Charlie Sheen: Topless Torpedo of Truth?


Celebuzz documents Charlie Sheen's 'Torpedo of Truth' show in Chicago on Sunday, which was apparently far more successful than one on Saturday in Detroit( which saw mass walk-outs and refund demands), and featured at least one shirt exchange.

Us reports: "After Saturday's Detroit disaster, Sheen and his team revamped the format of the show — ditching the rapper, rambling monologues and bizarre video clips that so irked his fans. Instead, the Chicago show employed an MC who reined in Sheen, and peppered him with questions about his headline-generating antics."

People reports:

"It was a loud and raucous show throughout, with fans screaming questions, compliments and insults, including 'You suck!' and 'Shut it!' At one point, a large, hairy man in the audience took off his lime green polo shirt and tossed it onstage. A wiry Sheen, who threw a tour T-shirt back – his chest is ripped, and tattooed – sported the XXL-sized gift shirt the rest of the night, though it was too big and, he complained, way too hot." 


  1. says

    Why so much attention is being paid to this pampered idiot is beyond me.

    The country is under attack by Social Conservatives…Our president has serious problems…we are in two wars and unemployment is high. Attacks on fellow LGBTQ members are on the rise, while intolerance is rampant.

    Don’t cheapen this site with news of this selfish, self-serving train wreck…pleeease!

  2. Rob says

    C’mon, people. Do you really care what’s happening with this spoiled rich druggie celeb? Isn’t there ANYTHING serious going on in the world that really needs our attention other than Sheen?? Disgusting.

  3. ratbastard says

    Well, he doesn’t have the body of a typical non-wealthy crackhead that’s for sure. But millions of dollars really helps.

  4. ratbastard says

    Isn’t there anything serious going on Rob? What, white ‘Hicks’ cracking lame, inoffensive award show jokes about Brokeback Mountain isn’t serious enough for proletarian advocates like you?

  5. Bob R says

    There’s little Americans like more than to watch another person self destruct. It detracts from the fact that our nation is self destructing around us. America can identify with Sheen. Bread and circuses. Only we’re getting less and less bread and a lot more circuses.

  6. says

    If we’re lucky, MTV will cast him on the next season of Jersey Shore!

    Or if Britney goes crazy again, maybe they can tour together hehe.

  7. jaragon says

    I don’t understand why people would pay to see this psychotic drug addict- unless they are hoping to see him OD on stage. The Roman circus is alive and well in the 21st century

  8. Gene says

    Where can I get one of those fantastic jumbotrons that, through some kind of major Photoshop mojo, make me look more cut and buffed instantly?