West Hollywood to Name Street After Elizabeth Taylor?


Certainly a worthy idea:

According to Michelle Rex, interim deputy for Councilman John D'Amico, West Hollywood residents have been calling and writing City Hall, making that very suggestion.

Rex says there has yet to be a formal discussion about the proposal among city leaders, but the public's call for an Elizabeth Taylor Way is certainly legitimate.

Local HIV/AIDS activists told L.A. Weekly that Taylor was a major, early force in raising money and awareness to combat the deadly disease that was killing thousands and thousands of gay men.


  1. Robert In WeHo says

    I think it’s a good idea. Only hitch that I can foresee is which street will they rename? So many of the street names in WeHo already have historical significance that picking a street to rename for Ms. Taylor could potentially slight another historical figure for whom the street is already named. I think they should do it, I’m just not sure where to do it so that it honors her properly…

  2. Rob says

    I propose the block of Robertson between SM Blvd and Melrose – where some of her favorite haunts (Abbey, Here, et al) are currently located. It also happens to have the Hollywood Foreign Press offices located there. Very fitting, I believe.

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