Gay Man Beaten in London Over Shorts He Was Wearing

A gay man was assaulted in London while getting money from a cash machine opposite gay nightclub Kaz, the Evening Standard reports:

Anderson [20-year-old Chas Anderon, a] former male model was knocked to the ground as friends of his attacker stopped his partner, fashion stylist Mike Adler, from coming to his aid. Mr Adler, who is from Australia, said: "The only reason the man started on him was to say the shorts he was wearing were ridiculous.

"He was standing up for himself and I was standing up for him. The man just switched from yelling backwards and forward to becoming violent."

Mr Adler, 30, said the group started abusing Mr Andersen opposite the gay KAZ Bar in the early hours of Sunday. He pursued the attacker but the man grabbed his phone and he was forced to beg for it back before returning to tend to his partner of three years

Anderson has suffered from blurred vision since the attack but will reportedly recover.


  1. Francis says

    Psychopathic behavior. You’re beating someone up and getting irrationally and dangerously angry because of SHORTS? Because they are wearing shorts you don’t like?

    That type of anger and insanity, is from a deranged mind. Hopefully the attacker is caught and brought into a mental healthy facility.

  2. Francis says

    BTW, obviously this was a hate crime also. London has some issues they need to address with the true acceptance of the gay community. Hate crimes are on the rise in London and I think a lot of people have become complacent in thinking they can’t and won’t happen.

  3. MykeTV says

    What’s more interesting is that these two were dating since one was 17 years old and the other was 27 years old – assuming I did my math correctly.

  4. Francis says

    No, Graham, because London has seen a major increase in hate crimes and there needs to be an active effort in cleaning up the streets. Same issues as in the US, and other countries. Street trash are in packs, and abusing gay men. There needs to be heightened awareness, heightened police patrol, and a strong effort to make sure these incidents don’t continue. And it doesn’t seem like that’s happening.

  5. David in Chicago says

    I think that we also need to look at the role alcohol plays in these cases. I’m afraid that they drink a lot in London and, as much as it does bother me, at times drunk gays and/or drunk straights don’t mix well. Hell, some drunks don’t get along with anyone. I also need to see the shorts in question, because this attack may not be based on hate, but rather on good taste.

  6. GregV says

    “There needs to be heightened awareness, heightened police patrol, and a strong effort to make sure these incidents don’t continue. And it doesn’t seem like that’s happening.”

    I agree, Francis. If those in charge of the police and the justice system really wanted to put an end to these assaults, they would send plain-clothed officers into areas like the notorious zone of London with the recent anti-gay posters; the officers could walk hand-in-hand, affectionately kiss on the cheek, etc. Then two more officers could arrest any attackers. (I regret the fact that I don’t believe it would take much time or effort to find them).

    And no $50 fine for an assault and then getting sent back on the street after a free meal. Sentences for assaults should be serious, and in the case of non-permanent immigrants, it should be cause for automatic deportation.

    So far, there’s no political will to stop random violence in otherwise progressive countries, and it seems like such a no-brainer that I’ve never understood why.

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