1. Ian says

    Short of the nice body, there is something about his face that is just wrong. He almost looks like he has Downs Sydrome sometimes. The eyes, eyebrows, and facial expressions somehow always make him look like an evil d*ckhead…its interesting to find out that it’s just not me that thinks that. Seems like many are over this guy, not sure why either.

  2. Rovex says

    Hes kind of like Pierre Fitch (the porn guy). He just looks ‘wrong’ a bit.. you know.. slow.

    His acting suits Twilight, because its shallow meaningless rubbish with nothing but boring unconvincing angst. There is no real need to move your face, which is why Kristen Stewart was well cast. We will see if he can pull off a real acting job.

  3. BartB says

    Haven’t we seen this all before with adults in the lead role? Bourne-lite. Taylor has the bland good looks of a million suburban high school students and a thin, flat almost-lispy voice that doesn’t lend itself well to action/drama (“Not if I find you first,” should create fear in whoever is hearing it, like Liam Neeson’s phone speech in TAKEN. This was as flat as anything else that comes out of his mouth, and from this preview they don’t even put the camera on Launter’s face. Really? Were those takes that weak???) There never seems to be anything going on behind the eyes. Everything he does in this preview — like in the Twilight movies — seems directed rather than felt.

    Maybe tweener girls and guys who will see literally any action movie will rush out to see this but I can’t imagine even renting this movie (ewww, look they tricked the spy organization by hiding behind balloons. I mean, really?!???) And BTW, EVERY teenager feels alien, like they don’t belong to the family they are in, that there’s something they don’t understand about themselves. None are super-spies, they’re just teenagers.

  4. Rovex says

    I didn’t say he looks like Pierre, i said hes like Pierre, in that both look, ok ill say it retarded..

    Brent looks similar to Taylor, but doesn’t have ‘that’ look. And yes Brent is a better actor as well, 5000 times the personality.

  5. just_a_guy says

    I would totally watch with friends as an indulgence movie.

    @Steve & Ian: RU nuts? Racist?? I mean, the kid’s face is pretty. Not like, rawr sexy pretty. But like, umm, he’s still way too young pretty, but imagine him in 5 years, f’yeah, haha.

    Really, though, I don’t mind the I’m different-in-some-strange-way but oh yeah, I’m straight, movies. It’s light fair. Be amused. Like reading Harry Potter, man, but with less subtlety.

  6. tim says

    Wow, you guyz dislike him so, I thought the trailer was sort of exciting. I like lots of action and fast movement. Look me in the eye and tell me if he were in your room now, you would not tear into him!
    So he is a werewolf and shallow, that’s what he gets paid to be. He is developing his skills and talent. Not everyone starts out as James Dean.

  7. Rovex says

    The problem is he is little more than a manufactured pop star of movies. We are told he is a star and to accept him as such. I say F you Hollywood. Ill decide for myself if he is a star or not or just a torso with a butterface that was in the worst vampire film of all time.

  8. jamal49 says

    Whew! Tough crowd here today all this hatin’ on Taylor. Hey, give the kid a chance. His career is just starting. Interesting that after Twilight and Valentine’s Day, he’s now going to do an action film. I wish him the best. Too bad 99% of the qveens here are so spiteful. Y’all wish you could be doing what TL is doing. Probably why y’all are sittin’ at your pc’s being bitchy. Grow up, girls.

  9. El-Brucio says

    Wow. The last time I saw this level of hate was from a bunch of mean fat people talking about how they disagreed with Hollywood’s definition of “pretty”.

    I could understand people saying that his previous roles haven’t had a lot of depth and he might not be ready to anchor a film on his own.

    But a lot of the other comments just seem petty.

  10. Paul R says

    I find him hot, face and body, so I guess I’m in the minority here. No I don’t think he’s a great actor; no one does. I do think there’s a fair chance he’s gay.

    I laughed when I saw him ride a motorcycle to high school. Maybe things have changed, but I don’t know how anyone whose parents would let them ride one under the age of 18. Maybe in some rural areas, but even then…

  11. Jexer says

    It’s like they just threw other movies into a blender… bourne identity, wanted, the fugitive, spy kids and god knows what else.

    “Not if I find you first?” Oh come on.

  12. Brix says

    While he is 5 minutes past being a minor, he’s still a child, so it’s kind of disgusting the way he’s being whored out as a sex symbol. The face would be okay IF he got that gross nose fixed. When I look at him all I can see is that nose. I’ve seen better noses on retired Philippino bare fist boxers.

  13. natalie says

    Even though i think taylor is adorable, this movie looks soooo horrible. And yes it will make some money from all the girls who still think he will be their husband one day (LMFAO). As for the gay rumors, he does seem a bit on the fruity side. OK maybe a lot fruity.

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