1. JesryPo says

    If that photo of the audience is a representative sample, I don’t think we will have a problem with these people in oh, say, 5 to 10 years… sooner if the GOP eliminates Medicare.

  2. Jon B says

    Someone needs to get the dirt on this guy, and everyone like him. It seems fairly obviuos that the only reason someone becomes this obsessed with us gays is that they have internalized issues. People really need to be less okay keeping secrets for sexual partners. I’d bet lots of money this guy has slept with several guys in college. Are none of them willing to out him?

  3. Chuck Mielke says

    I call people like this Sorbo “puritans.” Not because of their religious bent but because they seem to see no extremes in pursuing their cause. Supposedly, no “real” christians are gay or support gay rights. It is this same lack of restraint that gave us such joys as the Inquisition and the Holocaust.

    Responding to “Mike,” the mainstream media don’t expose this because, largely, it’s not news. I mean it’s simply the expression of well-known heterosexist values; too much like talking about fair weather, cooperative drivers, and hard-working public servants — no news value.

  4. Disgusted Gay American says

    lok at the audience…..I reckon lots of Esoterica use, adult diapers, and poly-grip….wow, talk about Gray. LOL This guy is OBSESSED with ALL THINGS GAY….Probably more-so MANSEX as opposed to Lesbians (or at least Barbie type lesbians) much you wanna bet this guy has a Huge Gay Porn stash?

  5. wsyb says

    We’re anti-Christian? Demons? Scum of the Earth? I still don’t understand why we don’t just murder all these people. Let’s give them something real to be afraid of.

  6. NY Queer says

    I think all of them should be compelled to call us “anti-Christian same-sex attracted sodomites” and not be allowed to use the word “gay” at all. We should reserve that for ourselves. Or they can just get in bed with their Westboro pals (and other schoolyard bullies) and call us FAGS.

    Actually, I like that last one best of all.

    Question is, what do WE get to call THEM? (Besides “neanderthal idiot bigots”, I mean….)

  7. bobbyjoe says

    Reading about blatant attempts at bigoted dehumanization like this, the surprise was never that the Southern Poverty Law Center finally started listing a lot of these folks as hate groups, it’s what took them so long to do so.

  8. GBM says

    Anyone who tries to reduce the rich culture of gayness to “whimsical capricious desires” must have surely felt the strong pull of such “whimsical capricious desires” in their own shame-saturated lives. Mr. Sorbo may not choose to identify with an out and open lifestyle, but he clearly is intimately familiar with the “attractions” and “vices” he condemns. I wait with the rest of you for the inevitable rent boy to emerge and the crocodile tears and mea culpa to follow.

  9. Mel Smith says

    That piece of sh!t is one of the reasons why teens take their own lives. Homophobia from white men never fails. They always hating on people.

  10. Ivan says

    Sounds like Mr. Sorba might have an identity problem himself. I find it hard to believe that a straight man would dedicate so much time to this matter. Agree with WIRRRN.

  11. Danny says

    @Brent: good idea–they can each help the other out with their gay problem. It would probably get off to a slow start but I’m willing to bet that with a little lubricant it would be pretty steamy to be a fly on the wall. Boys hate liking boys and who’ve been storing up all that, uh, energy for years can really make for a smokin’ hot, uh, scene.

  12. johnny says

    The title Ryan Sorba is an odd construct behind which a bigoted, self-righteous a$$h*le can hide while he attacks groups which he fears.

    I say we should stop using the name Sorba and instead use the word Bigot, Nazi or perhaps A$$h*le to re-define Ryan Sorba.

  13. Randy says

    Someone’s playing games… the video from Towleroad says it has been removed, but you can get to what appears by description to be the same video from the American Independent site.

    Here it is:

  14. Elceibeno08 says

    Mr. Sorba is truly a dangerous enemy of gay people. No one can deny he is using his above-average intelligence to send us all back to the closet and take all our rights away. He calls us sodomites! straight people practice sodomy also. What is he going to do with them? The man is very evil and he is clearly obsessed with homosexuality but not in a good way.

  15. Chuckfll says

    What do you want to bet that, off camera,
    Sorba had some far more familiar “alternatives”
    to the word “gay”….Ones that start with “F” and “Q”, among others….

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