News: Brad Goreski, Milk, Teen Wolf, Jim Jordan, Tasmania

Road Dr. C. Everett Coop: The early days of AIDS, as I remember them

Protest_lukashenko RoadKevin Spacey and Jude Law join London protest against anti-gay Belarus dictator Alexander Lukashenko.

RoadCollagen Westwood (real name) is a 21-year-old lesbian trying to look like a drag queen through plastic surgery.

Road Christians pray for defeat of Colorado civil union bill.

Road250 attendees for "Save Marriage" meeting in Tasmania are met by protesters: "The 100-person vigil outside the Stanley Burbury Theatre was peaceful with only a few jeers, as people arrived to attend the meeting. One man going in asked the protesters, 'What about the children?', to which one woman responded: 'What about the children we have some.'"

RoadPresbyterian court affirms ruling against minister who married same-sex couples: "A Presbyterian Church appeals court has affirmed an earlier ruling that the Rev. Dr. Jane Adams Spahr violated the Presbyterian constitution and her ordination vows for marrying more than a dozen same-sex couples during the brief window when it was legal to do so in California."

RoadHillary Clinton's favorable ratings one point off all time high.

RoadMan drinks mouse inside Monster energy drink can.

RoadRep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) expects strong support from proposal to establish referendum to overturn D.C.'s marriage equality law: "He and other conservatives say they are weighing how best to promote the vote as an example of Republicans fulfilling a campaign promise. The GOP’s 2010 Pledge to America vowed that a Republican majority would 'honor families, traditional marriage, life and the private and faith-based organizations that form the core of our American values.'"

Goreski RoadBrad Goreski gets his own Bravo show.

RoadEven after 10 years of legal same-sex marriage, some Dutch officials continue to refuse to marry gay couples: "In a letter to Prime Minister Mark Rutte, COC has highlighted the fact that officials in several municipalities still refuse to tie the knot between same-sex partners. 'It would be inconceivable if municipalities were to protect officials who refuse to marry Jews or people with another skin colour,' says Chairperson Vera Bergkamp."

RoadColin Farrell and Elizabeth Taylor had a special friendship.

RoadEd Westwick attends the Knicks game with a hot male date.

RoadDoug Ireland on the new book about the life of author and activist Vito Russo: "When Vito Russo died on November 1, 1990, after a long and torturously painful battle against AIDS, the author of the best-selling 'The Celluloid Closet: Homosexuality in the Movies' was one of America’s best-known gay activists and certainly its most famous radical queer. Yet he was only 41 years old when he left us."

RoadRadiation found in U.S. milk: "The Environmental Protection Agency said a March 25 sample of milk produced in the Spokane, Wash., area contained a 0.8 pico curies per literlevel of iodine-131, which it said was less than one five-thousandth of the safety safety guideline set by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration."

Boyfriend RoadMy high school boyfriend was gay: a Tumblr devoted to reader-submitted photos from women and their former dates.

RoadMTV's Teen Wolf to feature out gay teen character.

RoadNew "ex-gay" survivor group forms in Fort Lauderdale.

RoadUnited States Conference of Catholic Bishops asks HUD not to adopt a proposed regulation that would add sexual orientation and gender identity to the list of protected categories for which discrimination in HUD programs is prohibited: “a protected classification for purposes of federal housing programs has no support in any Act of Congress and appears at odds with at least one other, namely, the Defense of Marriage Act…the regulations may force faith-based and other organizations, as a condition of participating in HUD programs and in contravention of their religious beliefs, to facilitate shared housing arrangements between persons who are not joined in the legal union of one man and one woman.”


  1. 10025 says

    This is where I stopped reading the C. Everett Koop essay:

    There were two reasons why it took a while for public health authorities to get a handle on AIDS in the beginning. One was the relatively few trained clinicians and researchers familiar with these rare diseases that were cropping up in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and New York. The second reason was that the first patients with those conditions were homosexual men, most of whom patronized physicians and clinics that were more understanding of the so-called “gay lifestyle.” In making that choice, these men effectively placed themselves outside mainstream clinical medicine and, therefore, they were more difficult to know, to reach, and to help.

  2. Derrick from Philly says

    .” The second reason was that the first patients with those conditions were homosexual men, most of whom patronized physicians and clinics that were more understanding of the so-called ‘gay lifestyle'”

    So, why didn’t they get information about what was going on from those physicians and clinics that were “more understanding of the ‘gay lifestyle'”?

    Because he was working for an administration that was full of Right-wing bigots. What was Reagan’s Attorney General’s name? He was king of bigots.

  3. anon says

    Koop was not part of the problem. One huge factor he didn’t mention was the large number of pre-infected men showing symptoms all about the same time, making it look like fast acting epidemic. There was also the huge tussle over who would get credit for figuring out the cause of the disease.

  4. Jolly Rancher says

    RE: Catholic Churches whines about HUD’s LGBT Policy matters. To narrow down their rhetorical nonsense, the KKKatholic KKKhurch is basically saying:

    “…Do what we want or the Poor suffer!!!!”

    So this is the way these sacraMental pedophiles are going to roll from now on?

    It’s like this is their last ‘Battle Royale’ Blackmail against gay civil rights.

    Once again, religion has moved into a nation – taken over the services of the poor while converting them, then held that power over the heads of a secular government to get want they want. And the masses are helpless to prevent that steam-rolling.

    Now watch how quickly and happily Uncle Straight Sam falls to it’s knees and rolls over so as not to upset the Poop. I mean His Holymess. I mean The Holy Sewer. I mean….awwww that Ratzfink who was once a Nazi Soldier Boy.

    Answer #1: Remove Tax-Exempt Status from ALL RELIGIOUS INSTITUTIONS immediately. And if the Churches go to court, write and keep intact an injuction to prevent them from continuing their tax-free ways during the trials/appeals process.

    Answer #2: Remind EVERY religious person you meet that their ‘right to religion’ DOES NOT TURMPH your real natural born right to life!

    Can I get an Amen with that?

  5. Paul R says

    I wrote a long post earlier pointing out that Koop was hardly antigay, but it seems to have gone missing. Anyway, he deserves credit as one of the few Reagan officials who tried to deal with HIV/AIDS, among many other things. We’ve not since had such a well-known and effective surgeon general.

  6. RedCedar says

    “oh, that’s right: it’s OUR fault…”

    “I don’t think that’s what Koop meant.”

    I don’t think that’s what he meant, either. I was 21 in 1981. If you weren’t of age then it’s probably difficult to realize just how outside the mainstream you were if you were openly out & comfortable about that.

  7. RedCedar says

    “So, why didn’t they get information about what was going on from those physicians and clinics that were “more understanding of the ‘gay lifestyle'”?”

    They did, but information traveled one HELL of a lot more slowly then than it does now. The computing power we now take for granted simply didn’t exist. There was no email, widespread personal computers were just getting started, there was no internet worth the name, there was no good way to share even basic, simple spreadsheets, let alone databases (because there was no email).

  8. Hue-Man says

    Dr. Koop’s recollections are a reminder of how screwed up the Reagan administration was; it took 5 YEARS before he was allowed to get involved in a murderous medical epidemic. It’s truly shocking that many of the present crop of gasbag GOTP leadership advocated quarantining of AIDS patients. What’s missing from the paper is the fear of the unknown, the public hatred, and the overwhelming sadness and loss; as loved ones died in their thousands even the smallest kindnesses were cruelly denied them. Plus ca change, plus c’est la meme chose.

  9. Mike says

    You know I think ex gays have every right to be ex gay. I just wish they would call it what it is. Being chaste. So if they need a bunch of other (ex) gay dudes around to help them not think about being gay I say they should lean on each other for support lol.

  10. says

    Raise your hand if you’re still in denial about reality…

    Anyway, on a different note—this sounds trivial and maybe I misread, but didn’t Koop recount a meeting with Reagan’s cabinet after which a cabinet member invoked Liddy Doles presence (a lady in the room) as a hindrance from asking frank questions? Then Koop says Sen. Dole sells Viagra on TV so the Doles should be okay with frank sexual discussions? Was he misremembering (because Viagra wasn’t close to being invented then).

  11. says

    RE Vito Russo: I’ll repeat this as many times as I need to: Human beings are not “queer”, not even those stupid enough to say that they are! Russo’s fervent desire for the mainstreaming of Gay people in American film belies any notion of him as a subversive, “radical queer” activist.

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