1. Stella says

    I love the work Max Adler has given to his character, Dave Karofsky. He’s one of the reasons why I want the character to be redeemed. I hope Glee continues his storyline in the third season, too.

  2. Brandon H says

    Not bad, Not bad at all! I’m sure some twinky lover will have something catty to say, but he’s workin’ what god gave him. I guess that Letterman’s Jacket he wears all the time on the show doesn’t do a thing for him.

    P.S Lets be real here, there is no way this guy passes as a High School student. I’m just saying. College sure, High school, NO

  3. Ronny says

    Actually, Brandon, there were a couple guys I went to high school with who had similar builds and amounts of body hair. Still think of them fondly years later.

  4. Joseph Singer says

    You need to wake up and determine what’s fantasy or “acting” and what is reality. From all indications Max Adler’s a decent guy. He’s written in the glee series as a bully and a closet gay man. As a non glee character he’s probably nothing like the character he plays. If you understand anything you should understand that glee is far from reality. William McKinley High School does not exist in Lima, Ohio. High Schools don’t have multi-million dollar budgets to finance special effects and in school backup bands either. GLEE IS NOT REAL!
    Max Adler is an actor!

  5. lol says

    Andy, you know this tv is fake right? He’s not really a bully. He’s an actor who plays a character on a fictional show.

    Daaaaaaaaaamn. Max Adler be HAWT. 😀

  6. james says

    @Joseph. Yes. We know television is not real. Max Adler is an actor who plays a character on television. We think Max Adler is good looking and we think his character is interesting. Beyond that, we don’t know very much about Max Adler. This is a nice photo of an actor we don’t know very much about. But we know he is an actor and we know the television series is fictional. We know Glee is not a documentary. Calm down.

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