1. me says

    love that “Obama ordered justice dept. to SPOT defending law”

    I guess they are out trying to find a defending law?

  2. says

    Is that the best we can do? Mealy-mouth Evan Wolfson and Joe Solmonese are submissive bottoms in these kind of debates getting repeatedly sodomized by giant cross-shaped dildo of conservatism. Can’t we find ONE spokesmodel to be an aggressive top on TV?

  3. David in Houston says

    Same-sex marriage does NOT send a message to straight couples that they shouldn’t have children when and if they get married. It’s a stupid argument, that makes little sense. Isn’t Larry King making the exact same statement? When he got married for the 8th time, isn’t he sending a message that marriage isn’t a long-term commitment, and that procreation isn’t necessary? Why is Larry permitted to marry, but gay couples aren’t?

    As for the bipartisan support for DOMA? That was 15 years ago. A majority doesn’t automatically make a law morally right or constitutional. Again, it’s a stupid argument from a stupid homophobic tool.

  4. Chadd says

    The people who are SHOCKED that the president is not defending this law talk about it as though this is the first time in history that such a thing has happened. In fact, it is not common, but it is certainly not the first time.

    And need we remind them about GWBush’s “executive signing statements” where he just straight up said he didn’t like a particular law and was just not going to follow it. That seems far worse than just deciding not to defend a law in court.

    This wingnut seems to imply that by choosing not to defend the law in court, the president has uniformly eliminated the law entirely. Oh the lies….

  5. Rowan says

    Is Evan any good guys??

    They all seem very wet media wise…

    Why don’t they get the texan guy Joel to be part of their org?


  6. says

    I’m disappointed that Wolfson (or Roberts for that matter) didn’t challenge Sprgg’s facetious claim that social science says kids do best with a mother and a father. The science shows that kids do best with two parents, regardless of their sex or sexual orientation. And what about the kids whose bio parents failed them and the coupled gays are raising them?

    Come on guys, this isn’t too tough.

    Confidential to Wolfson: speech therapy.

  7. seito says

    Wolfson did a good job. He packed a lot into a short amount of time. This Sprigg fool just kept pounding the drum “the government has to enforce the law.” Kudos to the social media status update that sets the tone against Sprigg. The argument would have been helped if someone mentioned that the DOJ not defending a law on the books is not new.

  8. JKM says

    @Lavender Lounge — A little self loathing is an ugly thing. Both are intelligent men who stepped forward to do their best representing our community. Instead of proving that you are yet another vicious queen denigrating one of our own you should hush your mouth and follow their lead. At least they are brave enough to put themselves forward, I don’t see you.

  9. hank says

    Shame on MSNBC for repeatedly giving a platform to someone who has called for the extermination of gays. You really can’t debate that sort of mentality.

  10. FunMe says

    Ah, LL seems to be projecting. What’s a matter, stiiiiiiiiiil having a hard time getting your top? :-)

  11. lookyloo says

    Why do they go to a group who hates/demeans/finds gays as ‘less than’ to discuss this situation..?

    Would they get a KKK Grand Wizard to be on ‘the other side’ of a discussion on racism..?

  12. Jeffrey Dunivant says

    The Republicans will loose their argument big time with the uprising in Wisconsin, Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, and Florida. People have gotten wise to the Republican tactics. If we band together and defeat the Republicans at their own game; including gay marriage. After the recalls are settled…onto recalling the Republican Governor’s, 2012 will be a very good year for the Democrats; trust that!