1. Giselle says

    I thought that was quite cheesy actually (I did like the girl on girl smooch, nice!) – it needed some kind of signposting in the middle of all the warrior posturing. On sheer technical story-boarding terms the embrace was too much of a turn-around – and that makes it cheesy. I liked the bit about the colour change of the external arena and eruption into happy support, that was cute.

    To call it ‘unconstitutional’, what a howler! Those conservatives are really not with it, are they.

  2. Seattle Mike says

    This reminds me of an MTV spot years ago – two gunmen in the Wild West are facing each other with guns at the ready. They slowly start stepping toward each other, apparently getting ready to shoot. Then at the last minute they drop their guns and start to waltz together. The tag line appears over that, something like “Would you feel better if they had killed each other?”

  3. Andrew says

    I’m embarrassed to out myself as a total linguistic dork, and it’s probably a typo, but I’m pretty sure it’s Ludus Magnus (not mugnus).

    Ugh f*ck this is why I’m single!

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