1. johnny says

    Ah, the old “I, too, have friends who are black” back-peddling… Gee, that’s such a heart-felt apology when you add that part.

    Thanks, everything is OK now, Sally. Back to your normally scheduled twaddle.

  2. Darren says

    Notice how Kerns didn’t refer to people of color as African-Americans in her original statement! And, somehow she “misspoke”. No you didn’t you racist, sexist, homophobic bigot! You spoke YOUR truth.

  3. Paul says

    I love how the visible people on camera who are listening to her get restless and can barely stomach her babble. One guy even has to get up and leave during her speech.

  4. says

    We’re in the digital age. Comments like those that Kern makes every time she opens her bigoted mouth will be recorded and documented for future generations.

    We’re going to see a lot of change in the next century. Future generations are going to look at comments like Kern’s as evidence of the dying gasp of 20th Century Bigotry in America. In a time where Equality is being embraced while prejudice dies, the GOP will forever be tainted by the shame of these Moments where their backward thinking shamed America.

    Think of how history will remember you.

  5. Gregv says

    I don’t see the point in asking her to step down, even if she puts on a white hood and starts burning crosses She was elected as an open bigot. The real problem is not Sally Kern; it’s that there are not enough rational and fair- minded citizens in Oklahoma to show up on election days.

  6. Rowan says


    I agree completely. This is what they all think anyway, so they would be hypocritical for asking her to resign.

    At least she’s honest. Better this then those slime balls who carefully and quietly vote away rights for minorities.

    Its also very important for the public who voted her in to be accountable for what they did.

    She says her husbands ministry is in a an ‘inner city’ district, meaning that black folk go there too.

    Oh well. Maybe this will be a wake up call to them to not worship some pastor cause he’s ‘christian’ and vote for his wife.

    People need to take responsibility for their actions when they vote without researching or learning about the person they want in.

  7. Rowan says

    Anyway, where are the free speech police who were FUMING at the mouths when that lesbian won over the comedian in Canada? They were soooo upset.

    Isn’t this free speech? Where are they? At least this woman didn’t stalk black people telling them this like the comedian did after the act to the lesbian couple!

  8. Rowan says

    Wow, just read her wiki page. She’s been re-elected ala Bachman since 2004.

    And 1500 came out to support her after her really mean, thoughtless, unvoiced and poisonous views about gays.

    Hmmm, her constituents like her and who she is.

    I say this as a black guy but it serves any black person right for voting for her because she is anti-gay.

    Hey AA’s I don’t care whether it’s not the same being black but this is all in your head. You will always be the ‘other’ to the GOP.

    Accept. Fact.

    Choose your battles AA friends!

  9. walter says

    she just helps to prove the repuks are a party of hate bigotry and exclusion. they hate gays blacks women, old people. does this sound anything from history? just don’t go to any
    summer camps organized by the repuks. it is time for all these groups to join together and make the repuks a real minority party.

  10. Steve says

    This is INEXCUSABLE in this day and age. Get her ass outta there.

    When are we going to stop accepting apologies for racist, homophobic or other hate speech? There simply isn’t any excuse any more. Every public figure – actor, politician, businessman – has a PR “handler” whose responsibility it is to provide advice on public appearances. The fact that she thinks she can get away with this by simply offering a “humble apology” is ludicrous.

  11. Ninong says

    Wingnut Sally didn’t get this much attention when she said that homosexuality is like a cancer in your toe that you have to cut out. Or when she said that the gay agenda was the most serious threat to our country, even more than terrorism.

    Now that she has slandered women and African-Americans she’s getting noticed. This woman is a bigoted wingnut who believes that our laws should conform to whatever she thinks the Bible tells her.

    She’s the lunatic who nearly pushed through a law in Oklahoma that would have made it illegal for schools to penalize students for their “religious viewpoints.” In other words, if you believe that the world is approximately 6,000 years old and that the Earth is the center of the universe, those answers would have to be graded as correct in your Earth science class. It was eventually vetoed by the governor.

    She had previously tried to ram through a bill along the same lines that would have required schools to accept as correct any answers based on the Bible in science class but that bill died in a senate committee after passing the ignorant Oklahoma House of Representatives.

    Wingnut Sally is a bigoted Christianist hypocrite, married to a Baptist minister, who believes that all gay people should have no rights whatsoever and that their homosexual acts should be criminalized.

    Wingnut Sally should be put away for the good of humanity. She’s not fit for public display.

  12. Rowan says

    Interesting that Towleroad hasn’t printed any stuff that GOproud has said about how the GOP are the only party that can help gay rights and that Obama has done nothing.

    Oh well, thank god for JoeMyGod!

  13. Clint says

    I live in Norman, OK, a fairly liberal town, and sometimes, surrounded by all my friends and our friends, I forget that we’re surrounded on all sides by absolute barbarians. But this is a beautiful place, and there are beautiful people here, and those fiends will not entirely take it from us.

  14. Lloyd says

    I really don’t blame Sally Kern, she is reflecting what many Americans feels. My question is who continues to re-elect her? Shame on the people who keep her in an elective position so she can legitimize these horrible views and actually effect policy that hurts unprotected classes in Oklahoma.

  15. Rob says

    If this doesn’t lead to loud calls for resignation, what would? There need to be some standards of reasonable discourse in public life.

    I have been reading about US Republican support for Mussolini and Hitler before we entered WWII. They opposed rearmament quite vigorously and successfully excluded boatloads of Jewish refugees, who were later killed. Extremism of that sort is no less common and no less dangerous today. Their selfish rhetoric is basically the same now as it was then. Grim.

  16. says

    Does it seem to anyone else that the GOP’s “energy plan” is simply harnessing the ‘power’ of American Bigotry?

    Feeding lies, keeping people stupid, and using their ignorance and bigotry for their own financial gain.

    This woman is an insult to everything America is supposed to be about, yet has seldom had the chance to be.

  17. Contrarian says

    Since that chamber doesn’t look like the U.S.House, why is she called a congresswoman? Is she actually a state Rep.? A governor would have no say in disciplining a member of Congress. Who is fact checking on this award winning blog?

  18. Keppler says

    NINONG’s earlier comment reflects exactly what I was thinking when reading this story. I’ve heard all kinds of good things about the new NAACP leadership and their support of gay civil rights, but I do notice that it took Kern’s recent racist comments to draw attention to her bigotry. Her anti-gay comments have gone largely un-noticed by our straight “allies”.

  19. lookyloo says

    There’s also some Dad disparaging there as well.
    She said, “(women) tend to think a little bit more about their families”

    WTF is that? If she means because dads tend to work more than moms.. Well, why does she think dads are working more (many at jobs they don’t like) than moms..?

    It’s to keep their kids fed, sheltered, clothed, educated, and entertained – plus, if they can afford it; sports, music lessons, vacations, yes?
    That seems like someone who tends to think about their family an awful lot to me.

  20. Bill Perdue says

    With all due respect to the groups that call for her resignation, that’s not enough. Not nearly enough.

    Racism like hers causes racist violence and she’s guilty of inciting violence. She needs to do time for this and for her rabid homohating.

    GLBT groups should be in the forefront of denouncing her and calling for harsh punishment for this violence promoting bigot and racist.

  21. Tyron says

    Why should she step down? They just replace her with another equally stupid bigot and at least with this airhead they already know what she’s about. The problem in states like Oklahoma is that too many people think exactly like Kern and they continually elect people just like her.

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