anderson’s afraid someone will ask him about being a Power Bottom?

  8. TANK says

    Cooper doesn’t avoid talking about being gay, he LIES and denies he is. It’s pathetic that any self-respecting gay person would find him charming.

  9. Wayne says

    Why is he wearing a suit and tie on a Mardi Gras float?? The guy has no sense!!! He’ll wear his gun-showing shirts in the Mid-East or Haiti but a suit in the French Quarter?? Must be a fetish of some sort… Loosen up Anderson!

  10. patrick nyc says

    David I was quoting BRYAN, he was the one to compare being gay to shoe size, and I pointed out that all journalists in the Mid East put themselves in danger.

    My point was that he is already a target by being first a journalist, secondly an American, not to mention a child of a wealthy American family. If they knew he was openly gay I feel that threat would be even more so.

    As for TANK’s ridiculous comment, I try my best to ignore trolls like him and RATDOUCHE.

  11. Rick says

    Every article about AC, no matter what the topic, inevitably turns into a shouting match about him being closeted or not closeted. So I guess we’ll know he’s REALLY out when that stops happening.

  12. Tagg says

    @ J – Andy Cohen is a vice president of programming at Bravo. He single handedly put Bravo on the map with his gay-friendly programming and is also a great talk show host! Btw: Anderson and Ben have only been together a little over a year..if thats a LTR than Ive been in many LTR!!

  13. Jordan says

    Actually, Anderson and Ben have been a couple for at least two years and maybe longer, but there are many photos of them together online that date back to early 2009.

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