Statement: Target ‘Surprised and Disappointed’ Lady Gaga Nixed Deal


Target Corp. has released a statement regarding Lady Gaga's dissolution of their deal over the company's LGBT rights policies.

Said the company in a statement:

“We were very surprised and disappointed by the statements made by Lady Gaga’s organization related to her partnership with Target. Target remains committed to the LGBT community as demonstrated by our contributions to various LGBT organizations, our recently established Policy Committee to review our political giving and our respectful, inclusive workplace environment.”

In an interview last month, Target spokesman Jessica Carlson told the Washington Blade that Target had “a long history” of supporting the LGBT community through political giving, volunteerism and event sponsorship. "For example, Carlson said the retail chain donated to Project 515, a Minnesota LGBT group, and this year saw many team members volunteer at Creating Change, an LGBT rights conference hosted by the National Gay & Lesbian Task Force."

Dustee Tucker Jenkins, a Target exec, told Billboard "that the company would be 'more thoughtful' in its future contributions, but did not disavow its past support of candidates that oppose gay marriage."


  1. Rowan says

    What exactly went down? Gay blogs are not being investigative enough and just rehashing statements.

    What has changed now? She works only with gay people-we know that-and had gone through with the deal regardless. So what has changed?

    I can’t imagine any of her gay crew have grown any sort of ethical conscious when they all about the benjamins, looking faaaboulus and style over substance.

  2. Mike says

    You stupid, bitchy, queens…TARGET is the one you should be pissed at NOT Lady Gaga! Once again, she is sticking her neck out for us and these comments really piss me off! I’m sure this cost her a bunch of money too. Hang in there Gaga. I won’t be shopping Target any time soon…

  3. Pete n SFO says

    It’s simple, Target wants all the bigots and all the homos as customers… they’ve put themselves in a corner.

    Bottom line; if you support people that want to legislate others as ‘less-than’ people are going to be pissed. Not that complicated, even for Mgmt-types, of which I am one.

    Gaga, is principled & vocal. Appreciate, every g’damned day. For a long time we’ve had allies of convenience only. CLUE-phone… it’s for YOU!!!

  4. Wes says

    Who knows what changed, hell maybe she knew the whole time she would play them. This has just raised Target’s anti-gay activities into the spotlight even more. I think its great.

  5. Chriss says

    take gay money and give it to homo haters annonymous…that’s what happens every time you shop at Target

  6. InTristin says

    Target gives far more time and money to LGBT causes then it dose bigoted candidates. They already explained that the donations were to support business interests and not social policy.

    I think the gay community really needs to learn to pick their battles wisely. There are real bigots out there that are actively trying to wipe us out and were harassing a company that has long protected it’s gay workers and gives millions to our charities?

  7. Rowan says

    Yeah your right INTRISTIN, Target is in our side. The anti-gay candidate that they paid nearly 100k and the fact that the investments for ant-gay candidates is quadruple the amount they give in pennies to LGBT companies, was all done for the good of gay people.

    The fact that intelligent people like Gaga and the rest of us, have this opinions means WE ARE the stupid ones, not you and a few gays(?) that are pro target?

    Yeah, we should really pick our battles.

    Bush did so much for humanity.

    Sarah Palin is pro equality.

    Newt Grinch is a good man.

    NOM is on our side, it’s just the gays spreading nasty timings and not being happy with writing up contracts between themselves to protect each other in a relationship.

    Yep, yep and yep. I’d love you on my side if I ever needed someone to stick up for me!

  8. amaezm says

    OK OK OK OK.

    Heres the deal. I actually work at Target HQ. Its a cool place, one person decided to do that contribution. Overall Target is a really great company with a lot of philanthropy towards education, glbt and community activisism. The corporate culture really promotes this. The minneapolis/st paul pride festival could almost be called the Target gay pride festival since they give shitloads of money to it every year.

    So cut them some slack…what are you going to buy toilet paper at walmart? HELL NO!

  9. Sean says

    No, but I’ll buy toilet paper at Costco.

    And you’re misstating facts, amaezm — it’s not just one person giving money to conservative causes, it’s most of the highest level executives.

  10. Mrs. Sippi says

    Amaezm– how can you be on the inside and so incompletely informed? What about gifts to Yes on 8 to LITERALLY end my marriage and the marriage opportunity for thousands upon thousands. What about Target’s strategic choice to not say it was wrong but that they have re-evaluated their policies. It is time to be more aggressive. You might want to cut the man some slack because they are “rainbow washing” with other donations but being an apologist for people who refuse to honor my humanity means we are not allies. Onward!

  11. says


    Corporate contributions to politicians are ALWAYS made by one person (or group of persons)… the CEO makes the decisions regarding what direction the corporation’s giving will go. And honestly, it’s not that they gave to Republicans… EVERY company gives money to Republicans. It’s that they gave LOTS of money to THAT Republican. Mr. Emmer was clearly in support of radical social policies aimed directly at our lives as GLBT people. He even supported with a public donation a group that publicly advocated the EXECUTION of gay people. I don’t care how you spin it, there’s just absolutely no excuse for that.

    Political donations go far beyond charitable giving efforts, because those politicians supported by the organization will be empowered to make laws that affect every single one of us. So it doesn’t really matter whether there are local donations to GLBT organizations, or lots of cool GLBT people working at HQ, or decent benefits for GLBT employees. That’s nice for the people who work there, but it’s of absolutely no consequence for the vast majority of us who don’t. And I’m quite tired of hearing GLBT people try to make excuses for Target’s political activities.

    I haven’t shopped at Target since the Emmer donation became public, and I don’t plan to. Funny thing… you can get cheap crap and toilet paper at lots of places… places that don’t actively support right wing bullies.

  12. SFshawn says

    I’ll get my toilet paper at Trader Joes which actually cares about gay people and the environment at the same time. It’s really not worth spending my hard earned money at greedy,homohating,anti-equality businesses such as Target since their corporate actions reveal their true intentions towards gay employees and gay customers-you don’t deserve equality but we love your $$$$$$.
    There is a reason San Francisco doesn’t have a Target in the City.

  13. latebrosus says

    Just because a politician has a pro-business stance doesn’t mean s/he has to be socially conservative as well. Seriously. You’re anti-taxes, so you’re anti-gay? That doesn’t correlate.

    I have to admit, that works the other way around: you can be pro-gay, and pro-business, which is Target’s line. But does Target have to donate money to someone with unfortunate baggage? In Emmer’s case, the baggage was pretty egregious.

  14. Bryan says

    This is really fascinating… Watching the usual neocon spin react to the bleeding edge. They’ve repeated the same lies so often they’ve come to believe them and are sincerely baffled when anyone else doesn’t do the same.

  15. anthony says

    Good for GaGa for standing up for her beliefs despite the potential for lots of $$$. Sadly, gay entertainers like Elton John (playing a private concert for Rush Limbaugh for $$$$) and Ricky Martin (hooking up with Target earlier this year)don’t have any principles.

  16. D. says

    So Amaezm, what about Target’s lawsuit trying to stop people from getting signatures in support of gay marriage outside Target? Target specifically mentioned fear that Target customers will think they support gay marriage as a reason for trying to trample on the group’s free speech rights.

  17. SFshawn says

    Target has been trying for YEARS to get into this city with ZERO success.
    Now with all this recent publicity both with Gaga and the petition signing controversy Targets actions do not match their words(shocker). Targets sweatshop crap in addition to their anti-gay actions will make it that much more difficult to get a foothold in the city. I hope their stock continues to plunge.

  18. peterfriend says

    If target is so gay positive, why’d they try to get a restraining order against pro-gay petitioners outside their stores?

  19. Zazu says

    1) She was well aware of Target’s donations beforehand, and would be crazy to think she could actually affect change.
    2) They both signed a legally binding contract that only Target could dissolve.
    3) This girl refused to say anything negative about Dior’s designer Galliano’s “I love Hitler” comments……she cares nothing about human rights, she is a shill in a business cesspool.
    4) Win/win publicity for both. Now she can come out and say she “broke the contract for the gays”. The conservative shareholders of Target can breathe easily.

  20. Jay says

    @Zazu–Thank you. This is ALL about publicity. And you know why? Because “Born this way” is flopping. It’s already been knocked off the #1 spot by Jennifer Lopez. And that dumb song got a lot of well-deserved criticism for being a blatant attempt to pander to the gay community.

    Germanotta’s PR team probably held a meeting last week to discuss how to re-endear her to the gay community, and remind them how much she loves them, and get the pink dollar. Their plan? Cancel the Target deal so Germanotta could “take a principled stand.”

    Never mind that Germanotta made her deal with Target knowing full well that Target gave money to anti-gay causes, or that Target did uphold their end of the deal with her–they gave more money to gay charities, just as she asked. Germanotta knows the gays believe whatever her PR team tells them to believe, and don’t bother to analyze her actions.

  21. JOE 2 says

    Does anyone have a suggestion for an alternative to getting my meds at Target? The only other place that has $4.00 generics, as far as I know, is Wal-Mart, which is no great shakes in the human rights department either.

  22. Randy says

    As Target moves in to Canada, I know I will be avoiding it. They need to seriously improve their LGBT giving to counterbalance what they have done politically.

  23. SteveATL says

    Good for gaga and standing by her principles…ALL gaga haters are homophobes, that includes self hating homos who are gay adn can’t stand the sight of a pro gay artist. Period.

  24. SteveATL says

    Jay: Your homophobia in that comment was that of a Nazi. Pander to the gay community? You are living bacteria, you piece of homophobic dirt. LOL must suck for you to constantly be reminded of Gaga…because she’s hear to stay and is INDEED a vocal supporter of gay rights, something that really seems to disturb you. Oh well. To bad, so sad.