1. james in toronto says

    I know it’s been said before, but this show must make it a lot easier for gay kids in rural areas to understand that there is a whole world out there just waiting for them. It may now be all Glee and easy but it will be better than the hell they are in now.

  2. Dback says

    People can carp about this show if they so choose, but it doesn’t change the fact: if you’d told me 3 years ago there would be a prime-time smash MUSICAL show with a gay teen couple regularly serenading each other and openly expressing their love and affection, I’d never have believed it. “Glee” is, quite frankly, a blooming miracle in that sense.

  3. Jeffrey in St. Louis says

    I love this show. I don’t care if it’s sometimes hokey or unrealistic. At those times it’s a flight of fantasy, not unlike what you’d see in a musical.

    It’s entertaining, uplifting, imperfect, thought provoking, sweet, hokey, funny, cheesy, and heart warming. And I don’t care if I’m the last one around who likes it, I’m going to just be honest with myself and not worry that I DO like it.

    Others are welcome to feel as they will. That’s their choice as well.

  4. nodnarb says

    It’s pretty telling that there’s not a single comment bashing this show, yet the last 3 comments are defending it. It’s as if even the ones who like it know how terrible it is.

  5. says

    There is a guy who uploads all the Blaine and Kurt scenes stringing them all together in one little movie to The Pirate Bay. He also does the same for Brothers and Sisters and 90210. Download those videos and you get your own little gay Glee show. He does a great job.

    Fox NEEDS this show to keep FOX from being an entire d-bag network.

    Glee is an amazing show, a total risk taker, done exceptionally well and if we work together as a community we can ensure an EMMY for both Chris and Darren.

    Every freakin’ time the show brings tears to my eyes. The gay characters and plot line are the only reason I watch, without that I might tune in now and then for a song or two but with that, I don’t miss an episode.

  6. Hue-Man says

    Stonewall on PBS last night was a stark reminder that barely 40 years ago these two young characters could have been subject to arrest and imprisonment and the most horrific tortures – electro-shock treatment, castration, lobotomy. Glee is playing its part in the transformation of man-on-the-street views of gays and lesbians from fearsome sexual predators to the talented, loving kids next door.

  7. Drew says

    Sometimes a few comments around here hate on Glee, but after seeing a few of the late-night movies they show on Logo or other gay-oriented channels, Glee really deserves and Oscar for not making a genuine mockery of just Being Gay.

    While Glee makes me feel good, I feel worse after nearly every movie on Logo! They’re that bad.

  8. lewlew says

    Usually it’s the jealous do-nothings who criticize and complain about things like this delightful and progress-enhancing show. What accomplishments do such people have to their names? Can they even hum a tune? What to say of, move the culture. I say: people who are secure in their own lives give credit where it’s due. This show’s performers are stunningly accomplished. Yea!

  9. rascal says

    All of the derision, much of it apt, will fade into oblivion as Glee rises in monumental historic significance for bringing romantic equality to mainstream cultural perception of gay relationships. The generation of children and teens today, and hereafter, will have been forever altered by this silly, charming, watershed of a show, thinking of even their most open-minded parents and grandparents as hopelessly backward.

    Saving lives, indeed. And not just gay lives.

  10. Jason says

    I don’t understand the negative stuff about this show. It reminds me of a continuous Gay Grease with slightly better acting. The show is fun and many times has great music. As said above; it is likely the only access to positive feedback on our gay lifestyle for many kids in this country.

  11. Michael says

    I never thought I would live to see something like this on prime time network television. I never saw the show. I tried to watch the “Rocky Horror” show, but couldn’t get though it. But I do like the clips posted on here. I guess it appeals to a younger demographic, which is just fine because they are the ones who need to see it most.

  12. Pamela Strangeways says

    Not really a GLEE fan. Some really talented performers, but hyperemotional and terrible writing over all. That said, Darren Criss can serenade me anytime.

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