1. Dave says

    I think you missed it, but she said her assistant downloaded the app on her account, not David Arquette.

  2. JJ says

    Andy, your description is a bit off. She called her gay assistant, who admitted it was he who downloaded the app, not David.

  3. bwana says

    Even as it is free I would still wonder just a smidge, Courteney. My mom always suspected I was gay after she found a stash of Playgirls under my bed. Everything was fine though after I told her that I had shoplifted them instead of paying for them. Was she relieved!!!

  4. mld says

    grindr is a free app, and there is also a pay version

    but it is weird she blessed herself after finding out david wasnt gay. the whole thing is staged for the interview anyway. somewhere at some time her publicist was like, yeah roll with that story, jimmy can do the setup, blah blah hollywood

  5. Joe says

    Cute story.

    A publicist definitely worked it out with her. But overall, it’s a nice way for her to transition away from talking about her separation.

  6. Michael says

    Given how difficult it is to join up computers and iPhones/iPods, why would Courtney Cox’s assistant be using the same account as Courtney and David?

  7. Rob West says

    Re: Given how difficult it is to join up computers and iPhones/iPods, why would Courtney Cox’s assistant be using the same account as Courtney and David?”

    That’s what I was thinking, would you download a Gay app on your bosses account, even if they knew you where Gay?

  8. David says

    What’s not right is her backhanding her separated husband in public.

    And btw it’s SO funny funny funny to be gay…

    Get another shot of botox Courtney and GO AWAY

  9. AJ says

    Aww shuddup. Everyone loves Courtney. She was making light of the fact that for a second (in the midst of a very public and humiliating breakup) she thought that her ex might be gay on top of whatever other problems they are having. Wouldn’t we cross ourselves after finding out that our ex wasn’t straight behind our backs? I wanna hold up a pic of Ted Nugent and Donald Trump like Sinead and say “Fight the real enemy”.

  10. Michael says

    Re: would you download a Gay app on your bosses account

    It’s not just that. The iTunes on her computer would have to be authorised to sync with that iPhone and/or her assistant would need the account password. (The latter only if done wirelessly).

  11. Kyle says

    What bothers me is the last thing she says “that would be terrible”.. so IF he is gay, why would that be so terrible, Courtney?
    Just asking!

  12. Frank says

    @Kyle- yes it would be so terrible if her husband was gay. Not that there’s anything wrong with being gay- I’ve been gay all my life. But in just about everyone’s mind it’s kind of a bad thing if the person you loved suddenly turned out to be the opposite of what you thought. I’d be pretty damn upset if I thought my boyfriend was turning straight and I don’t think being straight is a bad thing.

  13. rafi says

    Because she’s married to him, Kyle. Would kinda suck to find out your 12-year marriage, which you’re still working on, is a sham.

  14. KevMusic says

    Having worked in the industry as an assistant, knowing passwords to online accounts and even ATM pin codes comes with the territory. The assistant is basically hired to be an extension of their boss. Many assistants live with or within close proximity to their employers and have full access. This is why most celebrities require employees to sign non-disclosure agreements. As for being glad the husband she’s still trying to work things out with isn’t gay, well that makes perfectly good sense to me. Her “Hollywood” face on the other hand…yikes.

  15. SteveC says

    It would be terrible for her if David was gay or bi, as it would mean he’d been lying to her throughout their marriage.

    I like Courtney, but she needs to stop with the plastic surgery. She looks frozen.

  16. NickC says

    Even if David Arquette downloaded it, may not mean anything.

    Straight friends–men and women–are fascinated when I explain how Grindr works. A couple of times, one of them has downloaded it on the spot in a restaurant or bar, so we can try to identify guys that Grindr says are 20 feet away.

    Now if one of those straight friends started doing a lot of chatting–that would be a different story!

  17. Hank says

    Even if he had been hooking up with guys on the side, I’m not sure that would automatically make the marriage a sham- people are complicated, sexuality is complicated. Whether or not a marriage a sham depends on whether the spouses have a real emotional and sexual connection. She is trying to be hip, but comes off a little homophobic, by suggesting that’s it’s worse if your husband cheats with a guy than with a woman- this kind of eye-roll that says that everybody knows that’s every wife’s WORST nightmare.