Sean Hayes to Play Larry in ‘Three Stooges’ Movie

Hayes_larry Sean Hayes will play Larry in the forthcoming Three Stooges movie, according to the Hollywood Reporter:

"Hayes joins Will Sasso in the comedy being directed by the Farrelly brothers. Still up for grabs is the part of Moe. The movie is not a biopic but will be divided into roughly half-hour vignettes. When the project was set up at MGM, the Farrellys had Sean Penn as Larry (that same incarnation had Jim Carrey as Curly and Benicio del Toro as Moe)."


  1. says

    I like all three actors, but am biased in that I’ve never gotten the Three Stooges humor, which strikes as a rung below Benny Hill in its level of sophistication. I wish Sean Hayes would hit it really big as an actor in something other than this, which has disaster written all over it. Then again, people don’t usually fail easily at underestimating the intelligence of the movie-going public.

  2. says

    With the exception of Will Sasso, none of the actors mentioned above should be involved in a Three Stooges film in any way shape or form. Well, maybe Jim Carrey, but Sean Penn and Benicio del Toro?

  3. Beau says

    While I understand why some people aren’t drawn to their brand of humor, I’m always surprised when someone says they don’t “get” the 3 Stooges. Who wouldn’t want to end a political argument with a gem, like:”Every time you think, you weaken the nation.”? Add a quick slap, with a loud sound effect to go with it, and you’ve got yourself a human cartoon. Get it?

  4. Bryan says

    I’d love to see a graph showing the percentage of entertainment industry product which has been either self-referential (sequels, movies about movies) or self-derivative (remakes of all kinds) over the past 100 years. I’m guessing that somewhere in 80’s or 90’s America, the trend took off like a rocket.

    Historically, when a culture begins plundering its own past it’s often been a sign that it understands on fundamental level that it has no future. Other indications include “conservative” movements consisting of a morbid, toxic nostalgia for glory days that never actually existed, the flourishing of desperate, lunatic cults based on this false history, and a general tendency to repeat the same actions over and over again on an ever-expanding and increasingly destructive scale, scapegoating individuals and subpopulations for the failure to achieve different results.

    I’ve never understood why “rats deserting a sinking ship” is a metaphor for dishonor. The rats didn’t build the ship, they aren’t responsible for its sinking, and they have no ability to save it. What else should they do but swim?

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