NOM’s Maggie Gallagher to Testify at Tomorrow’s House Hearing on Defending DOMA

The American independent notes:

Gallagher The U.S. House Subcommittee on the Constitution is scheduled to hold a hearing Friday titled “Defending Marriage,” called by subcommittee chairman Trent Franks (R-Ariz.), who has recently called for the impeachment of President Barack Obama because of his decision to order his administration to no longer defend the constitutionality of the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA).

People For the American Way Senior Fellow Peter Montgomery predicts Franks’ hearing will be a parade of “extremists.”

A witness list (not clear if it’s full or partial) was just released, a day before the hearing, and NOM Chairman Maggie Gallagher is  at the top of it.

Also listed to testify are Professor Carlos Ball, Professor of Law, Rutgers School of Law, and Mr. Edward Whelan, President, Ethics and Public Policy Center.

The hearing is scheduled for 10 am tomorrow.


  1. says

    Maggie Gallagher is a diabetic (she said so at a talk I attended) and obviously choices to lead a very unhealthy lifestyle. She is not a good role model or her children.

  2. Taylor says

    What I can’t understand…is why the committee would have someone like Gallagher testify. The organization that she is Chairperson of has refused time and time again to turn over their donor list, as they have been ordered to by various courts. Shouldn’t they, at the very least, ask only law abiding citizens to testify?

  3. K says

    THIS. THIS. Still here, Louis? Still sorry for trying to ruin our lives? THIS is where you need to drive your bus. Sign up to speak and then tell your story. And go up to her and tell it to her face. And then tell it in front of the press. If you’re sincere in your desire to make right what you have wronged, tomorrow is where you need to start. Tomorrow.

  4. says

    They should get Louis Marinelli the organizer of the bus tour to testify. He has admitted he was wrong and has come out in favor of Marriage equality. He has also stated the NOM is a fraud. . . it is just a smattering of people with big money support. . . they do not represent the majority of the country.

  5. Keith says

    As Benny Hill used to say, “You bloody fat cow!”
    She needs to quit the bus tour and change it to the treadmill tour. Obviously she’s overcompensating all her guild by over eating. The woman gets larger and larger every time you see her. She’s bloated with hate and lies!

  6. Frank says

    I hope they call her up by her married name: Maggie Srivistav. If she’s so pro-marriage why does this formerly out-of-wedlock mother use maiden name?

  7. Patric says

    Well said, NY2.0! While certainly not comparing them to the sad, self-loathing types who vote Republican, we have to wonder too if those who stayed home in November are not also partly responsible for developments such as this (and developments such as have taken place in Indiana and North Carolina and Minnesota, etc., etc.).

  8. Jonathan says

    Maggie should be renamed “Gargantua” because every time you see her she’s gaining weight faster than a semi being loaded with cargo.

    Hateful hag. I’m with the poster above who says “only law-abiding citizens should be allowed to testify”. NOM has flouted every order to turn over their donor lists in three states.

  9. romeo says

    I doubt if Maggie actually testifies. I don’t think they can get a forklift through the doors of that building.

  10. JD says

    They should hold a hearing on the sin of gluttony. That is something she is qualified to testify about.

  11. MT says

    I’m not familiar with the stance of the other people on the witness list. Can someone tell me if they will be there to refute the hateful vomit of lies this hag will no doubt spew.

  12. Reality says

    For the sake of everything that’s good and right about our cause, please hold off on the weight attacks. Yes, she’s obviously overweight and yes, I doubt anyone here finds her attractive. When you resort to that offense, at best you’re preaching to the choir, and at worst, you’re winning converts for our enemies when you attack a (largely) pointless factor. Buckle down and challenge her on a factual basis, or sit pretty and endure her special brand of hell.

  13. JimmyD says

    I guess it’s ok to bully someone because they peddle hate?
    I’m sorry but making nasty comments about her weight is just as bad as what she does.
    Yes: JUST. AS. BAD.
    If all you have is name calling… you don’t really have much of an argument.
    (I tend to forget that 95% of internet comments are nasty and unproductive. I must stop reading the comments!)

  14. anon says

    Her hopes of becoming the trophy wife of a congressman should be put on hold for the time being.

  15. M says

    I can’t hold off on the weight jokes as Jesus came to me and said that fat people are bad. They harm society and I don’t want them around my children. I have no factual basis for this but if enough people believe it… it is gospel. Amen.

  16. bobbyjoe says

    If they show the hearings on C-SPAN, 5% of viewers will say “wow, there’s that hateful Maggie Gallagher,” and 5% of viewers will say “good, there’s that righteous Maggie Gallagher,” and 90% of viewers will say “Hey, why is that manatee wearing a wig?”

  17. mld says

    shes a bigot, attack her credentials, attack her hate speech, and in a gay website forum, i say attack her weight all you want: her unhealthy lifestyle choice is real, not fictitious like her bigoted accusations. unless someone is saying she was born a fat a$$hole.

  18. just_a_guy says

    Not qualified. Simply. Not qualified to testify.

    AND, Bryan, I think you are correct that this cow ought to know better…I’m not convinced she believes her own drivel even (never mind that her drivel is blatantly incorrect). maybe someone SHOULD investigate her lying on the stand.

    Did I say that I pity her husband?? Also that I pity ANYONE in her personal life?! What a monster.

  19. Craig says

    What a pic. She’s been in the twinkies or something, wow! Oink Oink Oink.

    Can’t wait till she comes to Texas – I have a cream pie to toss in her face in the oven.

  20. Todd says

    Quit knocking her fatness…her life will be cut short by it and bye-bye Maggie Gallagher. Let her have her cake and eat it too. We’ll be better off without her.

  21. jamal says

    Is it me or is Mag on steroids? Maybe she’s on hormonal treatments? Whatever, she’s looking dangerously overweight. A sure candidate for a stroke, a heart attack or a major diabetic attack. May it’s renal or something like that, you know, bloat, water retention. Should be a fun hearing. Every last bit of misinformation, myth, lie and fantasy will be on display tomorrow. I’ll bet there will be no one from “our” side called to testify at all.

  22. Dastius Krazitauc says

    Here are the members of this committee, the ones who will be doing the questioning:

    Trent Franks, AZ
    Mike Pence, IN
    Steve Chabot, OH
    Randy Forbes, VA
    Steve King, IA
    Jim Jordan, OH

    Jerrold Nadler, NY
    Michael Quigley, IL
    John Conyers, Jr, MI
    Bobby Scott, VA

  23. AllBeefPatty says

    What a horrible, toxic woman.

    Inside and out.

    I feel sorry for her refrigerator door. Talk about an unhealthy lifestyle.

  24. Jeff B. says

    Prof. Ball was a law professor of mine and is a great guy. He is gay and his partner is also a law professor. I’m looking forward to what he has to say—-he has more than enough smarts and ability to go up against these people.

  25. lookyloo says

    What God fearing Christian woman speaks her mind in public..?!?
    Where is her husband..?!? What is she doing out of the house?!!?

    It’s an abomination to Christianity and America’s Founders!!

  26. John says

    Let her testify… she may be able to sway tea-baggers with her bigoted rhetoric, but she’ll sound like a moron to most everyone else.

  27. mike31c says

    Someone get the heavy metal chairs for this cow.

    BTW: What is the fine for lying during a ‘hearing’? She’s a wing-nut so just assume everything coming out of her mouth is a lie.