Gloria Allred: Major League Baseball Coach Used Anti-Gay Slur

TMZ reports that attorney Gloria Allred is planning an announcement for later today about a Major League Baseball coach who used "shocking gay slurs" at a recent game:

Gloria-allred Allred says the comments and gestures were directed at 3 men whom the coach apparently thought were gay.

One of the fans, who brought his 9-year-old twin girls to the game, protested to the coach … and according to Allred, the coach responded by saying, "Kids don't f**king belong at the baseball park."  She also claims the coach then approached the father "with threatening words and a baseball bat."

Allred will hold a news conference with the father and his twins at her L.A. office on Wednesday at 1 PM PDT.


  1. Francis says

    So much hate. So much anger. And sadly, not a surprise at all. I’ll be interested to know who the coach is. This incident once again shows that the hyper-masculine culture of sports is not conducive to gay friendliness. It also shows how irrational a lot of men truly can be when it comes to anyone who doesn’t take their s**t laying down, and how they see violence as the way to handle any conflict. Very sad.

  2. Jack says

    Ah yes, blame masculinity and sports. That’s fair, instead of…ya know…blaming individuals who happen to be terrible human beings…

    I’m masculine (perhaps even “hyper-masculine”), and have played sports my whole life. Not once have I called someone a name as a result of either of those.

  3. bah says

    Should I be seeing Gloria Allred as a champion of gay rights now? Cos she’s always seemed like a bit of an opportunist to me if I can be perfectly honest.

  4. oneway says

    … and whereby Gloria Allred engages in a serious of manuevers, which but for the cloak of her law degree, would otherwise go by a simpler name: extortion.

    Boo to the ignorant jackass she’s apparently about to expose. But who are we trying to kid? Gloria Allred is a victim-pimp.

  5. Matt S says

    Let’s talk about “kids don’t belong at the ballpark.” Ha! So much for the great American pasttime.

    Personally, I don’t think anyone should go to baseball games. The sport is only slightly less boring than golf or paint drying.

    Once again, a sports figure thinks its all about him. Without fans, you’re a high school gym coach, buddy.

  6. elg says

    “I’m masculine (perhaps even “hyper-masculine”), and have played sports my whole life. Not once have I called someone a name as a result of either of those.”

    Good for you, Jack. But what you said does not discredit what Francis said in any way.

  7. Francis says

    I had a comment that was deleted, but to put it simply, hyper-masculinity in sports teaches men to lack emotion, that having feelings beyond aggression and control are non-masculine, and of course, sports in general tend to be very misogynistic and also there is a major pressure to conform. Gay=not real men in their eyes=bad=homophobia. Gay people going to games=an affront to the sport. These incidents highlight the need to change the deeply embedded hate in sports towards anything gay-related.

  8. dh says

    oh, jack, you’re not the victim here. the fans and their kids are.

    masculinity is not bad, sports are not bad, but the way that masculinity is often defined and “defended” in the world of sports often is.

  9. Drew says

    Hate Gloria as you may feel she deserves, but without her, is it possible this story would not see the light of day? Does that mean her opportunistic ways are good? Yes times two.

  10. says

    To the Towleroad faithful. I have known Roger McDowell for 25 years. He is a fan favorite with the fable “Bleacher Bums” of the friendly confines of Chicago’s Wrigley Field. He has apologized for his bad judgment. I urge everyone to accept his apology. I have sent him an email asking him to make a contribution to the S.F. Harvey Milk Academy and Atlanta’s Gay Community Center. Keep in mind, this was a one time case of bad judgment in his 25 year MLB career, and he apologized. If I did not know Roger, I would be the first in line to protest, as I did when 2 MLB players made anti-gay remarks. However there is a difference because Julian Taverez and Jim Rocker were anti-gay!

    I have been involved in the Gay Rights Movement for 40 years, and have witnessed bad judgment made by gays toward gays. We all make mistakes. In my 25 years of roaming
    the bleachers in Wrigley, Roger Mc Dowell has been one of, if not the best player who
    entertained the fans prior to the game. I never witnessed any poor judgment by him during that time. I urge all to accept his apology for a one time moment of stupidity.