Arizona Governor Jan Brewer Signs Law Giving Married Couples Priority Consideration Over Gays in Adopting Children


Arizona Governor Jan Brewer gave her signature to an anti-gay adoption bill Monday, the Phoenix New Times reports:

The new law doesn't necessarily say homosexuals can't adopt kids — but it states that Arizona would prefer that married couples be given higher consideration for adoptions than non-married people, if all other factors are equal.

In other words, since homosexuals aren't allowed to tie the knot in Arizona — yet — they would lose out to heterosexual married couples every time.

"Arizona desperately needed Governor Brewer to demonstrate real leadership today. Instead, we were given another bad law enacted out of political allegiance rather than what's best for Arizona and Arizona's children," Equality Arizona Chairman Tom Mann says. "Experienced child health and social service authorities, not politicians, should make adoption decisions."

The Arizona Republic adds

The bill applies to both state and private adoption agencies. Previously, only Utah has a law requiring priority for married couples, though several other states have bans on adoptions by same-sex couples or by unmarried couples.

Conservative groups and other supporters of the measure said children should have every opportunity to grow up in a household with a mom and dad. But critics said the bill will discourage singles from considering adoption in Arizona. About one-third of the foster children in Arizona are adopted by an unmarried person.

Did God tell her to do it again?

UPDATE: Brewer vetoes 'birther' bill and campus gun bill.