1. Josh says

    This is exactly why I don’t like to listen to country music. The homophobia is utterly disgusting.

  2. Disgusted Gay American says

    I can barely stomach it either……Im very choosey too – IF I hear a song I like, I find out about the artist 1st. The Bush years TURNED me oFF to country music….and REBA, you can stop the plastic surgury anytime…..unless you plan on being the Joker in the Next Batman movie?

  3. CKNJ says

    oh what goshdarn good Yuks at them there gay peoples’ expense. Gotta lurv them yokels! How fitting that the first performer out is Toby Keith! Blech!

  4. AJ says

    It doesn’t surprise me one bit. “Hahahaha. Silly gay people. And next, here’s Toby Keith with a boot up the ass for all y’all Muslims.”

  5. Rob says

    The country music industry has never been gay-friendly…and I guess they’re not starting anytime soon. The rednecks and country yokums have never been my cup o’ tea…and I guess I’m not startin’ likin’ it anytime soon.

  6. EO says

    how clever! too bad you look like a cross-eyed monkey in a red wig, Reba. whoops sorry, almost forgot…. wink wink!

  7. nick says

    Sadly this is the muzak that Umerica listens too with their idiotic anthem “proud to be an Umerican”—
    C&W is racist, homophobic and adeuately reflects the position of most of its
    I had expected better from Reba but the male country singers are a wash as far as tolerance goes. And loose the cowboy hats y’all or go back to ‘wranglin.

  8. brian says

    Blake Shelton is a vile little turd. Reba McEntire should know better.

    As for country music, it’s basically lame music. Dull productions, dull lyrics, dull arrangements. Give me the country music of the 1950’s and 1960’s anyday.

  9. Pete n SFO says

    It’s ironic that Country used to be the music of outsiders… but no more. Now it’s jingoistic, yahoos saying not much of anything.

    I miss the good ol days.

    ps: leave Taylor Swift out of this, she’s a young person, having fun & learning about fame, and has never said much about JG.

  10. rainban22 says

    Anyone offended by this seriously needs to lighten up and take the stick out of their ass. Enough with the overly-militant activism already, it’s not like he called him a gay slur.

  11. Matthew says

    ugh. what a cheap, dated joke. And wait, why was Reba cool with this? Don’t tell me a woman with that much plastic surgery and a wig that big doesn’t have some sort of gay fan-base to alienate.

  12. NY2.0 says

    The overwhelming majority of Country music folks are Republican conservatives (bigots). The joke was par for the course.

  13. says

    Did you guys actually watch the clip? I laughed. Once you get passed the backwoods accents, you recognize a joke as a joke. It’s not like it was delivered in Glenn Beck’s holier-than-thou crazy voice.

  14. David in Houston says

    So anyone that would dump Taylor Swift MUST be gay. Wow.. how hilarious. Stupid bigoted assholes.

    Reba McEntire is a friend of the gay community. I’m not sure why she would approve of such a homophobic (and dated) joke.

    @ Rainban22: They labeled Jake “gay” and the audience burst into laughter. Because if you’re gay that is SO incredibly funny, right?

  15. Keith says

    They need to apologize to Jake Gyllenhal…it was a cheap shot, and certainly not worthy of being aired by CBS, nor touted on People Magazine’s online blog right after the show as one of the best quotes of the evening. Sad and lame.

  16. Francis says

    I’m surprised Reba went with this. It’s not even that it’s outright hateful rather than completely unnecessary and inappropriate to:

    a)insinuate someone is gay in a negative fashion

    b)proceed to laugh at that insinuation

    I’m not the sensitive type but basically, this is making “gay” the butt of the joke again. We were MADE a joke by these people and that’s the problem.

  17. Bryant says

    The only thing this clip is guilty of is not being funny. When did we get so sensitive that we lost the ability to laugh at ourselves a little?

  18. Stephen says

    They are redneck hillbilly country singers. I don’t expect much from them. The older generation that is. Younger ones like Taylor Swift I have hope that they won’t be stupid like that.

  19. says

    Yes they are very rich hick-sounding people…but honestly, it was a joke…we really must liven up and laugh at ourselves sometimes.

    When I first heard it I felt infuriated…but then on second thought…I thought…that was funny.

    So…everyone…relax, have a laugh, and let’s learn to get along, even with them Country music people.

  20. Disgusted Gay American says

    u know – I’ll FIND it EASIER ” to Laugh at OURSELVES” once WE HAVE EVERY RIGHT THEY HAVE!

  21. says

    Consider the source…southern Republican bigoted rednecks! Time to start a country bonfire with all those country CDs…LOL

  22. Jelly says

    Calling it lame and homophobic isn’t enough. We need to make our feelings known. Zero Tolerance. This casual ridicule creates a climate of intolerance, and gives comfort to the haters. I say NBC should reprimand him or fire his ass from The Voice. He is slated to be their M.C. No way will I watch this piece of slime. Call for a boycott! Raise hell. They are spamming twitter with this bullsh!t. At least let GLAAD know. I think this deserves a response.

  23. Chris says

    What weird responses. We all know if either Kathy or Chelsea had made this joke (for the 100th time each), we’d be laughing right along with them (while also pointing out how dated the joke is).

    I don’t know anything about Shelton but Reba is definitely a gay icon in huge parts of the country. This wasn’t a mean-spirited joke or an off-limits topic. In fact, in just the last couple of weeks a number of the gay sites have had several clips and quotes from Jake about his sexual orientation (many of them humorous). Jumping on these two when this is an obvious topic of conversation and humor is just petty.

    And those of you who chose to express your outrage by making snide comments about their accents or “rednecks” are doing us much, much more harm than any joke they could tell at the CMAs.

  24. says

    I agree with many of the commenters here, that the “joke” wasn’t so much offensive per se as it just was kinda obvious and overdone.

    However, I think the reaction we’re seeing on here is due to context. If a few of the drag queens on RuPaul’s Drag Race had said something like this, we wouldn’t think twice. But because people we normally associate with homophobia did, we are all up in arms. Not sure if I have a point here, but just wanted to throw that out there.

  25. CW says

    F*ck Reba, seriously. She has shown herself several times now to be just as bigoted and rude as any of them. Blake Shelton isn’t important enough to be mad at.

  26. terry says

    I expected better of Reba so I’m a little disappointed. I agree with some posters that it was only a joke and not meant as malicious or demeaning; it was to boost Swift’s star, nothing more. However, it’s still a lame joke and considering the bullying tragedies that have happened in the last year it’s not something we should shrug off so easily.

  27. Frank says

    I want Kathy Griffin to host these awards so that she can make jokes about inbreeding and bad teeth.

    Let’s see how hard they laugh then.

  28. Greg says

    Okay honestly that comment wasn’t even bad…. he DID star in the movie…. every body is toooooo freaking politically correct now a days…. and yes I am a gay guy… and I thought it was cute….

  29. anon says

    I think the idea behind the joke is that Jake’s private life is mirroring his character’s life in the movie. At least you need to know the plot to get the joke.

  30. Justin L Werner says

    It wasn’t particularly homophobic (relatively speaking), but it was lame and unimaginative…. much like most of the music and lyrics of today’s “country music”, which is basically pop-with-a-twang. Give me Hank Williams, Sr., Patsy Cline, and all the others *any day*.

  31. says

    I think it’s best to be mindful of the story of the boy who cried wolf. If we get upset about every little itty bitty thing, nobody’s going to take us seriously when we have a complaint that warrants attention. Anyway, I didn’t read it as homophobic…it’s situational humor. Not terribly funny, but nothing to get up in arms about.

    And, just as a gentle reminder, it might not hurt to step back and look at some of the generalizations being made on this comment board about country music and the people who listen to it, guys. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

  32. jerry says

    What I always find interesting is the standard male country performer costume is tight jeans, tight tees and cowboy boots. Methinks they doth protest too much.

  33. SteveC says

    Reba McEntire is an ugly, redneck hillbilly just like most of the attendees of this awards show. Why are people surprised that she’s as thick as pigshit?

  34. bostonbeat says

    um, im not offended at all. in fact, i think it is pretty funny. tasteless? yes. but not that bad. and i’m pretty sure reba is supportive of the gay community. and it is very likely that there were plenty of gay men behind the scene. which is not to say that the country music industry is gay friendly.

  35. Bill says

    Not really a laugh riot, but I can’t get too incensed. It wasn’t in and of itself derogatory to gays. Some folks will take it that way (as either funny or homophobic), others won’t Stories about Gyllenhaal on this and other gay blogs attract pages of comments, most equally snide and unfunny, about his orientation. It’s a shame that neither we nor they have anything better to talk about.

  36. finkles2000 says

    Odd that this has generated more comments than the Republican Texas dude who actually used the word “fag.” Add me to the list of people who don’t really see what the big deal is about this. It was a just a jab, and yes, Gyllenhaal WAS in Brokeback Mountain, so why the uproar? It wasn’t particularly a good joke, but I don’t think it was meant in a slanderous way. And amen to the person who said if Chelsea Handler or Kathy Griffin would have said the same thing, we’d all be making comments like, “Lol it’s true!” I’d save the vitriol for things that actually aim to be offensive.

  37. Dastius Krazitauc says

    Unrelated to the Gyllenhaal joke, but they showed Nicole Kidman covering her face when they mentioned her and the camera was turned on her. She does this at every awards show. She glams up, sits on the front row, and then acts shy and embarrassed whenever anyone notices her. She’s been in the spotlight a long time, so time to lose the blushing ingenue bit.

  38. ratbastard says

    WTF…..that was HARMLESS…perfectly harmless, a typical, lame award show ‘Joke’.

    40 plus response posts to this story? That’s the real joke.

  39. irisgirl says

    Tacky, lame, and definitely not funny…and crossed the line……….I believe it’s generally ok to poke fun at oneself, but that doesn’t give an “outsider” license to do so.

  40. Chris says

    The only good country song to come out recently was “Save a horse ride a cowboy.” Actually as someone who live near Nashville I can tell you that the country music scene is *full* of closeted men and women, absolutely *full* to the brim.

  41. ratbastard says


    Hicks? I thought ‘poor’ rural white folks who like country music [and others] were members of the proletariat? You know, the proletariat ‘Hicks’ so-called ‘Progressives’ like you advocate for?

    Truth be know, ‘Progressives’ in America really only advocate for politically correct ‘Proletarians’, i.e. those so-called minorities with darker skin tones, Spanish last names, etc., who’re ‘Oppressed’ by the white ‘Hicks’, right Rob?

  42. finkles2000 says

    A character on Desperate Housewives last night called another gay character a “homo,” but no one’s going to complain about that because Marc Cherry, the creator, is gay (I’m not complaining about it either, since I’m a huge fan of the show and there is some context; the comment was hilarious, and I’m one gay dude who can take a joke). But this generates backlash? Hypocritical much?

  43. says

    My first reaction before watching the clip was quite wrathful. HOWEVER, after watching the clip, it’s innocuous.

    The gist of the joke: Why did Jake breakup with Taylor?

    Punchline: He must be gay. No wonder. That makes sense.

    It’s a dumb joke, but innocent. It’s not making fun of gays.

    It’s like saying, why was Brad Pitt seen ordering a veggie burger at a restaurant? Oh, because he played a vegetarian in a movie.

    It’s a stupid joke. It’s not spiteful or homophobic. But, if you want to believe it is, go ahead.

    Sounds like Fancy didn’t let me down after all.

  44. says

    And people on here talk about homophobia. Try reading through all of the comments on here with their disdain of small-town America. Ouch. What’s the lesson here? Some forms of hate are justified?

  45. dh says

    Lame joke, but not exactly hateful. The people calling McIntyre a homophobe are probably not familiar with her career.

    Her sitcom “Reba” surprised me with an episode called “Role Model” which featured a transgender teen portrayed sympathetically. And she’s given interviews to the gay press supporting her gay fans.

  46. Come on... says

    This is exactly why Hollywood, commercials, and radio are scared to show any mention of gay people. Everytime they do, people jump on them for being “homophobic”. LIGHTEN UP.

  47. Hollywood, CA says

    Take note gays, this is how you respond:

    “how clever! too bad you look like a cross-eyed monkey in a red wig, Reba. whoops sorry, almost forgot…. wink wink!”

    LOL – Thanks EO! It was a joke, dated, but still a joke. Moving on…

  48. says

    Country music is OUR music, too; some of the best LesBiGay singer/songwriters belong to the Country/Folk genre. But something must be done to address the anti-Gay feeling that has dominated Nashville for far too long. Most Country acts nowadays know they have large Gay followings. LGBT fans need to let them know they won’t stand for this homophobic crap. Forget about reclaiming sexual slurs, people; we should be about reclaiming the mainstream! The schools, the churches, public spaces, the culture. You’re only as marginalized as you think you are.

  49. timothyjames24 says

    Sorry I don’t see it as anti gay gang. Reba has been very pro gay in the past. I actually love that they are talking about Brokeback and making jokes it shows how far it has penetrated into the culture.

  50. bharing says

    Making comments like country music is just full of bigots and homophopics is being just as judgemental and prejudice. You are no better then them. In fact you are worse for lowering yourselfs to slinging accusations and negative comments about Reba “plastic surgery”. Enough is enough, how do we expect to advance the cause for homosexuality when our own community is full of bigots.

  51. Vic Stern says

    What’s everyone getting all worked up about?

    If any guy breaks up with Taylor Swift, the guy must be a big homo.

    And if any guy breaks up with Renee Zellweger, they must be homos as well. (Didn’t Kenny Chesney get divorced from her and Renee labelled their marriage as fraud?)

  52. IonMusic says

    ‘t it interesting how we as gays are always told to lighten up? at the exact time there are million dollar campaigns to strip us of every right in this country. NO THANKS…..WE WILL NOT LIGHTEN UP UNTIL WE HAVE FULL EQUALITY! When you take jabs, cslams and homophobic humor at those already experiencing injustice in legislation..expect them to be upset. Anyone defending this is an apologist who likes being a second class citizen. Many of us have more dignity than that. Reba…you should be ashamed.

  53. Mike says

    lol it was funny on the hosts part. Reba looks great she’s no homophobe. now that audience can go either way but you can’t blame that on the hosts.

  54. Sam says

    Country singers = ignorant rednecks = lame gay jokes.

    All the same. Most of you are really no better. Congrats on your comebacks being about as original as the joke.

  55. MistyQ says

    It’s just a joke, it’s not like they went out with torches and pitchforks looking for him… it’s just a corny joke… It’s not like it was Pat Robertson and Anita Bryant…

  56. Scott says

    I think it was at last year’s show that Reba made an Elton John “queen” joke within three minutes of her opening monologue. And sure enough, within the first few minutes of this year’s show, she did it again with her Jake joke. Guess what, you homophobic dick—my mom and dad and I immediately changed the channel and watched Mythbusters instead.

  57. TomJ says

    Saturday NIght Live and other network comedy shows made Brokeback jokes years ago at Jake’s expense. And it’s not ok for the CMA’s to make them now?

    C’mon! The joke was poor (as most of the Brokeback jokes were) but Jake has since HOSTED Saturday Night Live (making fun of his role in Brokeback – and gay cowboys) himself. Who cried foul then?

    Well, I did cry foul then, but it’s not fair to pillory CMA’s now when it’s really been done before by supposedly “friendly” shows.

  58. Jacknasty says

    Typical commercial country music – always about a decade behind the times. Brokeback jokes were stale five YEARS ago.

    It’s mariachi music for crackers.

  59. says

    So…everyone…relax, have a laugh, and let’s learn to get along, even with them Country music people.

    Posted by: Arturo Beeche | Apr 4, 2011 10:47:16 AM

    Now lets flip this and say it was the B.E.T Awards would you have thought it was harmless then?

  60. StillmarriedinCA says

    Why should I learn to get along with people who make me the butt of jokes? It’s offensive because the simpleton cuntry folks can’t get over the fact that a movie depicted 2 cowboys who were in love. Just the mention of Brokeback sets them giggling if not retching. And, garsh, if an actor plays a homo in a movie picture show ….why then he must be a big homo hisself! Har har har.

  61. SK says


  62. Aaron says

    Jesus Christ….I’m gay and I was not offended. It was a lame ass joke. I love Reba just about as much as any other queen, but she’s not good at telling jokes or reading cue cards. LOL All she needs to do is sing and all is forgiven..LOL I was not offended. I thought Brokeback Mountain was a lame movie, with the exception of sexy ass Jake G.