Glee’s Big Gay Kiss

Above, Darren Criss and Chris Colfer lock lips as Glee finally consummates its long-running Blaine and Kurt crush.


Colfer told Popwrap:

"I’m definitely glad we didn’t just throw someone in there as 'Kurt’s boyfriend' and call it a day. I love that it’s been a journey that they have shared and are still experiencing. It’s going to take a while for things to develop, just like it does in real life. I’m very happy with how they built the character and played up the discovery angle before putting them together."

Here's their duet, later in the show:


  1. Strepsi says

    My husband and I actually clutched each other and squealed like schoolgirls! It was romantic, passionate, and earned. Great episode.

    As well, I love how Ryan Murphy leaked that Kathy Griffin was playing Sarah Palin / Christine O’ Donnell, and all the conservative wrath was focused there pre-show…. and then he gave them a left hook with a romantic gay kiss! Well played, GLEE!

  2. candideinnc says

    It is cute and all. However, whoever wrote the saccharine bit about the dying canary as the impetus for Blaine to fall for Kurt needs some serious attention from a local mental health facility–utter tripe.

  3. Daniel says

    I’m really glad for the scene and the exposure, but am I the only one who things that these two just don’t go together? I’m not buying the chemistry. They just don’t seem like a couple that I would see in real life.

  4. bob says

    Colfer did such a great job making that face that you get when you’ve just been blown away by the most amazing kiss. I remember my first gay kiss like that and I remember feeling that everything in the world finally made sense. This reminded me of that. Thanks, Glee.

  5. Dallas says

    Yeh…it didn’t seem likely to me. The couple just doesn’t “fit” in my opinion. It did feel very real when Kurt was crushing on Blaine but I expected a twist with the boyfriend thing. Just don’t see them together.

    Oh well, I AM VERY excited about seeing a gay kiss handled so well on network tv. It was very sweet and I’m glad it happened.


  6. mike/ says

    i loved an earlier line in the show about “Blaine & the Pips”! it was getting to the point where Blaine was becoming a pain in the a**; it was always about Blaine, Blaine, Blaine! it made the kiss more important and real…

  7. NaughtyLola says

    I don’t buy the chemistry but I’m glad they stopped making Kurt an increasingly-boring sexless-lonely-heart trope.

    Also: finally they get a song (mostly) right. “Blackbird” is one of my favorite songs and was really well done. Glee needs to stop being the Lea Michelle Hour and start being a real ensemble show.

  8. NaughtyLola says

    @Candide, I don’t think it was the canary that kicked it through the goalpost, I think it was Kurt singing “Blackbird”. I’ve certainly had moments where someone I thought was just-OK displayed some talent (usually musical, generally singing or electric guitar) and suddenly became the most attractive person I’d ever seen (at least, until the next amazing singer or guitar player came along!)

  9. Roberto says

    BUT THEY ARE SISTERS….. They are both bottoms…. Blaine needs a late 20s 30someting boyfriend (me for example) and Kurt needs a Leather kinky nasty daddy. Its gay basics.

  10. james in toronto says

    Complaining about the coupling on Glee is crazy. Of course Brittany wouldn’t be with Artie, or Puck with Lauren… but this isn’t real life, this is Glee where we get to see how the world should be, not as it is. And that is the reason I am on the couch every Tuesday at 8pm crying, laughing and swooning with delight. The fact that the show is on Fox is the cherry on the sundae for me.

  11. Robbie says

    Yes I’m glad we had a gay kiss on a major television show between two young, talented characters. But…
    I just find it a little ridiculous that the guy who went out on a date with one of Kurt’s best girlfriends, compared Kurt to the person who threatened to kill him, told Kurt he looked like he had gas when he tried to be “sexy” all of a sudden “saw the light” when Kurt sung about a dead bird. Blaine then compared the bird’s funeral to that of Kurt’s mother’s. There’s something more to Blaine that’s making me like him less and less each time we see him hogging up the screen.
    I’m hoping that this relationship will be short term so Kurt can get a little experience in the dating field before he meets someone who respects and loves him as the diva he is and not this suppressed version in a hideous uniform.

  12. Justin says

    @Robbie I couldn’t aggree more!
    And there were no chemistry between them. I’m almost sure Blaine is just a stepping stone for Kurt. When they’ll break up, Kurt’s gonna find the real love.

  13. anon says

    I guess this is a step up from Degrassi Jr High stuff, otherwise the audience has to fill in all the emotional blanks themselves. Hopefully a couple of gay suicides will be averted this week.

  14. says

    For those of you unhappy that Blaine and Kurt not matching up I can’t tell you how many times I’ve met the spouse (gay or otherwise) of someone I know and have to take a step back mentally asking “what is he doing with THAT guy?” I have a very good (working) friend I’ve known for the last ten years, love her dearly, but met her husband a few months back. He is the first spouse I’ve ever met that made me ask “Why is he with her?” instead of “Why is she with him?” He is incredibly handsome and he adores her.

    As for the kiss, it was very well done. Actually fabulous, especially because of Darren’s (Blain’s) acting (he really can act, we know he is straight and most straight guys COULD NOT pull that kind of kiss off so well), but also Kurt’s hand coming up to his face was wonderful, his surprise and adoration for Blaine (he is now obviously very in love with the guy and it seems to be mutual, THANK GOD!) and then to follow it with a second kiss leaving the viewer to believe they continued to make out. Of course, you and I know if that were us we’d have stripped each other naked (ok, maybe that’s just me???) but it was very well done.

    I know I’ve said my husband was straight before we met and it was very hard for him to tell me he had feelings for me, that he liked me, that he was in love with me. But it was much the same type of moment. I said it to him first and it scared the bageebees out of him. We didn’t talk for three days but he broke the ice and we went out to eat and it was on the way home that he confessed he wanted more but didn’t know how to go about it.

    Today, of course, we are married six years and I love him more now and wouldn’t want to go through life without him. Ever.

  15. Bobby says

    It was a beautiful kiss and a wonderful story last night. Glee is doing positive things for gay teens that no other advocate can or will do.

  16. Bob says

    I know this has a devoted fan base, but looking at the clip made me happy that I have not owned a television in over 20 years.

  17. Charlie says

    Like other I don’t buy the chemistry between Kurt and Blaine. But this is a very welcome development because of the interesting story lines it opens. The far more interesting story line to me has been the relationship between Kurt and his dad. It would be quite interesting to see how the father would handle his son not being a virgin. And a gay kiss doesn’t break much new ground in TV land. Having to deal with his son having sex would be new territory. And that would really blow a fuse in Anti-Gay Inc. And the fact that that they do not make a good match could be quite interesting. If they weren’t the perfect little poster children for gay marriage would be a interesting.

  18. Bosie says

    finally reminding some old queens what it is to fall in love before you lay down.

    It was beautiful, I’m sure a kid somewhere in the deep south saw this and has hopes to go to a place where HE TOO can find love and be accepted….Well, done Glee.


  19. Jeff S says

    it was a good episode. i’ll watch it again. can’t say that about all of the episodes. musically, not the best.

  20. TANK says

    Funny how the fucktards of this nation will NEVER boycott FOX for promoting a homosexual lifestyle amongst our youth.

  21. Ty says

    I’m looking forward to seeing what happens next :-) I was getting tired of the impossible-romance story, and so I’m glad that this show is finally going somewhere interesting with their gay characters. The suffering/languishing teen thing was getting old, and so I’m glad there’s something new afoot.

  22. Lazycrockett says

    Wow its nice to see a site bout gLee that isn’t over run by 13 year old girls squeeing everywhere.

  23. Sean R says

    I thought the episode was a hilarious satire on those pop idol types writing their own music, some “songs” were cring-makingly good as camp goes.

    On the Kurt/Blaine kiss, mewh! I think they’d just end up bumping pussy and knitting like Sal on Ad Men. I wanted to see a bit of something something with Karofsky… oh, maybe its not that sort of show ;-> Yet!

  24. MichaelJ says

    I thought Darren Cross’s acting made the kiss scene work, though I too don’t find the relationship between Kurt and Blaine believable. The problem with “Glee” is that it can’t decide whether it wants to be a teen soap opera, with realistic plotlines, characters and concerns, or to be a absurd fantasy of everything, so it doesn’t do either very well. (Those of you who read Salon know that I am basically repeating what its tv critic wrote last week, but I think his criticsm is spot on.)

  25. Carlyloo says

    Why do you all keep saying you don’t see a relationship between these two as believable? They are both slightly nerdy glee club kids. Its not like one of them is some completely studly jock who could have anyone he wants. Kurt is lovely, smart, funny… and Blaine is a relatively attractive guy who has a somewhat inflated ego due to the worship he gets from the Warblers. They seem well suited to me. As to the chemistry- none of the couples on Glee seem to have much chemistry in my opinion. It isn’t really that sort of show. Also, I can second the people don’t always end up with who you think they will point. My partner and I have very little in common and it surprises people we have been together for almost twenty years.

  26. Marie says

    It was, for this hetero, an undeniably very hot kiss. Now whether I think these two are MFEO is another story. Methinks it’s all a bit too convenient. But nevertheless a very good time and so happy for Kurt.

  27. J says


    I can’t believe I got to see this!!!


    I love it! I love it! I love it!!!!!!!!!

    I feel so like ooooohhhh!!!!! That kiss!!!! It’s soooo…I mean seeing how Blain like “takes” him with that kiss!!!! I WANT THAT!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Yuki says

    I don’t buy the romance because Blaine never was even interested in Kurt; he even had said it himself, and it seemed like after the Gap incident, they’d decided to stay just friends.

    That, and it feels to me like “FIRST GAY GUYS LET’S PAIR THEM” rather than an actual pairing that would work.

  29. Helio says

    this was great. It wasn’t specificly a gay kiss, it was just a kiss between two teenagers. It would be good if, in a couple of years, this wasn’t newsworthy:-).

  30. NaughtyLola says

    @Yuki, so do you buy the romance between Puck & Lauren or Brittany & Artie?

    Its a TV show, its a fantasy, none of the pairings ‘make sense’ or would happen in real life. Just roll with it, son, and let poor Kurt finally get a little somethin’-something’. I think he’s the only main character left who hasn’t gotten a leg over.

  31. DTW says

    Love, in any form, is a wonderful thing to experience.

    Congratulations to all who are able to appreciate the spark of magic that was demonstrated so well on Glee. For those that couldn’t appreciate it, I hope you have that opportunity some day. It truly is the best part of life and something you will go over again and again and again in your mind. Wonderful!

  32. nomadic says

    I don’t agree with the people who think they are not a match. It was obvious that character was smitten with Kurt from the first time they appeared together on screen. The part was written that way. It’s a fairy tale.

    Running hand-in-hand in slow motion to romantic music, “Teenage Dream”, “Baby It’s Cold Outside”. The GAP episode, the kiss with Rachel, and everything else were written with destiny in mind. Even “what’s with the weird faces, Kurt” was endearing, because as Blaine said in the end, “I think it’s adorable. I think YOU’RE adorable”.

    To me the point of the Blackbird scene was Blaine’s realization that he had been in love with Kurt all along. Internally the character knew this (doe eyes, swooning faces), but externally he wasn’t there yet. That’s what the line “There is a moment when you say to yourself ‘Oh, there you are. I’ve been looking for you forever’ ” was all about. It had been right in front of him all along. Well, that’s my take on it anyway. It may not be real life, but that’s the fairy tale part.

  33. David G Ragsdale says

    Shaky chemistry between Kurt and Blaine? Maybe….But like the Grinch before me, my old husk of a heart shed some of its frost when I saw this show.

  34. Disgusted says

    Get this utter crap off the air. Shoving the homo agenda down everyone’s throats, like it’s “o.k.” and “natural” and “acceptable” is just soooooooo wrong!!! FFS you perverted deviants should really give your heads a shake.