1. Cory says

    Can’t stand her music, but will buy her album regardless.

    This is what separates her from the rest. We’ve doing ourselves a disservice by not helping spread her very mainstream message of inclusion everywhere.

  2. TANK says

    Can you imagine any other pop star confronting these turds face to face? GAGA RULES! We love you Mother Monster!

  3. Bosie says

    BRAVO!!! finally a a PopStar that walks the walk…and stands up for LGBTQ :) I love her museic because it embraces me…thats something the rest needs to understand….its about celebrating ourselves, our differences….CHANGE IS HAPPENING AND THE RELIGIOUS RIGHT WILL HAVE TO DEAL WITH IT.


  4. Chris in Irvine says

    I believe that was her concert in Anaheim, CA. I attended it and she mentioned this story in her concert.

  5. ladha187 says

    Wow she’s a complete idiot. She can barely argue with that protester, or articulate anything of value. Does she actually consider herself catholic? The pope’s views on homosexuality are pretty clear…

  6. Jonster says

    Religion is a CHOICE. Homosexuality isn’t. We’re all divine darlings. Why buy second-hand what you already own? And at such a steep price? (i.e., your integrity.) It’s getting a lot harder for people to walk up their church steps these days, what with all the fondling and hypocrisy.

  7. Matt F says

    @ladha187 You can not argue with people like that protester. They are too far gone mentally and/ or just too proud of their ignorance. It is wasted energy. GaGa made her point and prolonging a conversation with someone of that extreme nature is well…pointless.

  8. AlexN says

    Lady Gaga and her fans really seem like they are caught up in a massive mutual masturbation circle. I’d say that rather than creating a bigger bubble for them to “dance and be gay” in, they should be more concerned about teaching a message that truly empowers people. Just a bunch of whiners really. By the way, isn’t this film clip totally Truth Or Dare?

  9. chadSF says

    Just remember this, though, next time someone tries to tell you that religion is a force for unity. It’s not, it’s a collection of idiosyncratic beliefs that lack a common ground in empirical facts, and can only achieve widespread agreement by indoctrination. –PZ Meyers
    I’ve seen similar folks, for example at a Madonna concert. So I’m not surprised that they would show up at a Lady GaGa concert. Anyone who challenges their hypocrisy and lunacy will simply irritate the hell out of them.

  10. SKOC211 says


    No, it’s not “totally Truth Or Dare.”

    To begin with, Madonna didn’t invent the documentary or filming a popular artist behind the scenes. Secondly, Gaga was doing “Transmission Gagavision” for quite a while back at the beginning of her career. This was the 41st episode.

    I’m not even going to address your completely moronic point about Gaga fans.

  11. Paul R says

    @AlexN: aside from apparently you, even the biggest Gaga haters concede that she works to empower her fans, especially the young and uncertain.

    As for your point about them all being whiners, I have no idea what you’re talking about, and I doubt anyone else does either.