Nashville Metro Council Approves Anti-Discrimination Bill

Progress in Nashville where the Metro Council Tuesday night passed an anti-discrimination bill.

Nahsville Nashville Business Journal reports:

Companies doing business with Nashville Metro government will soon have to pledge not to discriminate against employees based on sexual orientation or gender identity.

The Metro Council approved a bill Tuesday requiring government contractors to abide by that guideline by a vote of 21-15, with three abstentions. A source of controversy in the business community, the bill drew sharp debate from council members Tuesday night.

Councilman Jamie Hollin, a sponsor of the bill, said after the vote that Metro had “sent a clear signal all around the world” that people of all kinds are welcome to work in Nashville.


  1. Continuum says

    Well, don’t worry . . . from the same group of rightwing crazies who passed a new law allowing concealed weapons in Tennessee bars, and churches ….woohoo, guns and drunks, and religion . . . what could go wrong

    . . . the legislators are now trying to pass another law prohibiting any type of city anti-discrimination ordinance that does not follow Federal law

    . . . so, how long before the Tennessee bigots manage to nullify this Nashville law.

    The same legislator bigots recently fast tracked a new law to try to prevent the black majority Memphis school district from consolidating with the majority white county school district . . . in so doing, they overturned a law which had been used by other school districts in the state for the last 50 years . . . who ever said that racial discrimination was gone, never met the Rethuglican controlled Tennessee legislature.

  2. Clayton says

    Any step forward, no matter how small, is a step forward. We have many more steps to make before we are done but steps we will take; forward and together

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