President Obama Agrees with Eric Holder in Support of DOMA Defense Attorney Paul Clement

This morning I posted Attorney General Eric Holder's reaction to the departure of King & Spalding attorney Paul Clement and his former firm's dropping of the defense of DOMA. Clement subsequently joined Bancroft PLLC and will continue defending the case.

Holder Said Holder in response:

"Paul Clement is a great lawyer and has done a lot of really great things for this nation. In taking on the representation–representing Congress in connection with DOMA, I think he is doing that which lawyers do when we're at our best," Holder said during a roundtable with reporters at the Justice Department. "That criticism, I think, was very misplaced."

The White House stands with Holder on the issue, the Washington Blade reports:

“We do share Eric Holder’s views on this,” Carney said. “We think — as we said from the beginning when we talked about — when I did from this podium — about the decision no longer from the administration to defend the Defense of Marriage Act, that we would support efforts by Congress if they so chose to defend it. And so I have nothing to add to the attorney general’s comments.”

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Posted April 27, 2011 at 1:15pm ETC by Andy Towle
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