1. TampaZeke says

    @STEPHEN, believe it or not Hoff was a HUGE recording star in Europe; particularly in Germany.

    I guess I, and the rest of America, just didn’t buy what he was selling.

  2. phredd! says

    I agree with David. Great moment, but does not compare to Miss Boyle. And to Stephen, consider that “America’s Got Talent” is judged by 2 Brits and a Canadian . . .

  3. Tim says

    awww come on guys, it was a WOW! moment. Do I hear GLEE calling? I can totally see him as another GLEE squad coach from another school to be a rival for Matthew Morrison’s character.

  4. Anyhoo says

    @TAMPAZEKE In the UK the Hoff is known as being “big in Germany”; it’s not really a compliment.

    As for the comments about the Hoff’s lack of talent, well, there is the rest of the panel to compare him to. The woman is an actress best known for her work in having an affair, and the other guy is “family-friendly” comedian.

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