Towleroad Guide to the Tube #859

HOWARD STERN: Rips Victoria Jackson.

ANGRY BIRDS: A hypothetical trailer for a Michael Bay film.

CHRISTIAN CHAVEZ: "Libertad" music video from out Mexican pop star Chavez (en Español).

REBECCA BLACK: Ottawa Senators fans offer a lipdub to the arena.

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  1. Chadd says

    I listened to Howard Stern for years and I would never have imagined that he would step up to be a strong ally for the LGBT community in terms of supporting equal rights. I am so pleased that he is taking such a strong and logical stand on all equality topics. This is very encouraging.

    Really, what I am most pleased about is not that another straight celebrity is standing up for equality, but that this particular celebrity, Howard Stern, has a huge following of young, straight men. If his words can influence the minds of his listeners and let them know that it is ok to be straight and to support equality for the gay community, that is a HUGE win. I love the support that we get from Kathy Griffin, Cher, Cindi Lauper, etc, but having someone like Howard Stern on our side is incredible in the way that it can influence someone who might be against us.

  2. rovex says

    Victoria Jackson screams of a woman who was a (sorry for the term) FagHag twhos advances got rejected by her gay friend and is now bitter and twisted about it.

  3. Tyron says

    Victoria Jackson is totally Irrelevant. She is no more important than the crazy old lady down the street and shouldn’t be given a platform to spew her polarizing hatred. Her career ended about 20 years ago when SNL decided not to renew her contract. Heck, she’s not even well known enough to land a Jenny Craig or Weight Watchers gig (and by the way Victoria gluttony is a sin too but you must have been absent the day they went over that in bible class). Just goes to prove that her SNL “ditzy dumb blonde” routine wasn’t an act at all – she was simply a ditzy dumb blonde who got lucky enough to land a job on a TV show.

  4. says

    Stern is that type of Liberal who thinks having the freedom and actively being rude and obnoxious is part of his ideology. For that reason, I’ve never liked the guy.
    But, God Bless him on this. I couldn’t stop shaking my head up and down affirmatively …

  5. Bryan says

    Howard Stern on Victoria Jackson…

    I’m telling you, Wilde made the ultimate comment on Western civilization: “The unspeakable in pursuit of the inedible.”