1. Hue-Man says

    “I felt at the time that that decision was the most important thing we accomplished.’” How true especially since it courageously went against the APA’s self-interest!

  2. Rick says

    Wouldn’t it be something if people like this were iconized by the gay community instead of the likes of Bette Midler, Madonna, Lady Gaga and other slutty straight women entertainers?

    People like Dr. Freedman are the ones who have really changed the world in substantive ways.

    It always amuses me when homophobes claim that this change by the APA was motivated by politics…….I guess some of them don’t remember what the social climate was like 4 decades ago when this was done….and the idea of a group of older straight men (mostly) taking an action that was not in their self-interest (just think of all the potential patients they lost by doing this) when the gay movement was barely in its infancy and public opinion about homosexuality was overwhelmingly negative… just ludicrous.

    I remember reading an Ann Landers column in 1975 when I was just a sophomore in high school and beginning to realize that I was attracted to men, in which she mentioned this “policy” change by the APA… really meant so much to me at the time and played a big role in making me comfortable about my sexuality as I am sure it did so many others…..

  3. divkid says

    wow. truly one of the architects of our modern society.
    thank you, sir, for your part in helping humanity advance towards a more enlightened civilisation; and with the help of people of similar good will, reason, and compassion we will get there one day.

  4. pete N SFO says

    And yet the headlines for this morning’s chat shows were:

    Gas prices
    Lindsay Lohan
    Royal Wedding

    “In addition, it called on local, state, and federal lawmakers to pass legislation guaranteeing gay citizens the same protections as other Americans, and to repeal all criminal statutes penalizing sex between consenting adults.”

    38 yrs later… how’s that going? But they have time to defend DOMA & take Barry Bonds to trial. This country, oy.

  5. says

    Note this would NOT have happened for years more had gay activists at the time such as Frank Kameny….who were criticized by OTHER gays then for being “too demanding” and “impolite”…DEMANDED it by zapping APA conventions after years of trying to politely asking them to change failed.


    “They had this row of elderly psychiatrists sitting in back wearing their gold medals with a ribbon around their necks. And we were sitting there; we knew what was going to happen.

    And right in the middle of Ramsey Clark’s speech the doors burst open and all of our people burst in. The elderly psychiatrists were enraged and proceeded to beat our people on their heads with their gold medals. [The psychiatrists] pushed a lot of them of them out, including the person we had arranged to to seize the microphone and give the speech.

    [The psychiatrists] locked the fire doors. So people milled around for a bit and nothing was happening and I decided we were going to lose this altogether, so I came forward up on the stage and seized the microphone.

    The moderator asked me what I was doing. I said I’m seizing the microphone from you, and he said ‘Well, tell me your name and I’ll introduce you’. So I did and he did. And I proceeded to denounce them until one of the elderly psychiatrists just pulled the plug out of the wall. But I never needed a microphone to be heard, so I went on anyway.

    And the psychiatrists were down below shaking their fists at me and calling us Nazis.”

    More at:

  6. jpeckjr says

    Thank you, Andy, for posting this news and giving us all a chance to remember Dr. Freedman. And to remember LGBT people have had and still have many, many allies, friends, and heroes in all sorts of places, people we know nothing about but who speak up, speak out, and fight on.

  7. BobN says

    Few people can go to their graves knowing they helped save thousands and thousands of lives.

    Thank you, Doc.

  8. FunMe says

    THANK YOU Dr. Freedman! I am lighting an incense in your honor in my appreciation!

    So great to see the human race speak up for the human race. That is what this doctor did. It is that simple. ANYONE who continues to deny human being their basic human decency deserves neither freedom, life or respect.

    Dr. Freedman reminds us that the world is not as bad as it seems and there are others with nothing to do with us that understand that.

    Much blessings on your journey to a wonderful place.

  9. says

    To the living relatives of Dr. Alfred M. Freedman: Know that your bloodline has produced a hero to an oppressed minority that will forever be indebted to him. Know that he shall be remembered for generations to come. Even if the Tea Party finds a way to reverse his work in the future.

  10. tjones says

    “I AM a man.”

    Thank you, Doctor Freedman.

    And don’t we all just love the irony of that name!

  11. Frederick says

    I remember when I was 14-years-old and my mother found out I was gay. She had a juvenile court judge commit me into the state mental hospital, where I was forced to stay against my will for four months. I was not chemically imbalanced, nor did I have any sort of mental disorder (other than being a typical rebellious teenager). When simply being gay was classified as a mental illness, such things occurred all the time. We need to be very thankful to physichiatric pioneers like Dr. Alfred Freedman, who had the courage to go against the grain, and have homosexuality declassified as a mental illness. We owe Dr. Freedman a huge debt…may he rest in peace.