Towleroad Guide to the Tube #870

AHMIR: Anti-bullying video and cover of Pink's "Perfect".

AMAZING GRACE: Guyanese alternative soul singer Nhojj celebrates Easter with a video in support of marriage equality.

I LIKE THAT PEN: Czech President Vaclav Klaus caught on tape stealing a pen while on an official visit to Chile.

SPRING IS HERE: Lightning struck the Empire State building many times last night.

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  1. says

    great song and beautiful vid from Nhojj

    ironic that the writer of amazing grace worked in the slave trade and would have wished to stone us gays


  2. GregV says

    “ironic that the writer of amazing grace worked in the slave trade and would have wished to stone us gays”

    No irony there. It sounds like he really was a wretch!

  3. says

    I meant ironic in a black gay man using said song to express gay love

    maybe ironic isn’t the right word, more like sweet comedic justice in a fool’s song being used and celebrated and making $ for people he would have hated :-)

  4. says



    amazing grace written 1748

    “…..After his return to England in 1750, he made three further voyages as captain of the slave-trading ships Duke of Argyle (1750) and African (1752–53 and 1753–54). He only gave up seafaring and his active slave-trading activities in 1754, after suffering a severe stroke, but continued to invest his savings in Manesty’s slaving operations.”

    he never renounced slavery only his sailing slave ships because he was too old but still loved the profits from his investments in slavery

    google is your friend

  5. redball says

    The third video: White thugs stealing from people on other continents…SO TYPICAL. Trashy motherf’ers. 😉 /sarcasm

    I can only imagine the racist b.s. some white/whitewashed queens would be writing on this board had that been a black President, maybe of an African country. HAH!

  6. GregV says

    “On another note why don’t black gay people never seem to date other black people.”

    I’ve never noticed that to be the case, Jerry. But same-sex American couples are four times more likely to be of different races than opposite-sex couples.
    Assuming hypothetically that an American individual does not use race as a criteria in his/her choice of partner, the likelihood that the partner will be black is about 1 in 8, regardless of whether he’s white, black or some other race. So randomly speaking, we would expect 7/8 of partnered black men to be with a partner who’s not black.
    My partner and I aren’t the same race, but I’m hardly cognizant of that fact except when I’m on the internet and people in some faraway locales seem to think so much more about it than anyone I know in real life.

  7. redball says

    now you sound like an intelligent human being. i tend to agree that it’s lack of (mainstream) media exposure, not lack of such couples existing in the first place.

    but why focus on blacks?

    i don’t have premium channels like logo & bravo, but last i checked, i haven’t seen many gay latin couples either. (does ricky martin have a man? there were those photos from maybe a couple of years ago, of him and some latino(?) hottie on the beach. never figured that out situation.)

    latinos are a higher percentage of the US population than blacks so it’s even *more* curious that they’d have few examples of same-race love.

    some things to think about (in addition to GregV’s excellent point above):
    1) how many famous out gay black people do we even know about in the mainstream media? or famous out latin people? famous out asian people? the percentage of these races in the country is not tiny, yet the presence of out gay members from these racial groups seems very limited (probably for a number of reasons, which is a conversational topic for another time!). and then we’d only see a subset of those dating, and then a subset of THAT would be dating someone of the same race. the numbers become tiny very, very quickly.

    2) do a google search of “out gay black couple” and you will find some amazing stuff :-). but, in order to know out about these couples, you’d have to follow sites besides the likes of towleroad and queerty or just take the time to google on your own. my fiance tells me that sometimes features stories on black gay couples. lastly, the co-directors of the DL Chronicles are a fairly well-known gay black couple who’ve been together for a while: quincy & deondray. so i guess my point is, you just have to know where to look :-)

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