1. T says

    That tired argument is so inane. You can get all the vitamin D you need from vit. D3 pills, but I don’t see him badmouthing going outside even though sunlight causes cancer. You can eat without having grilled foods, but he doesn’t badmouth backyard grills even though they cause cancer too. There are so many things. How about childbirthing in the past and in developing countries? It posed/poses a high risk of fatality. Does he think people in the past should have limited childbirth? Does he think these developing countries should start anti-childbirth campaigns? Such hypocrisy.

  2. says

    How many wars have been fought over homosexuality?

    How many wars have been fought over religion?

    Which one is a Humanity health risk?

  3. tjc says

    I wonder if he’s okay with all his women-folk goin’ lesbo since that group has the lowest incidence of HIV/AIDS as well as other STD’s. There are some increases in breast and other cancers, but minimally compared to the point he’s concerned with.

    So if his true motives are public health, lesbians are the best option, with celibacy for all the men-folk.

    If money is his concern, childbirth is extremely complex and VERY expensive, as well as posing a great risk for the life of the mother.

  4. Robertri says

    Uncontrolled human heterosexuality is what actually poses the biggest risk to life on Earth and its ecosystem, and the future welfare of humanity.

  5. frank says

    Then logic would dictate that establishing long term relationships should reduce any health risks. Oh, but they are against that. So, what is the unspoken alternative? Why they want us all dead, of course.

  6. TampaZeke says

    Gays, JUST LIKE STRAIGHTS, with low self esteem, self-hatred and a sense of not belonging within their families, society, culture and/or faith communities have unhealthy lifestyles and represent a public health risk.

    If Mr. Vander Plaats and the rest of his ilk were honest they would admit that they have dedicated their lives to ensuring that gays are guaranteed a life of low self-esteem, self-hatred and a sense of not belonging within their families, society, culture and/or faith communities.

    This is why so many of the leaders of these rabidly anti-gay groups end up being exposed as hypocritical self-hating, low self-esteem, closeted gays who don’t feel that they belong within their families, society, culture and/or faith communities.

    Their entire crusade is based on perpetuating a self-fulfilling prophesy.

  7. AllBeefPatty says

    That guy comes across as someone who has been molested and is looking for retribution.

    It is rather sad that many people found him capable of performing a leadership role because he is a very ignorant man.

    People get the government they deserve.

  8. says

    Can someone please explain to these people that being gay doesn’t mean that you spend all your time in back rooms sucking cock and taking loads in the hole?

    Many of the gay men I know are in settled, monogamous couples living in the burbs and are just as vanilla and boring as June and Ward Cleaver.

    And I also work with a lot of younger straight men who spend most of their time smoking pot and having sex with whatever girl is available and willing, “condoms be damned, she’s on the pill”

    Honestly, it’s just baffling.

  9. Matthew says

    Being gay doesn’t make you less healthy. Engaging in risky sex behaviors is what leads to diseases. If this guy is really concerned with public health risks of STDs, he should promote comprehensive sex education in schools. Instead he just condemns an easy target. The Christian Taliban, as Dan Savage puts it, wants to keep Americans ignorant. They pose the greatest public health risk.

  10. anon says

    A variety of laws exist that attempt to curtail risks that are actually quite low, because people have a very hard time evaluating actual risks. Pandering to that irrationality is actually a danger to the public interest.

  11. GregV says

    Smoking is intrinsically unsafe. Homosexuality is not.

    Unfortunately, what he says did not COMPLETELY come out of nowhere. But he has taken a small grain of truth and twisted it into misleading statements.

    People who say these things about gay people tend to believe them partially because American gay men PER CAPITA, when seen only as a monolithic group, have higher levels of some conditions (especially HIV); and the people in anti-gay circles who are gay (often secretly the homophobe himself) really are putting themselves at high risk for diseases.

    I know plenty of gay men who grew up in anti-gay religious schools or families who grew up with a fatalistic attitude. (“Well, I’m going to die by the time I’m 30 anyway, and I’ll never have a happy relationship, so I might as well live as if I’m going to die young.”)

    No one ever told them that sexually-active gay men do not have to be at ANY elevated risk for any STI, and that many (especially among openly and unapologetically gay men who feel free to discuss and obtain information openly) do NOT put themselves at any such risk.

    I’m sure there are gay men at Vander Plaats’ church who could never even conceive of something as healthy as, say, joining the local gay volleyball league while they’re in college, maybe meeting a special man there to invite out after the game for a protein smoothie in the gay village, and eventually living happily ever after, having sex only when it’s established that they are either both uninfected with any STI or after having informed themselves on how to take proper precautions.

    Instead, they sneak around behind their wives’ backs while on business trips, hire “luggage handlers” from RentBoy and sneak into restrooms to tap their toes and then play around (unprepared and without any protection).

    And that’s all they envision as the “gay” life that’s available to them, because uninformed people in their lives (including idiots like Vander Plaats) drilled the twisted idea into their heads that homosexuality is intrinsically unsafe.

  12. William says

    Funny how I was smoking a cigarette as I was reading this… and all it did was make me want light up another.

  13. William says

    @ JASUN MARK: I would, but it will have to wait until I get out of the back room.

  14. Dan Cobbb says

    Mr. Van Der Plaats is a lot like Santorum. As a GOP presidential hopeful, Mr. Santorum compared gay people to animals. When someone engages in rhetorical parallelism equating gay marriage with human/animal beastiality, the speaker is essentially equating a gay man (or woman) with a beast. There is an equation at work that says: gay marraige = bestiality. And: two males married to each other = one human and one animal. This casual slander is outrageous. By his own words, Mr. Santorum’s prejudice and bigotry toward gays is overt and hateful. By mocking the love of a man for his same-sex partner in this way, he reveals his own failure to appreciate that such a love is no different than a straight man’s love for his wife or girlfriend or the love a wife feels for her husband.
    Let me add this for Mr. Santorum to consider: people who so glibly can denigrate the love and affection two people have for each other often turn out to be people who are incapable of loving others. Such people see marriage as nothing more than a series of social obligations and familial duties: provision of food on the table, sex, create off-spring– all of which equates to a dutiful marriage, but a loveless one none-the-less. On the other hand, for people who can feel deeply for another person, marriage is more than just fulfilling socially required obligations and duties. Some people actually do live up to the promise of marriage by genuinely loving the person to whom they are married, straight or gay. Mr. Santorum, perhaps you may wish to refrain in the future from denigrating a more elevated human experience (love, affection and respect for another person) about which you appear to know precious little. Comparing gays to animals may be hilarious to the sophomoric, but the love and affection gays feel is real. Having their mostly deeply felt love and affection casually tossed aside as akin to a man loving his dog is mean in the extreme, and shows an utter failure to comprehend the nature of love. As you grow older, I hope for you will learn a little about the power of these very elevated human emotions.

  15. Bryan says

    Vander Plaats isn’t worthy of comment.

    What I’d find worth discussing is the preponderance of articles on Towleroad that consist of reporting the rhetoric of insignificant morons, fools, sociopaths, and douchebags (and earlier generation would say “scoundrels”). Is this productive? How?

    Increasingly, I find something toxic about the obsession LGBTQ people have with our detractors. Being queer is an identity, but recreational rage and the righteous moral imperative of the self designated victim certainly are lifestyle choices. Stupid ones, too.

    If you remove the photos of shirtless men and the celebrity gossip from this site, what’s left is largely the fallacious arguments and lunatic nightmare fantasies of the last moronic specimens of a race that’s rapidly going extinct. I pity the ranting paranoid schizophrenics who occasionally appear on street corners in my neighborhood and donate to charities that help them, but I don’t pay attention to their rants or discuss them with friends and associates. What would be the point?

    The people making these arguments do so to manipulate their supporters. It’s seldom clear, what, if anything, Elmer Gantry actually believes, and it doesn’t really matter. The people who listen to this nonsense won’t be swayed by facts, reason, or supportable conclusions. There’s no point in arguing with them, and given that they haven’t come up with anything new to say in the past 50 years, even less point in listening to them.

    So why are we so focused on them? It strikes me as the intellectual and spiritual equivalent of picking a scab. I can’t see a single good reason for this “look at all these bad people who hate us” tunnel vision, and I can think of many why I should simply ignore it.

  16. GregV says

    @Bryan: We need to put a spotlight on this insanity because, unlike the mentally disturbed man standing on the street corner arguing with his imaginary friends, some of these people have political power and there are millions of similarly paranoid and misinformed sheep out there.

    Not all of them are so far gone that they cannot alter their views at all. In fact, society on the whole is very slowly becoming more understanding on gay issues; it’s just that some are a lot slower on the learning curve than others.

    For proof of how valuable it can be to retort the nonsense, just look at yesterday’s article on how the mastermind of the anti-gay NOM bus tour came to his senses.

    We need to know what we’re dealing with in order to make change happen.

  17. Bear says

    No matter any counter argument, Bryan has said something significant about the “recreational rage” which inhabits this website and many LGBT people. Minority people tend to augment the problem of their status when they have the power to loudly complain about it… and complain and complain and complain. A negative point of view tends to attract more negativity. Basic Law of Attraction stuff, but slippery and hard to know how to manage.