1. Kim says

    I regret that Chrissy Polis had to be beaten, kicked and assaulted for people to realize that NO ONE has EARNED being treated the way she was. I salute the people that made the effort to attend the rally and show they didn’t see what happened in the restaurant as EVER being acceptable. NO ONE ever deserves an assault from despicable others merely for their living in what she understands is HER authentic life. Life should NEVER include being beaten for being & living the person you understand as your truth, your personal authenticity.

  2. Kim says

    One cannot have the audacity to hope but then remain silent in the face of atrocities like that which occurred at McDonald’s restaurant this week. In Obama’s world, African-Americans, Muslims, and unions are victims who deserve presidential support. There will be no prosecuting New Black Panthers who terrorize white voters, there will be a worldwide reach out to Islamic terrorists, and union thugs will be given carte blanche to bully members and non-members alike. But white transgender women are on their own. But more importantly, I then thought about the fact that we have a black president who so far has remained totally silent about the crime. Barack Obama was vociferously outspoken when his black buddy Louis Gates was properly and justifiably arrested by white officers in Boston two years ago. However, when a transgender white woman is brutally beaten to the point of seizure by two black women less than an hour from the White House, our POTUS has nothing to say on the subject. Mr. President, violence is not a natural and acceptable consequence of economic strife in a civilized society. Mr. President, it is time to stop talking. Perhaps instead of going to George Washington University to give a campaign speech justifying your abysmal economic policies, you should visit inner city schools and teach kids respect for human life and common decency. Take on the responsibilities of office which include immediately denouncing this act of violence and begin to address the cause full steam ahead. Move past your own resentments and anger about the travails of poor black Americans since the beginning of time and take proactive steps to help them learn to value life — not government handouts and entitlements and certainly not violence. I am not suggesting that what happened at the McDonald’s in Baltimore is the Obamas’ fault. But I am strongly advocating that they use their remaining time in office (God willing, only 19 more months) to the betterment of society. And what society needs desperately is a toning down of the anger, racism, and class warfare that the Obamas are fomenting. Our country needs individuals in the White House who lead by example, who teach right from wrong, and who understand that no matter how much you share the wealth, there will always be people who remain devoid of morals and values until they are taught otherwise. The Ones who promised the country hope and change have done nothing to implement the promises they made to the black community, the LGBT community or to the country as a whole. It is time they owned up to their responsibilities to the people.

  3. Kim says

    @ Miss Anthrope – Did you even read what I’d written? You’re welcome, and clearly so very confused. When you can’t make a reasonable reply, you default to calling people racist – that’s so truly brilliant. You are obviously one of the people I wrote about that is ‘devoid of morals & values’ ~ I advocated in plain language that societal racism be REDUCED, along with anger, violence and class warfare being fomented by people with an obvious agenda. If you had the comprehension level of a typical adult, you would have discovered within the written words that I am certainly NOT racist, you would have understood the reply called for REDUCTION of racism and not called yourself out as someone who clearly is just sending flame posts for the mere sake of doing it. It’s obvious that deliberate consideration and constructive thought is well beyond your capability. Good luck with that obnoxious, reflexive behavior, it will take you far in life.

  4. Francis says

    The bottom line is that this was an awful, awful horrific attack, that the lack of humanity shown by the McDonald’s employee was shockingly depraved, and that there should be lawsuits and firings. This rally is great, and shows that there is plenty of support and love, but we also need to get aggressive, make our voices heard, and stand up against the hate and let it be known we won’t be victimized anymore.

    Education is needed too, social education most importantly. Baltimore is a largely uneducated, crime ridden, drug ridden city. Hopefully this horrible incident can spur a change and there can be some positive out of such a negative.

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