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    Rushing to judgement without thoroughly reviewing all options is how many Americans were duped by Bush’s lies into the Iraq war fiasco.

    “Strength and wisdom are not opposing virtues.” Bill Clinton

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    al jazera reports the Libyan foreign minister, has announced that the country had decided on a ceasefire

    “Mussa Kussa, the Libyan foreign secretary, said his government was interested in protecting all civilians and foreigners in a statement televised on Friday.
    “We decided on an immediate ceasefire and on an immediate stop to all military operations,” he said, adding “[Libya] takes great interest in protecting civilians”.

    Not 1 jet launched by the french, british, Us , or arab league yet and it appears the Un resolution is working

    Hillary clinton is now speaking/live press conference 10:40 EST

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    Hi, we’ve never met, and you know pretty much nothing about me. But I am a decent guy who will give you the benefit of the doubt and assume that you are capable of better than your sad attempt at snark might otherwise suggest.

    I think reasonable people can look at this situation and come to different conclusions without needing to be shitty about it. I’m glad we took time to review our options, but I also fear we cut it a little close. (Maybe too close to do any real good now.) Moreover, I don’t think your comparison to Iraq is necessarily a very good one, as these are vastly different circumstances.

    Or, I could be totally wrong.

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