1. kode says

    Pretty weak on all counts. The homosexual undertones might not even be there, because basically it’s all about two peacock males fighting who’s the baddest.

    Of course it’s always nice to see something different than the sanitized Disney-pop, but I’m afraid the video was a bit amateurish and naive without a good idea.

    And personally I’m not the biggest fan of Daft Punk even though I like electronic music quite a lot.

  2. Hollywood, CA says

    That was different. Nice to see something fresh and new thrown in there vers. the over studio produced garbage that seems to be the norm. (I’m not saying Brit Brit’s new video, but I’m just sayin’).

    It’s like the old Atlas, stop getting sand kicked in your face and bulk up ads, with a twist of I want to see your peen thrown in. Venice looks great, and both the guys had something going on… good job, EH!

  3. Pierce_mn says

    I sure wish he’d stop shaving his chest. He has a gorgeously hairy chest, which was on display with the rest of his naked body in Into the Wild.

  4. Derek Pearce says

    That is one of my fave Daft Punk tracks. Every song doesn’t have to be about pretty little melodies, boys. It’s about base and rhythm, period. It’s a work of art really. One of my best clubbing memories is from over 10 years ago, dancing like mad to this track at 5am high as a kite with my friends.

    The video was ok– cute boys showing off etc. But this track deserves something more epic!

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