1. Joey says

    I actually like this song more than a lot of her others. It has an Evanescence feel to it.

  2. AJ says

    Wow! Impressive! Not my fave of her songs but the video is eye-popping. I think Gaga set the bar pretty high and this is one example of someone putting up a good and interesting fight, video-wise. Nice little shock at the end too. Loved it!

  3. Hollywood, CA says

    Song – 3 Stars.
    Video – 3 1/2 Stars.

    They used a clip of a Fox wasting away in time lapse that I am sure was used in the opening of TRUE BLOOD. Kanye’s bit seemed removed form the video and really didn’t connect with Katy’s storyline. I did really enjoy the albino African-American guy at the end, he was beautiful.

    Not a fan of using clips from movies or docs. And also, the alien creature with the long neck looked a lot like the Kaminoans from the Star Wars franchise. (boo)

  4. SKOC211 says

    So she floats in space in weird outfits for three minutes and then she brings back Wall-E? Who morphs into an albino black man? And then she turns out to be some type of female Pan?


    I kind of like the song but I was really hoping for some fun, sexy, tongue in cheek take on ET.

  5. redball says

    @AJ: Couldn’t agree more. Seems like Katy has stepped her game up and the results were quite stunning here!

    I predict that this song will be featured in previews and soundtracks for many future shows & movies that deal with alien or superhero + romance themes. To me, it’s just that kind of rousing song. Katy’s gonna be makin bank off that.

  6. yonkersconquers says

    Now this is what a phony ally looks like: sorry but Gaga is 100 times the activist and friend of the community and her music is better.

  7. Paul says

    Have to agree with SKOC211. This is my favorite song off the album but this vid is lame. Oh, and why was Kanye in it? Awful.

  8. Stephen says

    Agreed @Younkersconquers. The music video is stunning in certain aspects. It also doesn’t make any sense a lot of the time however. I think credit should be given where credit is due. In this case, the credit should be given to the fantastic visual effects created by the producers and the director, Floria Sigismondi. The talent here is Floria’s. There is something to be said for an artist like Lady Gaga who is the creator of her work versus someone who just stars in other artists’ work.

  9. says

    The video (minus Kanye’s superfluous bits) is quite Bjork-esque, I think. People will shoot that down, but if it was Bjork releasing that video they would be saying it’s great.

  10. Canalien says

    I like it – reminds me of a beautiful angel falling…falling from the heavens, falling in love & the birth of a new generation!

    …love can conquer All…

  11. redball says

    OMFG, guys!

    @3:53. HIT THE PAUSE BUTTON. I think there is a (very) quick frame of one monkey receiving fellatio from another.

    I don’t know much about Youtube policies…but if this frame had been super obvious, would it have been banned/pulled from Youtube? Hilarious!

    I wonder how many ppl have even noticed it…I am up late and was idly pausing the quick frames to see WTH Katy was putting into her video.

  12. cooks says

    I won’t even watch this. I’ve been submitted to enough of the rest of her music and videos to know better. Harrumph!

    No seriously, she’s a terrible artist and the fact that her work is submitted to this site as newsworthy without comment is a damn shame.

    *Can I bring up posting the Scissor Sister’s “Invisible Light” video as evidence? I am totally down with the music posts, but for gods’ sake, just embedding a video by a “big ally name” (including Gaga) is lazy like the videos posted. Stick with the music posts, don’t regurgitate this stuff at me. What, you get money from Warner from this?

  13. Matthew says

    When I watch this, all I see is Katy Perry trying to capitalize on weirdness like Lady Gaga, but failing. I’m going to sound like a Gaga fanboy here, but as someone already pointed out, it makes a big difference when you have a bigger hand in the creation of the art. I would call Lady Gaga an artist; Katy Perry is a singer.

  14. Joe says

    The video is visually amazing, it truly shows how far katy perry come as an artist. First off the song is only about alien sex so you can’t blame the video having no story. That’s why the art direction and visual design qualities in the video make up for it. The video defiantly matches the new wave of futuristic/electronic music as well. The video also gave me a spark of curiosity about outerspace which I think is what allot of songs are trying to do now a days. Over all the video is unique which makes it more memrable than the typical music video. Most everyday people probably expected some sappy sexy love music video but that’s not the point of the song at all. The point of the song is, why are we still alone?

  15. T says


    You’re partially correct with a slight mistake in terminology. That would be anal sex not fellatio.