Watch: Rabid Anti-Gay Wingnut Bob Vander Plaats Attacks Equality on Steps of Iowa Capitol

And here’s the bigot crowd arriving. It’s amazing that all these people chose to spend their day working on taking rights away from people:

Here’s Pastor Cary Gordon:

And finally, former Alabama Supreme Court Justice Roy Moore:


  1. Emmanuel Carrillo says

    Hey, Mr. Crazy, gay people are asking to be able to pay a fee in order to buy the same rights and benefits and legal responsibilities as straight couples. Simply put: gays want to be able to pay for a bunch of rights (what people are essentially doing when they get married)—just like straight couples can. They are not trying to force you to approve of their relationships. Like straight couples, gay couples don’t need the government or other people to say their relationship is real for them to know it is. What gay couples are asking for is equal access to government rights and benefits, NOT religious ones.

  2. Alex says

    This guy was my Accounting teacher waaaay back in high school. He was an idiot then and he’s still an idiot now. Sigh some things never change…..tool….

  3. AL says

    it makes me smile that the new church that Pastor Gordon built is going to be sold at a sherriff’s sale in a few weeks because he failed to pay the contractors.

  4. Feinstein has a hairy cooter says

    Watch rabid anti-gay bigot and Prop 8 supporter Rick Warren give the invokation at Obama’s inauguration:

    Faggots who point fingers at SOME bigots but blindly and uncritically support OTHER bigots are tools.

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