1. reality 101 says

    Nope they met 3 years later! WIKI –

    Cervenka met Viggo Mortensen in 1986 on the set of the comedy Salvation!, a parody of televangelism. Mortensen played her husband, Jerome. They married on July 8, 1987. On January 28, 1988, Cervenka gave birth to her only child, Henry Blake Mortensen. Mortensen and Cervenka separated in 1992, and were divorced in 1997.

  2. Terrance says

    1983?!?! Nineteen Eighty-Three…????!!??! Christ It could have been 2003..!

    The man ages EXTREMELY well (if you can call that aging!)…!
    Ahhh, I get it…. He’s an immortal, who was turned in 1983, shortly after this picture shoot…!

    Wait till you (or your grandkids) see him in 2083…!

  3. Rick says

    @Pete Amen. Where in the world did the idea come from that unnatural-looking totally hairless bodies are sexy?

    I don’t necessarily care for bears, either, but a moderate amount of body hair makes a guy a lot more attractive than either extreme, in my opinion.

    Even worse, those hairless bodies have now been adorned with tattoos…..which make them even more artificial and plastic-looking and just plain ugly….

    I am glad none of this crap existed when I came out and was in my prime in the 70’s and 80’s…..

  4. K says

    Mmmm. No reason necessary. Delightful.

    If you haven’t done so already, do yourself a favor and rent A History Of Violence. Brilliantly acted and hauntingly beautiful. Plus, Viggo has a couple shirtless scenes. Fair warning, guys – there is a heterosexual (gasp!) sex scene you can skip past. Trust me, the artistic directing and cinematography is worth it.

  5. mld says

    @pete, not all guys are naturally very hairy, and certainly not everyone is into hairy guys. i would go so far to say that the majority of nationalities are significantly more hairless than this, most latin america, asian, africa and northern europe are pretty low on the hairy body scale. and so long as the guys who prefer less hair are spending more money than the others, the market will continue to deliver, at least percentage wise.

    while i appreciate those who appreciate other things, its bizarre for people to criticize someone elses body hair or body hair preference.

  6. KevInPDX says

    Nice :)
    Please do more random hunky blasts from the past. Like maybe Carey Grant and Randolph Scott in their swimmin’ trunks at the beach house they shared during the 1930’s. I found them on line once and now I can’t seem to locate anything w/them together :(

  7. peterparker says

    @ “K” and any other Viggo Mortensen fans: the movie you need to rent is “Eastern Promises”. In that movie, he has a fight scene that occurs in a sauna. It seems to go on for about 5 whole minutes and he is naked, naked, naked the entire time. You get to see every perfect inch of this hot man’s body!

  8. MarkyMark says

    To really see Viggo in action in his prime, try to find a copy of the truly terrible 1988 supernatural horror-flick “Prison”. There are numerous scenes where he appears shirtless and untrimmed, scenes where he’s wearing white underwear only, and a waist-up scene where he’s taking a shower. He is just unbelievably hot, one of the most amazing guys ever put on film. I have a UK Region 2 PAL DVD; a DVD is not available in North America so far as I know.

    Unfortunately, he usually appears heavily trimmed, or shaved. He also briefly goes full-frontal in “The Indian Runner” (1991) and of course notoriously in “Eastern Promises” (2007) which I personally find pretty revolting.

  9. Carlos says

    As hot as these pics are, there is nothing hotter than hearing Viggo Mortensen speak Spanish with a (porteno) Buenos Aries’ accent. It’s on youtube for those who want to revel in it.

  10. Eenz says

    I would walk barefoot over broken glass for this man. He is complete and utter perfection–hot as well as an eloquent intellectual. I will make him Irish: O’Viggo.

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