1. Tonic says

    Obviously doesn’t care whether her lives or dies, or is just really slow – neither of which is a crime.

  2. Nanny McBone says

    I’d have laughed and laughed if a piece of roofing came through and offed his head.

    Good times.

    Dumb hick.

  3. nick says

    Between being a man-errr Marine and following his magic man in the sky-
    he’s got thangs covered. You go boy!

  4. Goodboy says

    I wonder if insurance will pay to repair his vehicle since he clearly demonstrated a lack of concern for the condition of the vehicle and was negligent in taking reasonable steps to protect it.

  5. Chadd says

    Similar to “Suicide by Cop” where a person commits suicide by provoking an officer and getting shot, this is attempted suicide by tornado. He clearly knew he was in danger because he said I love you right as it came down on him as if he were expecting it to be his last words and he had plenty of time before it got there to drive off in the other direction.

    He is a cruel man for subjecting his sister to his suicidal tendencies. She was obviously very scared that something was going to happen to him, but powerless to do anything about it.

    He is a sick man. And not to state the obvious, but didn’t Jesus send the tornado in the first place? Why would the invisible man protect you from something he sent with the intent to kill?

  6. Danny says

    hard to gauge which made him a worse human being: being a marine or his “love” for Jesus.

  7. Mark says

    By the time he saw the tornado, he had only one option. Seek immediate shelter. How much shelter do you see in the video? The one house I could see had its roof torn off an was severly damaged. Who knows if he had been able to reach it if he’d been let inside? I was in a similar situation. Debris such as seen in his video started falling on my car during a storm an I heard the tornado. I did seek shelter in a nearby store. The owner had locked the door an wouldnt let me in. Id been safer in my car. The swirling debris falling wouldnt have hit me as much in its interior. A car in front of mine on the road didnt pull off an tried to outrun the tornado. I was able to drive my car away after the tornado had left the area. The car in front of me had been sucked up off the road, was on its side in someone’s yard. So in this kind of situation you have to make a judgement call. His probably saved his life. IF he had kept driving he may have driven more directly into its path. You can’t outrun these things as much as stormchasers shows may have you think.

  8. Kai in NYC says

    Thanks for your comment, Mark. Listening to these morons criticize was seriously depressing.

  9. Sargon Bighorn says

    God is doing his best to kill them Southerns, but they’re oily and slippery it’s dang hard!

  10. Don says

    You guys DO realize that there are literally hundreds of people that lost their homes from these storms? That dozens of people died? Plenty of individuals make mistakes during natural disasters and react in ways that don’t make sense to you.

    The responses on here are astonishingly repulsive, and as a North Carolinian, I would appreciate it if some of you would consider sending a donation to those whose lives have been devastated rather than wasting your time on taking pot shots about things you clearly don’t appreciate. Here is a link where you can make a cash gift:

    At a minimum, please think before you type.

  11. Clint says

    *Nods to Don* As a native Oklahoman who has looked a tornado in the “face” a time or two, I want to send my prayers and good thoughts to our NC friends for a speedy recovery, memory eternal for the dead, and peace to those left behind. People do what they gotta do to make it, and this guy was trying to be brave in the face of no options. Leave him alone and look with awe at the footage he managed to capture for us.

  12. BobN says


    He wasn’t driving. He was in the parking lot of a Walgreens. One assumes that the building would have provided better cover than his SUV. Unless he has a handicap which would have prevented him getting his butt into the building, what he did was foolish.

  13. Mark says

    Not being there in his predictament you can’t judge what was foolish an what wasn’t. I dont think I implied he was driving. In my situation I was. But back to him, its only on youtube where it says he was in an Walgreens parking lot. I didnt have that fact as you had to make your judgment call evidently. But this guy is an Marine. Not being an Marine but having been exposed to a few an how they are mentally prepared for combat situations, I can only say it appears his mental fortitude an his faith carried him thru the situation an he gauged what was best for himself. I cant fault him for that.

  14. BobN says

    I don’t need to have been there to say that, barring any physical inability to get from SUV to store, sitting in a parking lot in your SUV is a lost more risky than going into a building to weather (hehe) a tornado.

    His experiences obviously made him able to cope with a dangerous situation with little panic, but what he did was stupid.

  15. Mark says

    It would be stupid only if he chose to stay in the vehicle because he thought it was the safest spot available. From the video you cant come to the conclusion thats what he did. It is apparent he chose to stay in the truck for the experience of it. That isnt stupid no matter how much you seem to value your judgement over his. Hell he may have even been frozen in place by fear for all we know. There is no justification for calling him stupid.

  16. Robert In WeHo says

    Aunty Em! Aunty Em! It’s a Twister you effing moron! “This one don’t look like it’s one of those dangerous ones or nothin.” Oh really? I think your video proves otherwise you fool. A few more feet closer and the video would have included the twister picking up his truck!

  17. christopher says

    I’d sure as hell prefer to ride out a twister with this guy than any of the screaming queens here rushing to condemn him