1. Rann says

    Very well done and he is well spoken. Comes across very well. He looks quite young so it surprises me he has already been in a relationship with his partner for 7.5 years as he said. I agree with him that this is an important step to take for actors or as Rachel Maddow said people in show business such as news people or anchors. Come on Anderson make one of these videos please! It does mean something to those struggling.
    As Harvey Milk said, we must come out.

  2. Gigi says

    What an amazing guy! I’m glad I got in here before the haters (and the self-haters). I know that they’re going to say: “Who is this guy? Who cares if he’s out? Now that he is he’ll never go anywhere in Hollywood.” That might have been true twenty years ago when actors like Tom Cruise were starting out, but I think it’s changing. Slowly it’s changing. Things worth waiting for don’t always happen over night. We forgot just how much things have changed for our community in the last 20 years. Think of it this way – can you imagine a young Tom Cruise coming out and saying he’s proud to be gay? No, of course not! Instead he joined the Cult of Scientology and they propelled him to a level of stardom that few will ever reach. But at what cost? Sure he’s rich. And yes he’s got a life that only that much money can buy, but when I see the look in Nicholas Downs’ eyes when he mentioned his partner I see true joy. Tommy C when he talks about his beard, er, wife? Not so much. Certainly pride, dignity and honestly count for something. I don’t think we’ll see Mr. Downs couch-jumping any time soon!

  3. Bob R says

    Courageous young man. I hope we see more of him on the big or small screen. Thank you Nicholas. Much happiness with your partner and much success as an actor. We need more people to be like you.

  4. jamal49 says

    Utterly fantastic and a real inspiration. Makes my eyes tear up to see this happening. I look hopefully at our younger LGBT people who are so courageous to be who they are without apologies to anyone.

    I’ve been a fan of Nicholas Downs. I am happy that he has been with someone for over 7 years! I hope he has a long, fruitful acting career.

    Thanks, Mr. Downs, for this video. It gives me great comfort to see someone so erudite and humble about his humanity.

  5. Doug Chgo says

    I’m suddenly his biggest fan — and not just because he’s from my home state! I’m going directly from here to IMDb and then to Netflix to see if I can instant-play the movie he mentioned that did the gay festival circuit. Much continued luck, success, and joy to you, Nicholas! Thanks for your video and all your contributions.