1. Mel Smith says

    God bless her. The girls should be arrested and all the employees should be fired.

    But, they attacked Crissy because of jealously and insecurities, not because of her being transgendered. I don’t think the incident was a hate crime. And Crissy is attractive too.

  2. Mel Smith says

    And if Crissy was an attractive born female, white or black, those girls likely would have attacked her too. I don’t see this as being a transgendered thing or a race situation.

  3. Gregoire says

    She’s very beautiful. It’s sad this had to happen and she can’t go on with living her life without this event documented permanently on the internet. I think trying to parse whether this was based on race or transgender issues obscures that this was a severe and absurd act of violence, regardless.

  4. curtis says

    the hags that beat her need to be arrested for hate crimes and the employees should all be fired and a lawsuit against mcdonalds for allowing this to happen.

  5. AI says

    Actually ignoring that this was based on transphobia obscures the full extent of the violence, not the other way around. If you do not think there was a message to the violence and the lack of intervention, you must have ignored the previous post. The McD employee who filmed it had wrote

    “That Was Not A Female That Was Getting Beat Up….That Was A Man….He Was Dressed Lik A Woman…And He Was In Tha Females Bathroom Knowing He Was A Man….And When Told To Get Out Tha ladies Bathroom He Got Smart With Everybody So Tha Two Girls Beat Him Up”

  6. FunMe says

    First off, what a pretty girl, especially inside. Her mentioning the older lady and wanted to thank her in person says volumes about the good inside of her.

    The guy filming, and thank goodness fired, needs to be indicted as well. The message should be sent out that it is a CRIME to instill violence against anyone.

  7. Matt26 says

    No wonder she is fearful. I too think she looks pretty. I never eat at McD anyway but this is one more reason not to. How could McD allow this to go this far?

  8. AJ says

    I want to bring up how disgusting the people just sitting there watching are. THEN warning the girls to run away because the cops are coming? Every single person in that McDonald’s who did nothing should be brought up on charges. And every employee should be fired. This type of blatant disregard for human life is absolutely disgusting and should be punishable by law.

  9. Rowan says

    Mel Smith, I was wondering what you were smoking with your comments about this nitbbeing about transphobia. Did you even BOTHER to read the article before you belittled this womens experience and said it was just cause ‘she was pretty?’.

    Have you seen what the girls who beat her look like? Do you know something that we don’t?


  10. Francis says

    I agree 100%, AJ. Every person who did nothing to help should be ID’d publicly. Every employee who did nothing should be fired and blacklisted. Of course, the two girls should be brought up on charges. And, if possible, the manager also for allowing this attack to happen without appropriate intervention. Hopefully there is a lawsuit coming after this lax non-attempt at helping Chrissy.

    What you have to ask is, what creates people into becoming so angry and so volatile like this? And to snap so quickly because supposedly Chrissy was “talking to her man”. How inhumane can a person be?

  11. brian says

    I have to say that I was extremely disappointed with the censorship of posters’ comments about this case on the other thread. I think it’s counter-productive of Towleroad to censor. It would have been better to let people freely have their say and then let others respond. This is the best way of dealing with comments that might be based on hate or prejudice.

  12. Jerry says

    I agree with Brian. Andy Towle’s stated decision to censor comments, specifically comments that broach the issue of race, is deplorable. I suspect that people who are so completely wigged out by any talk about race in anti-gay, anti-trans crimes probably have their own issues with race that they don’t want to deal with.

    The blunt reality — and Andy will probably make sure this comment doesn’t last too long on this thread — is that of all categories of race and religion in America, the African-American community is by far the most violently homophobic, especially poor and working-class African-Americans. Rather than censoring the acknowledgement of this reality, wouldn’t it be better to bring it to the light of day so we can begin to deal with it?

  13. says

    As I have said many times before in these comment threads, I like to make them an open forum where all can comment. Unfortunately, threads are often hijacked by flame wars, race-baiting, and trolls who come solely to create their own, many times off-topic conversation.

    I agree that the topics of race, trans, and hate are worthy subjects of discussion.

    Unfortunately, some people who come to that discussion are unable to broach the topic without inflicting pain and insults on others who might otherwise feel comfortable contributing or reading and end up creating a hostile forum for all involved. Any removal of comments would be for the reasons stated above.

    I’m sorry that I don’t have a full time person to monitor all 23,000 posts on this site to keep them free of that kind of hate and vitriol so that’s why I rely on folks to flag me when this is happening.

    @Jerry – I find it more deplorable to provide a forum for those who would attack others (and I realize, it happens here and has slipped by me, for the manpower reasons stated above, and I regret it). The trouble often is there is often a fine line in discussion of these issues between substantive debate and hate-mongering. And also certainly a subjective view of what is and what isn’t. I am trying to be better about monitoring it.

    I would encourage everyone to try to be civil and think of others before posting. Thanks.

  14. ratbastard says

    Does anybody know the neighborhood this occurred in? If so, what kind of neighborhood is it? Is there prostitution in the area?

    She DID NOT deserve to be assaulted like that. But [yes, there’s a but]….I can’t help but feel info that would further clarify what occurred is being left out.

    The girls will obviously receive multiple charges including presumably civil rights violations. The people who stood, watched, and recorded are a different story. Some states have so-called good samaritan laws, but I doubt this applies here. I don’t think any of them can be charged with a crime. They can and undoubtedly will be fired, but big deal. It’s a McDonald’s job! And chew on this: those fired specifically because of this incident could file a civil suit for wrongful termination claiming they followed company policy [no doubt it’s call 911 and don’t get involved]. She can also civilly sue McD’s, so this could end up being a big payday for her and possibly, ironically, the fired employees!

    BTW: Is ‘She’ legally considered female? This matters.

  15. CKNJ says

    Andy Towle’s actions regarding posts is right… those blasting him for monitoring the posts are probably those that just want to throw flames and hate anyhow. This site is not about that, the contribution area is for comments and opinions, not misdirected and wanton hate… people need to learn to differentiate between the two.

    What a terrible thing to happen to Chrissy, I am glad that she is recovered (though it is appalling that she still has those mental and emotional scars to deal with).

    Those two awful girls that attacked her should be incarcerated. No-one deserves what happened to Chrissy to be done to them, and people that commit those kinds of crimes have no business being free on the street.

    Thankfully that McD employee that filmed the attack while not helping at all has also been fired… hearing his comments while he was filming was infuriating. the older woman in the scene was the only hero… the guy that half-heartedly tried to defend Chrissy can be commended for his attempts, but they were feeble and ineffective.

    The rest of the customers and employees that stood by and watched, should not escape criticism either. The employees should be fired and those other customers hopefully will carry the shame of having done nothing for the rest of their lives.

    Sadly, many people are so desensitized and dull, they probably don’t think they did anything wrong by doing absolutely nothing…. some people are so damn disappointing and depressing.

    Thank heavens there are those that actually inspire us and lead us to higher visions of ourselves, or it would be hard to find a reason to save mankind from itself!

  16. Max says

    Andy, you generally let people have their say.

    There is a difference between attacking the liberal quandary of black racism/homophobia and throwing the n-word around as if one kind of racism justifies another. I have seen some truly disgusting racial comments about this video on other sites that I have not seen here.

    It’s a rare treat to have a very necessary (and heated) discussion on the Internet without unnecessary racial slurs.

  17. Pete n SFO says

    I watched the video of the beating on JoeMyGod and an ad popped up…

    So, who is earning that money & do they/should they have the right to keep it?

    Proceeds from criminal acts should automatically benefit ONLY the victims.

  18. jamal49 says

    Although I am always wary of any kind of censorship, any civil discussion of race or homophobia deserves to be debated. Is it out of the bounds of reasonable discourse to perhaps question the motives of the two attackers, whether it is race-based, trans-phobia, homophobia or other reasons? If one does not use racial or other epitaphs in the discussion should they be censored? There are some real issues regarding the attack on this young, trans-gendered person. They deserve to be aired, civilly, of course.

  19. Mel Smith says

    Rowan, whatever. Damn, people always have to add their two cents of unnecessary b.s. to everything. I clearly said everyone involved should be arrested. I’m informed of the story; I just didn’t know the McDonalds employee had made those comments. You happy now?

  20. Mel Smith says

    Breaking News Everyone:

    Joel Osteen, America’s most famous pastor, and a proud homophobe, is on the cover of USA Weekend! And he is not a black man!!!

    Yes, we in the black neighborhoods have our poor bottom of the barrel homophobes, but the homophobes in power do the most damage.

  21. Phil says

    In view of the homophobia in hiphop music, the black community has its work cut out. But I can see that changing. An example is the recent entry about Lil B using the title of his new album to fight homophobia. I hope this beating in Baltimore and the one in Rock Hill, South Carolina will prompt some soul-searching among African-Americans.

    I’m not convinced that just avoiding racial slurs prevents a thread from turning into a hate fest. NOM and the Family Research Council always keep the vocabulary polite and never use the f-word when they compare same-sex marriages to bestiality, but I’ll bet many of you are offended when they do. One gem from the other thread called the beating in Baltimore “typical savage behaviour” and said that he was “sick and tired of my tax dollars going to feed and educate these mongrels.” Another comment implied that I was “sad and hypocritical” because I wouldn’t ascribe blanket condemnation to a racial group different than my own.

    Maybe Andy Towle shouldn’t have closed the comments on the other thread. That’s a valid argument, and it’s always going to be a subjective decision. But a hate fest using polite language is still a hate fest, and it would be hypocritical to pretend otherwise. If all of this engenders some honest discussion in the black community, some good will come of it. (Keep your eye on the prize…LOL)

  22. says

    Oh please, spare me the sanctity Andy. You took down a post about Lady GaGa where I responded to an attack by someone that disagreed with my opinion (which was no where near as vitriolic as many other posters).

    You’ve taken down multiple posts of mine that may have used a curse word and others for seemingly no reason at all. You’re idea of censorship of comments goes far beyond the reasons you just mentioned.

    Hey, it’s your blog and you certainly have the right. However, I think you could be a bit more ingenuous about your reasoning behind your actions.

  23. Jerry says

    Joel Osteen is a homophobe, but it is a blatant lie to claim that he’s leading the homophobic charge in the evangelical movement. The “prosperity gospel” is what makes him the most popular preacher in America today, and a lot of evangelicals regard him as a heretic because he rarely alludes to actual scripture. So Mel Smith, you are essentially muddying the argument.

    And it is one thing to have a white preacher exhort his congregation to lobby against gay marriage and gay adoption. It is another for gay men, lesbians, and transgenders — of any race — to be the routine target of extreme, sometimes homicidal violence on the street on behalf on African-American youth. Yes, there are white, Asian, and Hispanic thugs, but “black-on-queer” extreme violence, such as the murder of that Ecuadorian immigrant in Queens who was mistaken for gay because he was hanging onto his brother, occurs with an alarming frequency. And this is not even to broach the commonplace “no homo” homophobia in rap and hip-hop. Queer African-Americans would do well to stop being so defensive whenever this issue is raised.

  24. Chris in Irvine says

    I agree with everyone who said that these McD’s employees (and manager) should be fired. But also they should be arrested. Not doing anything makes them accomplices of this horrible homophobic act!

  25. RW says

    Andy, hopefully you now see that a comment predicting the outcome of a thread is not race baiting (which you previously accused me of), nor does it take that kind of comment to bring out the racists. They have ALWAYS been here ready to pounce. As is the case, you must not be persuaded to ease up on your monitoring. Clearly it is needed.

    I do think though, that you should take heed to Phil’s points and find a way to fine tune it. Like Phil said, it is easy to be a hate monger without ever uttering the N-word. These comments have to be READ to catch the garbage. Maybe you can add a flag button next to each comment to make it easier for you to monitor and for commenters to notify you.
    And Phil, since Andy is only one person, we need to help him by notifying him of the crap. At this point, it’s the only way.

    Also as Keith pointed out, some comments get removed/blocked for no good reason. Others remain that should have been removed immediately. It’s confusing and frustrating.

    I appreciate your efforts, Andy. Lord knows the comments have been much more tolerable since you stepped in. It really is a shame that it has even had to go this far.

  26. Phil says

    @ Chris in Irvine,

    I’m not sure if criminal charges could apply to the employees or manager. Good Samaritan laws generally protect people who choose to help from being sued or prosecuted for unintentional injury. Only Minnesota and Vermont have “duty-to-assist” provisions, and bystanders can comply with those provisions by simply calling 9-1-1. Since the McDonalds manager had already called the police, the employees and manager wouldn’t be hit with a misdemeanor even in Minnesota or Vermont.

    I think there is one criminal charge that should be considered. I wonder who told the two attackers to leave before the police arrived. They could be charged with interfering with police action.

  27. Mel Smith says

    Jerry, homophobia would not be so rampant in black communities if the religuous people in power did not justify who we are as a people. Joel Osteen being on the cover of USA Weekend should be condemned in the same manner of someone who is racist, sexist, Islamophobic, or anti Jewish.

    He should

  28. Mel Smith says

    Also, I never said Osteen was the leading figure against gay rights. And homophobia is deadly, regardless if it’s physical or verbal. The gay teens who committed suicide suffered from mental and verbal abuse.

    So this discussion about what is the worse type of homophobia is bullsh!t to the core.

    The destructive words of leading figures is as destructive as physical violence.

    Again, homophobia is destructive regardless if it is mental or physical.

  29. ratbastard says

    I disagree. There are degrees of ‘Homophobia’, and it’s legitimate to actually fear one type more than another.

    I hate the Wall St suits who caused our economic collapse [and politicians of all political parties and ideologies, who created regulations,removed regulations, and passed laws, that facilitating the massive fraud.] I don’t ‘Fear’ them though. I fear getting jumped, robbed, car jacked, pistol whipped, beaten, stabbed, shot, killed. I fear the thugs who roam looking to hurt people for your wallet, debit card,ipod, for kicks, whatever. On a daily basis, that fear [or sense you have to always must be watching your back and surroundings, and be wary especially of certain people under certain situations] is of greater immediate concern to me than the crooks on Wall St and in Washington.

    And I can survive the words and preaching Joel Osteen or others. I may not survive being jumped, stabbed, shot a predatory thug in the street on my way home from work

  30. Lexxvs says

    I remember seeing the video of her horrible attack –before knowing she was a trans- and thinking “why is that bigger woman not defending herself at all?” Now that I know she is a trans woman, still can’t understand her passivity. I’m not blaming her for anything –you are not suppose to be able to fight for yourself to go outside your home- but hey, the trans I got to knew would’ve rip each limb out of those hateful bitches before letting them do what they did. Maybe she took her transition to the extreme.
    Nevertheless, I really hope the attackers get all what the justice system has to offer them to their already ruined lives and more.

  31. Mel Smith says

    Ratbastard, and other people have committed suicide because of being teased and made to feel inferior by those who are in power.

    And your mentality about being attack by young black youth is 1980s and 1990s type thinking. Visit black neighborhoods today in NYC. I see white people living and walking around Bedford Stuyvesant, Brooklyn all the time, and Bedstuy is the heart of Black NYC. I see white people living and walking in Harlem,another black inner city mecca. I see white people doing what they want in my neighborhood, and nobody is bothering them.

    Again, I am sorry to know that you were a victim of a crime. I hope all those involved received jail time.

  32. Robert says

    Jerry, you throw out two examples and call it an epidemic. Do you know how many ant-gay attacks are perpetrated by black youth or are your statements based entirely on your own perception? You take the actions of a few individuals and castigate a community. Why should these events cause you to suggest that the black community search its soul? We don’t have just one.

    Also, you can’t pardon white preachers for hate speech and then damn the rap community for the same thing. It’s the subtle biases and the inability to distinguish between people and groups that makes these threads so hateful in my opinion. If moderating posts eliminates both then wonderful!

  33. Thomas says

    @Robert: If one consider polls that gauge support for basic civil rights for gay people, it’s clear that the Black Americans tend toward heterosexism more than any other race. According to Gallup, 45-50% of Whites, Asian and Latino people are in favor of gay marriage, while only about 25% of Black people are.

    As you said, black people “[don’t] have just one” point of view; there are gay-supportive and unsupportive people of all races. Still, no one can deny that the opinion of the average black heterosexual American toward gay people is much more negative than that of the average Asian American, etc.

  34. Robert says

    I can’t find the poll you’re referencing but support of gay marriage is not my point. Citing polls that say black Americans are lagging behind in support of gay marriage is different from saying, as Jerry said, most anti-gay crimes are perpetrated by black youth. You might say the poll is symbolic of a wide-spread intolerance of gays that eventually breeds violence, but I think that’s an unfair leap and certainly not applicable only to the black community. If opposition to gay rights had a direct correlation to anti-gay violence, wouldn’t the group with the largest numbers, not merely percentages, of anti-gay members be responsible for the majority of anti-gay attacks?

  35. Phil says

    @ Thomas,

    An important reason for the statistics you cite is that a much higher percentage of the black U.S. population lives in the South compared with the white U.S. population. The less tolerant attitudes of African-Americans in the South reflect the less tolerant attitudes of their white neighbors.

  36. Thomas says

    @Robert: I wasn’t defending anything that Jerry said beyond the assertion that homophbia is more prevalent among Black Americans than other races. I don’t have any info regarding the involvement of black youth in anti-gay/trans hate crimes.

    @Phil: That’s true, but the disparity still exists within specific geographic regions (eg Black people lagged behind White, Latino and Asian people in opposition to Prop 8).

  37. Phil says

    @ Thomas,

    The exit poll suggested that black support for Proposition 8 was 70% compared with the state average of 52%, but when researchers looked at the precinct-level voting data later, they decided it was more like 58%. That’s still way higher than the state average of 52%. It’s obvious that the black community has their work cut out for them. I hope the two recent beatings in Baltimore and Rock Hill, South Carolina start some kind of discussion about how to change attitudes.

  38. Tell It Like It Is says

    First off – I am not trying to be a troll or insult anyone here.

    But my issue is this – there is more black on white violent crime than there is white on black vioent crime. Especially in cities. There just is.

    Yet people do not make nearly as big deal about it as they do during the occasions that a black person is a victim of a white person. Like at Duke University during the LaCrosse hoax there were marches and protests and all this hub bub.

    When a black person commits a crime the media is almost afriad to report it because I guess they don’t want to feed into a stereotype – eveen though it actually happened. And that is what pisses me off.

    I honestly think if this were not a transgender woman and just an average white woman we would not be hearing about it. People would just be like “Oh. That poor white chick got beaten by two rough black chicks.”

    And frankly I think that sucks.

  39. says

    Well Jerry said: the African-American community is by far the most violently homophobic, especially poor and working-class African-Americans. Rather than censoring the acknowledgement of this reality, wouldn’t it be better to bring it to the light of day so we can begin to deal with it?

    Posted by: Jerry | Apr 24, 2011 8:58:50 AM

    Really Jerry? Are we the most, or are we the ones you more than likely LOVE to condemn? Bring what to the light Jerry? There is no need for discussion. What you just said right there is showing your racial hatred of African Americans. Is it all about “The ones who do it THE MOST” or is all about stopping Homophobia, and Transphobia PERIOD. Because the killers of Matthew Sheperd were’nt African American they were low income working class Caucasians.

    BTW, Have you noticed the racism in the Gay community? Maybe lets discuss that first and clean our own house before going next door to clean someone elses.

    Get a grip Dude……

  40. says

    First off – I am not trying to be a troll or insult anyone here.

    But my issue is this – there is more black on white violent crime than there is white on black vioent crime. Especially in cities. There just is

    Posted by: Tell It Like It Is | Apr 24, 2011 9:32:27 PM

    Go tell Judy Sheperd that!

  41. redball says

    @Tell it like it is: Cry me a river, dude. Have you checked out black-on-black crime statistics? I BET NOT! Because you seem obsessed only with what whities are going through. As a proud black gay man, I think it’s safe to say the black community is in some ways still a community in crisis and this stems from a long history of racism and oppression.

  42. RW says

    @Tell It

    1. Where is your proof of black crime vs. white crime? And what is based on: arrests or actual crime? From where and how was that information gathered?
    2. What planet do YOU live on? You know damn well that the justice system is slanted AGAINST minorities, proven by studies, as well as the amount of innocent victims on death row, stop-and-frisk policies and the list of dead black men and women killed by cops for being the wrong color at the wrong time.
    3. Your comment about the media being scared to report black crime is complete and utter garbage. Anyone with a television knows that crime committed by minorities is ALWAYS promptly reported and displayed, with continuous loops of perp walks and surveillance tapes of their crimes, regardless of the race of the victim.

    Anyone who can say “I hope those bitches don’t get cut any slack cause they’re black” shouldn’t worry about being a troll. You got way bigger issues to tackle.

  43. Phil says

    @ RW,

    This following (from Tell It) is not just imaginary BS for anyone who follows American news outlets, especially TV, but a perfect example of hate without using racial slurs:

    “When a black person commits a crime the media is almost afriad to report it because I guess they don’t want to feed into a stereotype – eveen though it actually happened. And that is what pisses me off.”

    The hate is so easy to spot. All you have to ask yourself is “What is the author’s purpose?” Choose one of the following:

    1) to inform
    2) to entertain
    3) to convince white gay people to hate on African-Americans

  44. DC says

    Ratbastard does bring up a fuzzy area, concerning good-samaritan laws and such. Nearly every job I’ve ever worked, including security, has had a policy of ‘call 911 and avoid the incident / perpetrators’. Physically interjecting themselves into the fight would have made those employees liable in regards to the violent girls. As loathsome as it feels to even mention this, it is the sad state of our modern times. Say an employee had shoved one of the attackers off of Ms. Polis, and the attacker split her head open on the tile floor? The heroic employee would be held liable, charged in court, and McD’s would hang them out to dry. It often seems that our justice system is not about justice at all; it is just a means for our authorities to drag whomever they can into litigation just to make a buck. What is that tired old saying…. ‘no good deed goes unpunished’? I would not be surprised in the least if the violent girls file charges against the helpful older lady.

  45. Madm@ says

    I think pulling stats out of ones ass and applying them to an entire group of people is the definition of racism…. I saw that video and thought more of the problem black America has with “respect” and how people in pursuit of this ambiguous goal end up screwing up lives be it homophobic violence, black on black violence, etc. Racist attitudes feed into this by denying young black folks legitimate means to build up some self-respect.

    And Re: censorship… At least it’s out in the open. I’ve also heard all the tired racist arguments and we aren’t hearing anything new from people on this front

  46. Everett says

    I read in the Baltimore Sun that the charges are for assault. Why are they not for attempted murder? It seems pretty clear to me that that’s exactly where this was headed.

  47. Chitown Kev says

    “there is more black on white violent crime than there is white on black vioent crime.”

    UH, the overwhelming majority of crimes occur within whatever ethnic community one happens to belong to and usually the criminal is someone known, even casually.

    Why would you even bring this up when even if you are right, the sheer and actual numbers are so small as to be insignificant?

  48. FizziekruntNT says

    I will be interested in seeing the final corporate response to this incident and what kind of PR steps will, or won’t be taken. This seems like an enormous legal liability not only for the franchise owner, but the Macdonald’s Corporation as a whole. As we’ve seen foreign Macdonald’s inclusivity advertising in the past year, the corp. comm. and publicity departments must be buzzing in anticipation. The corporate site does contain a link to a brief statement:

    “Our Concern Regarding the Baltimore Incident

    There’s no room for violence under the Golden Arches. We strongly condemn the videotaped assault in one of our Baltimore franchised restaurants. Working with the authorities, we now have more facts, and we want to share our actions with you.

    First and foremost, our thoughts are with the victim during this time.

    Our franchisee is investigating the behavior and response of his employees. Action has been taken, and the crew member who made the video is no longer employed by his organization. Appropriate action regarding other employees will take place as warranted.

    We want to reassure our customers that your neighborhood McDonald’s is a safe, welcoming place for everyone. We share our customers’ concern. We are doing everything possible to make sure the right thing is done.”

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